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  1. During my 40+ years of electrical work, I had at least 50 or 60 homeowners claim that a switch (or switches) did nothing. In all cases, but one, this wasn't true. Almost all of the supposedly "dead" switches were in bedrooms and controlled either a 1/2 switched receptacle (top or bottom 1/2), a ceiling fan light (fan installed but no light kit) or exterior flood lights. In the one case that this was true, the electrician had installed a 2 gang switch box (I guess by mistake during rough-in) but only had one active switch, the other switch had nothing connected to it and no extra wiring in the box that could be connected to it.
  2. Armored Cable (Type AC) makes your hands, and anything else it touches, the same way. Got a new helper fresh out of Vo-Tec on the job one morning while working on a bank. We had him working with the AC cable all day. By the end of the day, he looked like the old pictures of coal miners...and didn't have a clue that he looked that way.
  3. Naw, it's an x-ray of RFK Jr's head.
  4. Smokey was an "innovator" as were many of the old breed. Junior Johnson comes to mind right off the bat.
  5. On one of the stages of a State match, you had to start holding a bottle with both hand while standing about 10' away from the rifle which was shot 1st. Scenario called for shooting 10 rounds, then reload one and shoot a knockdown. Shooter started with both hands on the bottle and while running to the rifle, he took a round out of his belt and stuck it in his mouth so that the bullet end was sticking out of his mouth. Shot the ten, grabbed the one out of his mouth, top loaded the rifle ('73) and continued on with the stage. He did it really well and someone that was in his category protested. Match director, also a black pin RO instructor, ruled that the move was okay as the round had been brought to the line in an approved manner.
  6. Kind of like a cat. They seem to know who doesn't like them and won't leave them alone.
  7. Wait...you clean your rifle 100 times a year?
  8. I actually walked back in from the parking lot of a Super Walmart because I forgot to ring up a friggen taco seasoning packet in self-checkout. Got out to the truck, there it was on the bottom of the cart. I'm not going to rip anyone off, person, greedy corporation or not. Like some others, I like the self-checkout myself. The self-checkout machine is the most competent employee they employ most of the time.
  9. Many merchants in the "Old West" often put their tomato plants in the window so they could get more sun. Reminded them to water them more often also.
  10. Didn't he use one in the Alamo, or was that a '92?
  11. Doesn't look like the one in the picture had power run to it either. I've seen the no power to the fan but never the no hole for the fan. One thing that I used to warn homeowners about, if I noticed it while in their attic, was when ducted range hoods had open ducts just extended to above the drywall ceiling and had no ducting to the roof. Big time fire hazard. More than one house caught on fire due to that.
  12. I guess what they say about men's feet must not be true.
  13. If you do want to smell it...go to San Francisco, Philly, NYC, Seattle, Portland and a myriad of other places. I was always taught to leave it cleaner that you found, it applies in the woods as it does everywhere.
  14. And another four long months to go. We are free thanks to the greatest generation...and I thank them for it.
  15. Gotta admit, the "Walking Papers" statement made my day, made me laugh out loud too.
  16. Sometimes it doesn't turn off...then it's called bad welding.
  17. I've witnessed three '66 out-of-battery discharge while doing TO duties. Been on the same posse for about 5 more obd's with the '66. No person was injured but I'm not sure of about their underwear. If all of these '73 lever safeties have been removed, where the heck are all of the removed parts? Never see them for sale...ever. Hmm, wonder why?
  18. The Girl Scouts are already ruined as far as cookies go. The girls don't sit outside the stores around here anymore, it's usually 3 or 4 adults with one girl (not even in uniform most of the time) selling the cookies. The cookies don't taste anywhere close to the same as even 10 years ago and you get 1/2 as many for twice as much. They used to come around door to door every year here, haven't seen any of them in years although this could be for security reasons. I don't know about the inner workings of the Girl Scouts but their numbers sure seemed to have dwindled considerably over the years.
  19. I must confess, I didn't know why either so I looked it up. It could have been a game changer but production and deployment were delayed due to lack of engines. Interesting aircraft... Dornier Do 335 - Wikipedia
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