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  1. Detroit came with a solid game plan and are executing it very well. Awesome running game and a balanced passing game. Defense playing is playing well. Gonna be a long night for SF if they can't stop the running game.
  2. That's a FACT. Lack of discipline, big penalties caused by lack of discipline and poor decisions by Jackson are just a few of the reasons the Ravens aren't going to the big game. Getting outplayed is another. GO LIONS...only because they've never been there.
  3. Ravens killing themselves with big penalties. Don't like the Ravens but can't stand Mahomes/Kelce/Swift.
  4. Keep the clouds, Florida has the lightning! The lightning capital of the U.S. stayed in Florida in 2023 (baynews9.com)
  5. The last time I took a cab was a ride from Clearwater to Tampa Intl. Airport, about 20 miles for a flat rate charge of $15 IIRC. To set up the cab ride, it felt like I was trying get a mortgage over the phone, I guess it was for security purposes. The cab driver spoke little, if any, English and the cab was about as clean as the inside of a well-used dumpster. Never took another cab anywhere. To go to the airport from then on out, we called for a an Airport Limo. Sounds luxurious but it's really just a window van with a bunch of seats. Still see cabs around but far fewer in numbers than they used to be. Have taken a couple of Uber rides without incident.
  6. Uhh...that round thingie under your lever action rifle barrel is a mag...technically.
  7. You can tell if you REALLY look into their eyes from a close distance. The outside edges give it away. Course, getting that close these days gets one called a weird old man.
  8. The oblivious only blink because of instinctive reaction. Their caretakers are another story.
  9. Glad they got it quick. I'll keep Scarlett in my thoughts for a rapid recovery. Scarlett is a long-time positive voice for SASS and a supplier of SASS related (and other) reloading supplies. Always at the matches with lots of primers, bullets, powders, shooting supplies/etc., and above all...hugs...BIG HUGS. Get well soon!
  10. Evidently MidSouth has 1 pounders of Unique @ $45 LB + shipping/hazmat. Smokeless Powder for Sale | Reloading Powders | Midsouth Shooters (midsouthshooterssupply.com)
  11. My area is not on the list as it's generally sunny here most of the time except during the afternoon in the summer. That's when the big T-storms roll through usually and then it gets sunny and unbearably muggy. Didn't get a lot of rain/t-storms this last summer though due to El Nino but it's been a much cloudier, colder and wetter winter than normal so I guess that makes up for it.
  12. Kinda looks photoshopped. No footprints from either man. German appears to be walking although there is barbed wire behind him. The GI doesn't appear to be looking at the prisoner as a first capture.
  13. Sorry, I don't see how culling the thieves from the organization hurts the NRA. If you'll remember, the so-called "head" of the NRA, and his associates, managed to cull the folks that tried to bring the improprieties to light from the NRA and discredit their claims of theft and fraud. You want these same people to remain in power because the NRA will fail without them? These same people are the entire reason that the NRA is in the shape it is today. I believe that a complete forensic audit is needed to truly root out the theft and fraud within the NRA, then legal action to recover all funds illegally diverted to personal use. It's the only way I see to restore the members and most importantly, future members, trust in the organization. On the subject of board members...seventy six board members...for what? Perhaps one should look at what these so-called board members actually bring to the table...besides a $100,000+ salary.
  14. Looks like a kickball to me. I don't associate that ball with any particular sound.
  15. I'm with Alpo. Riot gear, beat the hell out of them for resisting, then zap the piss out of them, then overtighten the handcuffs, then straight to a full strip search, then lock them up, then call the parents (if applicable). This whole "they're children" crap has gotten out of hand. See it on the news every day...Newscaster - "Three children were arrested today and charged with aggravated assault on an elderly man....", then they show their pictures...15 - 17 year olds with beards and mustaches. Their parents, all the while, claiming "My child is a good boy, he never done nothin' no wrong", yet he's got a felony arrest record 4 pages long.
  16. That would be the shortest trigger pull on a DA revolver that I've ever seen. I have to suspect that it is SA only.
  17. If they needed the room back then that they need now, they would have had to use the...wait for it...AMC Pacer.
  18. And all of the US election crap will be over with.
  19. I never got paid or rewarded with anything for good grades. Got punished for bad grades. Failure is a part of life as is success. While rewarding for success is admirable, it should not be mandated, paid for or legislated by any entity except parents and family.
  20. The horse and the mule were also indispensable at one time. Not so much now.
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