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  1. I used to be an indentured servant. Now I'm just a servant with dentures...
  2. One of the reasons that a trailer could come loose is due to attaching the chains like that. The weight of the chains combined with a big bump overcoming the tension of the cotter pin, something in the road hitting the chains and yanking the cotter pin out or various other reasons could cause the hitch to come loose. If I was that worried about the trailer dragging me to my death, I would just not use the chains Loose trailers don't always go to the right side of the road, I hate to have to explain to the family of the people that hit the loose trailer (that went to the left side of the road) my reasoning behind attaching it to the cotter pin.
  3. Is everyone in Michigan to blame for Gretchen Whitmer?
  4. Seems like it'd be easiest just to put it in a vise and measure at will.
  5. One of Billy Joel's best songs. The song is ironic in a not so good way...
  6. A man that obviously doesn't know beans about chili. Chili must have beans, if for nothing else but to have the bed for yourself for the night.
  7. Also stated "Phil doesn't know his shadow from a hole in the ground."
  8. Also try American Select. It has a similar burn rate to Bullseye and Red Dot but is a 'fluffier' powder for better case fill/ignition. Don't know about .45 Colt applications but for .38 spl, it works great.
  9. Or the plastic Army men. We'd set up our Army in opposing sides and then get one shot each with a BB gun until there were none left standing or laying on their belly (prone). Last kid with men standing won. Note: no one ever got their eye put out except plastic Army men.
  10. I've never heard of this service. Obviously, it's offered by the USPS but how did you apply for it and is it a free service? My gal would be interested in it.
  11. I read somewhere that the fat rodent is correct 40% of the time. In my estimation, that's 20% more accurate than the teleprompter readers that make $100K a year. Also (sorta) read that the entire Groundhog day thing isn't even American...it's a carry over from European country. Don't remember which one.
  12. I think that kids still play: Hide and seek Hop scotch Musical chairs Tug rope They probably aren't permitted to play: Dodge ball (too violent...sob, sob) Play on the jungle gym (I haven't seen one in years in any parks or the few playgrounds that I've seen...probably too many lawsuits) Mumbly peg (are you kidding....knives? Johnny was playing with knives today, we'll have to get him to counselling to eliminate these violent tendencies.) All of those activities take more than one person, except the jungle gym. They don't want to interact with other kids except on their damn cell phones. I've said it often, I wish the damn things had never been invented, they (and computers) have ruined the world and the worlds societies. Of course, I'm saying this with a computer though.
  13. They'd work for a while after the 'surgery", but they weren't long for the world after and you could count on it happening again...and jamming the player with tape.
  14. Shouldn't you be practicing...you know...to win multiple World Championships and all.
  15. No offense...but...ya'll need to find another powder to replace TB with instead of waiting for the magical unicorn to reappear. I don't believe that anyone will see TB for quite some time.
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