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  1. If they tell you that they are delivering it by drone...you might want to cancel the order.
  2. I was thinking about a baaaaad joke but I resisted. Shear luck.
  3. They didn't have enough Bud Light for everyone to shoot so they figured they might as well drink it. You know, good manners and all.
  4. An engineer dies and goes to hell God calls down to the devil one day. - Hey devil, how's it going? - It's going great, ever since you sent that engineer down here things have improved tremendously. We have A.C. , cold water, refrigerators, ice...all kinds of things we couldn't have before." - Engineer? - Yeah, the one you sent two months ago. - I never sent an engineer down there, you'll have to send him back. - I'm not going to send him back, not a chance! - If you don't send him back, I'll have to take legal action against you. - Oh yeah? Where are you going to find a lawyer?
  5. If it was free, I'd drink it, fill the cans with water and THEN shoot 'em. Why waste...good...so-so...beer!
  6. Aaah yes...Missed it by t h a t much.
  7. That would mean purchasing Bud Light thereby supporting Anheuser Busch...no thanks. I try not to support companies that support things that I strongly disagree with. That list is VERY long.
  8. Positive thoughts for a successful surgery and complete recovery on the way!
  9. Naw, that's a GE panel. Looks like circuit #'s 11 and probably 13 are frying the buss bar.
  10. The original Dr. Strangelove? Nothing like strapping a nuke between your legs...and then jumping out of airplane.
  11. Believe it or not, that song was actually written about Vince Neil, lead singer for Motley Crue...as if the members of Aerosmith didn't look the same way.
  12. A P-47. The tank of the skies. I guess that since I could afford the plane, I could afford to feed those 8 - .50 machine guns in the wings also.
  13. Actually, the gloves would be to protect from burns, not electrical shock. Even though linesmen's gloves look like leather, that's just the outer glove. The inner glove is made from something like (or may be) rubber, hence being called rubber gloves by electricians in the field. 100% pure water is an insulator and not a conductor. This used to be an actual question on the Journeyman's exam.
  14. I'd watch it, if it was free. No way would I ever support Martin Sheen or his causes. I don't think that Estevez is far left like his dad. Now...Did anyone see the size of that chicken?
  15. That'll work...twice maybe...if it's not a FPE or Zinsco panel. After such a quality job of replacing the cord end, I can't wait to see the picture of the smoked receptacle replacement. Oh, one other thing...might want to wear a good set of leather gloves while plugging it in. Just sayin.
  16. No stems, no seeds that you don't need...that broccoli green is some bad ass weed.
  17. You're right, it is misnamed. The batters had gotten WAY out of hand with all the non-game theatrics...glove adjustments, helmet repositioning, bat twirling, banging dirt off their cleats and messing with the pitcher. The pitcher, in turn, was messing with the batter and adding even more wasted time. The way I figured it was that each batter was adding about one minute to each at bat. Minimum of 27 at bats per team = 54 minutes of wasted time that had nothing to do with baseball. Games were going 3.5 - 4 hours for low scoring games. High scoring games were broaching the 4.5 hour mark. The players themselves are directly responsible for the (so called) pitch clock being instituted. Every baseball fan that I've talked to likes the pitch clock...well...except Blackwater but I didn't really talk to him.
  18. I hope that you scrubbed it real good with steel wool and Dawn first.
  19. Pro's: I like them, I like them a lot for the most part. No more 4 hour games. No more constant and idiotic stepping out of the box to "adjust" batting gloves. No more wasting time "psyching" out the batter. No more constant pick off tries. Ambivalent about : I don't think that base stealing has increased due to the size of the base and they still wear the stupid oversized gloves. Cons: I liked the infield shifts, sorry to see them gone. Still needs to be changed: Get rid of the unearned base runner in extra innings. Get rid of the DH in both leagues.
  20. Number one, our friendship is stronger than any rails can carry. Always wondered why you chose to shoot Outlaw, now I know. You carry your gun in your pocket with no holster, got to get practice so you don't shoot your nuts off...or worse. Throw yourself over Louise? You can't run that fast, she'll leave you in the dust. Okay, still friends...I guess...pocket boy.
  21. Well, quite a bit... My Great, Great Grandfather was 11. My Great, Great Grandmother was 6. Things were real tough in central Florida then...as if they were ever easy! Most of the males had been killed during the War, an entire generation. Out of 10 brothers, two survived the War, all fought for the Confederacy. Times were tough all over the South and Florida was no different. The family chain was broken and many farms went unattended due to it. The family farm survived until the mid 1960's when my Great Grandfather passed. My Great Grandfather was 4 years off in the distance. My Great Grandmother was 17 years off in the distance. The term "Reconstruction" (as used then) was presumptive and ambiguous to say the least. All depends upon where ones residence was I guess. I knew both of my Great Grandparents. I just wish that I could hear the tales that they told over again, I can't...it's all committed to memory and a few pictures now. Thanks for asking.
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