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  1. Regular iced tea w/Sweet & Low as sweetener. I drink about two monster mugs of it in the morning as my caffeine drink. Water in the afternoon and night.
  2. Jays at the Rays 4:10. I'll be watching. My prediction for the Rays season is. Rays 86 - 76 4th in the AL East/miss the playoffs 1 - (Damn) Yankees 2 - Orioles 3 - Jays 4 - Rays 5 - Red Sox
  3. Strange as it is, Chelsea Clinton denounced the "former media-executive idiot's" statement about Baron being fair game. Kind of bizarre, a Clinton sticking up for a Trump.
  4. Old trick, but it works every time!
  5. Dummy...everyone knows you should use a rope in these situations, not a chain.
  6. How can a non-citizen have any US Constitutional rights?
  7. Neeson has never been in any military. He's just another Hollyweird anti-gun hypocrite making millions acting in movies that feature gratuitous killing using firearms. Para has banned any movie in which Neeson is in from using their firearms. Previously Para had supplied firearms for use in his movies.
  8. Electrical tools were the tools of my trade, still would be if I was forced, by economic situations, to return to work.
  9. Way I look at it is, when you steal a man's tools...your stealin' his livelihood.
  10. Couldn't decide between a Like, a Sad or a LOL face on that one.
  11. Ah yes, sweeping out a house after rough-in. Never fails that the GC or homeowner adds or moves something so that the helper has to find the broom again. I remember when Klein came out with some BBQ utensils. I went back into the office right after that and was talking to another electrician. He asked if I'd seen the BBQ set. I said that I had, but added "what kind of idiot would buy them." Walked into the company owner's office and there on the desk was a brand new set of Klein BBQ utensils...
  12. That's the way it always works.
  13. I thought everything in Australia was wild.
  14. Not in Afghanistan, they use US military vehicles that were provided free of charge.
  15. Back in 1981, I was a helper helping pipe and wire a 6 story condo building in Dunedin, Fl. There was an exterior jobsite elevator that we used. At lunchtime, we would go down to a field about 100' away from the jobsite elevator, sit under the trees and eat lunch. One day, I forgot something, went back to the elevator and went up to the floor we were working on. When I got to the floor, I saw, through the elevator heavy mesh screen, some scumbag carrying one of the other electrician's bag of tools toward the elevator. I stopped the elevator short of the floor by about 3' and went back down to the ground level while calling for the guys to come to the elevator. We went back up to the floor and this idiot was still standing there with the bag. We seized the bag and led the thief to an interior portion of the building. I won't give details from this point on but I'll say this. A 1/2" bender handle does wonders on a thief's hand. I don't think that he was stealing tools for a while. The Dunedin cops came out but no one had witnessed the thief's unfortunate accident. I don't think anything else turned up missing on that jobsite for the rest of the job.
  16. Did you know that a .357 fired from the drivers seat through a work van's passenger side window, with no hearing protection, is REALLY LOUD? I do.
  17. I haven't bought any Klein tools since I retired in 2018. I did swap out a pair of dykes that developed a chip out of one of the cutting surfaces from just cutting a piece of #10 solid. I always bought the 2000 series Kleins along with every other Klein hand tool known to man. Although they supposedly had a no bs warranty on their screwdrivers, the supply houses around here would not exchange them if the had any beat marks on the top of the grip or melting/arc marks of any kind. The Klein tools when I got into the trade in 1978 held up better than any of the newer stuff. I still have the 1st pair of Kleins (the kind that you had to heat up the red grips in water and pound them on) that were given to me by the owner of the 1st electrical company I worked for. They were used when I got them, duller than Joe Biden and the handles are about a 1/2" from touching each other from being squeezed so much while cutting wire and pulling fish tapes. You are spot on about the Klein fish tapes, they suck. Ideal makes much better tapes and I was so glad that the stainless tapes came out. I recently went to a thrift store and picked up a 200' Ideal stainless tape in near mint condition for $1.00. I really don't have a need for it as I'm retired, but I couldn't keep myself from buying it. I really need to sell all much of the tools that I have. I mean, when am I ever going to need 3/4" and 1" benders (I'll keep the 1/2"), let alone all of the Greenlee knockout sets up to 2", long 1" auger bits, hole saws up to 4" and a myriad of other stuff. Parting with them would be like saying goodbye to an old friend but I really should sell the stuff.
  18. I sold my Remington 700 w/scope in 7mm Rem Mag. Good, accurate rifle but the recoil just wasn't worth it. Basically gave the ammo/brass away.
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