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  1. At Powder Valley, it's cheaper to buy it by the pound for some reason and it's in stock.
  2. Your phone number is still listed....867-5309.
  3. Throw a few peppered Lubers in with them...they're not bad. Use old oil, tastes like chicken.
  4. Right now it's in the mid $3.20 range but can vary wildly from day to day and area of town. Sam's is usually about $.10 -.15 cheaper than chain stations and BJ's is usually about $.20 - .25 cheaper. I have seen a $.47 increase over night once for some perceived/imaginary crisis about a year ago.
  5. That's about the same story I've heard also. I was taught to finish a job that I started and I accepted . It's called commitment and integrity. The vast majority of jobs require actions that involve other people, sometimes many other people. Most of these people are involved in the job because that's THEIR job AND their livelyhood also. Costner's narcissistic self indulgence in his new endeavors affected many other people's jobs and livelihoods in a bad way. I guess he finally finished Yellowstone but by now...who cares. You're right, the new "movie" looks good and Costner is a good actor. Dances was an excellent movie, heck, I even liked The Postman. I'll probably watch the new western trilogy but I've lost a ton of respect for Costner.
  6. I watched a group of Harley riders hit a large cloud of love bugs on a toll road highway while they were doing about 70 - 75. No fairings, windshields or helmets. They pulled over right away. I'm sure they stung but they must have got an instant coating on their faces, necks and jackets of smashed love bugs. I understand they don't taste real good either.
  7. Supposedly a multi-part movie...I wonder if he'll finish this one.
  8. First time I went to Cincinnati, mid 80's, the "17 year locusts" were out. They had cicada pizza, burgers and all kinds of stuff with cicadas on them. No way I was eating that crap. We went to a Skyline Chili while we were there, nasty stuff...purt sure I'd eat the cicadas before I'd eat that stuff again. We have a much bigger cicada down here, when you hit one on a motorcycle, it hurts...a lot.
  9. Lambs is a scary movie for sure, but getting eaten by humans didn't scare me as much as getting eaten by a shark. Plus, I saw Jaws on the big screen when it premiered AND I live in Florida where swimming, diving, skiing, fishing, etc., is a part of everyday life. When I was a kid, I was sort of side swiped by a shark. Never saw it but it left a kind of burn, like a carpet burn on my leg. That didn't bother of deter me from swimming in salt water...until I saw Jaws.
  10. If we are talking En-Blocks, sure, why not as long as they are kept somewhere dry and dust-free. Same with stripper clips. If we are talking detachable magazines, then no...a few yes but not all of them for various reasons. For those who have shotguns with detachable magazines, I don't suggest preloading the magazines for prolonged storage as the crimped end of the shell will begin to oval and WILL NOT chamber when it needs to.
  11. Those used to be found a lot in the phosphate mining areas along with millions of smaller shark teeth. Coincidentally, Susan Backlinie who played the 1st shark victim (nude skinny dipper Chrissie) in the movie Jaws passed away recently. Jaws was the scariest movie I ever saw regardless of my age. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/susan-backlinie-dead-jaws-first-victim-1235896892/
  12. Hopefully everything has ended peacefully with no hard feelings and a pair of dogs can live out the rest of their lives.
  13. I had a LEO pull me over in my work truck (electrician) for a rolling right turn at a traffic light and ask me if I had any weapons in the truck. My exact words to him were "Everything in this truck could be used as a weapon if I had to." Ran my DL and registration quickly and I was on my way. No ticket.
  14. Though they knew how he crossed the road...they never knew why.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doolittle_Raid 1st plane off the deck...BIG BALLS, a lot of head wind, max power and as much forward speed at the Hornet could attain.
  16. Lunch? Several of them, I make for supper and I still make SOS for breakfast on occasion. Beets and pimentos...you couldn't make me eat anything with them in it if you tried.
  17. Or amphibious? Musk seems to think so. Hmm...large banks of litium batteries floating in salt water...what could possibly go wrong?
  18. Talk to your neighbor and tell him while you like dogs and you like his dogs, one of them knocked your wife down which resulted in your wife being afraid to come outside on HER OWN property and could have resulted in a life changing injury. Tell him ONCE AGAIN that he needs to keep his animals on his property and if he doesn't that you'll be forced to take steps to protect your wife and yourself (if needed). If he's anywhere near intuitive, he'll be able to figure it out. If he's not smart enough to figure it out, he's probably not a good gunsmith anyway. If you are forced to put the dog(s) down, bury them deep and tell no one, including your wife, about it.
  19. You mean something like this? WARNING, GRAPHIC For those that are confused, it's a clip from a 2007 zombie type movie. The zombies are the ones that meet up with the rotors. Obviously far fetched British Hollywood type stuff.
  20. I thought it was something like that. Jerry has been gone for 19 years now (RIP) and my memory has gotten fuzzy. Thanks Joe.
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