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  1. Well... I finished the short stroke installation and the C45S carrier in my old Uberti 1873 (mfg'd 1986)... and it only holds 19! More'n half that 20th cartridge sticks out the loading port! I'm not sure if cutting the magazine spring & the follower will allow that much more cartridge inside! If it weren't such an onerous, time consuming task, I'd just take up that practicing like true champions do... maybe after retirement!!!
  2. why would there be, it was scored by total time. I 'spose you could import the pdf file and convert it to sometink like a Excel file and resort by stage.... Over 30 years of scoring, I can usually tell where I placed on any stage, by looking at my final rank... if I finished 350th overall, I was probably pretty close to 350th on each and every stage! If I finished 300th on any particular stage, it ain't gonna make my day... Likewise, why ruin a perfectly good day to find out I finished in 400th place on a stage! Assuming of course that there 400 shooters and approximately 50 MDQs and DNFs...
  3. All I can say is that for the past 30 years I've bought primers from 2 local suppliers... If I'm going to pay these outrageous prices, I'd rather see the profits benefit those folks that have supported me for these many years. (I don't know where they get their supplies, but they've usually been cheaper than Midway/Brownell's/Natchez or even Sportsman Warehouse...)
  4. Hmmm... listed as "in stock" RCBS Roll Crimp Seater for 45ACP/45GAP/45AutoRim, I didn't have any trouble finding one...
  5. EOT is not most SASS long range matches. It's a once a year event. And it's still the most hits, with time as the tie breaker. Pretty hard to put scoring points on a silhouette. Although a few years ago a local match had a "flapper" in the middle of the buffalo, which counted for more points than just a hit... I weren't the fastest as I recall, but I did have the most total points. But, again, that match ain't "most SASS LR matches." And they haven't done that since...
  6. I gotta disagree... In most I've been in, if you don't hit all the targets... you're out... time is a tie-breaker. And BP has been separated from smokeless for more the last 20-25 years at most big matches. Your best bet is not having to wipe or use a blow-tube... targets are usually generous in size, we're not shooting for groups!
  7. The great part of this game is that it allows a wide latitude for folks to find their enjoyment.
  8. I load my C45S on a Dillon 550C. I previously loaded on a single stage RCBS JR and RCBS carbide dies. Back in 1987 when I bought my first Dillon, I just continued to use the RCBS dies I used previously. You can use either a 45 Colt or 45ACP sizer/decapping die. Either works as well as the other. I tried a 45ACP standard seating & taper crimp die and it works fine if all you shoot the C45S out of is the pistol. I've converted my 1873 rifles to use this round and a couple of years ago bought a RCBS 45ACP Roll Crimp seater die, #18942. Pretty simple. Cost savings... by having lower powder payloads. Plus, the huge 45 Colt case doesn't play well with reduced loads... and for BP... yes, when the uber competitive are using 38s or 32s, it can keep a good competitor in competition with those folks. Not gamesmanship.
  9. Phew! Saved from offering to send ya some!
  10. H.K. Uriah, did you get what you needed?
  11. Duece, Great video, very good skills, both techniques. I may not have 'em (skills), but I can sure recognize 'em! If you ever want a dose of humility... do it the way '97 users did in the way back machine... one in the port, close and one in the magazine... Why I never bothered buying a '97 until Wild Bunch came along!
  12. Fixed your question according to the pictured defect. In answer: No, no, no. If these were loaded to SAAMI specs... I'd be leery of using them... but for cowboy loads... not worries.
  13. I'll recommend a Lyman #17 front globe sight. I use the thick post that comes with the kit. In low light I've added the amber lens, which increases contrast... Comes with different insert to add to your sighting pleasure in different lighting conditions.
  14. Bisley Joe, I have a serious question for you... do you shoot with any SASS-affiliated club?
  15. It was an award winning photo, sorry if I neglected to get your release for its use... Although, I did use 19th century technology to take, develop and print it, like our matches, it is a modern product. I'm guessing in your fantasy, based on your words, the founders of this competition didn't really know what they were doing as they developed the content, rules, and general feel of the competition. But, based on your interpretation of the preamble in the rule book, and you're here simply to enlighten us on the error of our ways?
  16. Yep, that's called Cody Dixon around here... And sometimes the target are out to about 35 yards...
  17. Remember... this isn't a historical recreation contest... it's a western fantasy contest... I'll be just fine with my C45S... thank you very much!!
  18. Yourself foremost among them. This sport came into being in the modern era, based on the guns, lore, fantasy of the old west, in how it is remembered in book & film. Not in actual historical accuracy. . It IS a modern shooting COMPETITION wrapped up in a costume contest. While the rest of us seem more than fine with allowing you the freedom to explore your fantasy, you're not very accomodating in any reciprocal allowances. I'm done, I'll not have Phantom accusing me of arguin' with a
  19. Nope. Shotgun KDs cannot be shot w/solid projectiles, must make up shot capsules, and can only load 2 at a time, or singly loaded...
  20. Okay... here I was thinking over breakfast this morning, and it struck me as slightly incongruous that after 35+ years in this game I'm going to re-enter the competitive arena... (probably unsuccessfully, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? So, I've got three components, an 1873 Uberti Sporting rifle in 45 Colt, a Cowboy45Special carrier and a new, unused short stroke kit for this project to facilitate my return to a podium finish. So... if my 1860 holds 18 C45S in the magazine... surely the 1873 can hold 20? By dropping the pistols from each stage, I drop two of those pesky, time-consuming transitions... WOOHOO! Faster right outta the box! If I can get one match in before anyone else catches on, I can get another buckle after a 30 year hiatus from the podium! (By the way, this was planned as my April 1st post... but I'm like most gunsmiths & leather workers, I'm that far behind on my projects)!
  21. I'll try this one more time... My 1st cowboy action match was summer 1985 @ Coto de Caza hosted by the "Wild Bunch", This event predates SASS by nearly a year and a half. Stages were most often timed with stop watches, run by the Wild Bunch and others. It may have been my 1st stage as I fumbled with the sixgun and cock the hammer with my strong hand, while supporting it with my left. It was either one of the voices in my head or one in my ear that said, "use your other thumb." It seems that very 1st TO I had was Hipshot. Over the next 4+ years I shot with them monthly. Spoke with them regularly, even met with them and put forth my 2 cents on rules, etc leading up to the formation of SASS (1987). Uses that weak hand thumb to cock the revolver EVERY time. Don't you think that if they'd intended to NOT allow its use, they'd have whispered in my ear, maybe something like, "...HEY NUMBSKULL, QUIT THAT!" But, lo that didn't happen. Just because one cocks the revolver with the weak hand, doesn't mean they're, what you call "slip thumbing", whatever that is... nor are they necessarily "slip hammering", the process where one cocks the pistol with the weak hand, while holding the trigger back and letting the hammer slip from under their thumb, . I, and many others, didn't read about SASS and it's formation... we lived it, we shot with the founders on a monthly basis, often more than once a month, we didn't read something in a sterile environment without actual input from others... We were there on the ranges trying to apply the rules in situations, asking for and getting input from the founders... applying what we read to what we had already determined certain phrases meant. Don't take this as anything but, "shoot however you like, within the rules... but don't put your spin on what it sez in the general "About us" to what I'm doing as something against the rules... cause it ain't... or even the intent of the rules... Don't like that I cock my pistol with the off-hand? Lobby to make it illegal... Note: Good luck with that! By the way, nearly every rule in the book is the result of someone doing something deemed to be abhorrent to the concept of good sportsmanship... Neither cocking with the off-hand or slip hammering are within hollerin' distance.. 'Nuff said.
  22. I would call that convex area on the drive end on a roll pin punch a button. Dimple would imply it's concave... But that is really pickin' nits!
  23. It happens to me on the 550, but being it manually indexes, might not be the issue. Sometimes, often enough to be aggravating, I'll load a case into station #1 with just enough force to push the shellplate out of proper indexed position. If you feed cases by hand, check to see if you're doing the same. Make sure the platform is tight to the ram.
  24. I had planned on droppin' by this morning, but... after gettin' financially abused at a truck repair shop in Atlanta last nite, I don't have the time. Luckily, they saw the error of their ways and fixed the bill this morning. I'll be waving as I drive by! Y'all be safe!
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