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  1. I bought a Kimber the first year that they came out,,made on Chip McCormick machines. one of the best guns out of the box I ever had. Had a little trouble with customer service a while ago on a current gun,,, but other than that,, great guns.
  2. MSRP is $802.00, anything special about these good looking guns?
  3. come on,, somebody gotta have a gun or 2 you don't shoot any more. Pretend it's an ex wife and a bad memory,,,, n get rid of it. Did I say that out loud.
  4. any work done on the gun? thanks sorry forgot,, raceshots8@gmail.com. Windy City Red.
  5. let me know when it gets to 400.00. just kidding.. best wishes.
  6. could be, I don't suppose you have a few sets of your own. lol Windy City Red Hopefully you are doing well. See you in PHX. one of these cooler day.
  7. I believe some time ago Ruger made a Single Six 32 called a Cowboy n then a John Wayne model. Looking for 1 or 2 used ones if anyone has some gathering dust Thanks. Please send PM.
  8. you gotta get up early to beat Barleycorn n Happy to the great deals. I just happend on it earlier.
  9. standard set up; right hand strong side holster and a cross draw for a right handed shooter for the ruger single 6 in 32 H n R. Thanks for asking
  10. looking for a set of holsters only. picked up a pair of Ruger single six 32s as a back up to my back up 38s,,,,go figure....as such not looking for anything exotic,,, just functional.
  11. they are frigging beautiful..wish they were 11s.
  12. thanks to everyone,, I'm gonna check out each source suggested. p.m. sent to Cindy as well. thanks.....
  13. saw some chats about carbon fiber mag tubes for the 1873......Anyoneknow where to get one,?
  14. I shoot with this pard all the time. great guy to deal with.
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