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  1. Now it will be your turn to chase the light on the floor.
  2. I have 2 Young Guns now, but they have been shooting for several years. My question on him shooting the 9, is it just a few rounds or a mag, or is it shooting until you are out of ammo. A little recoil is fun for a few rounds, but 60 or so may make a very long day. A slicked up 73 is a great rifle, but weighs a lot more than a Henry .22. I had Widder Slick up our Henrys, they can be Very fast. My personal experience with the Stoger 410 is not so great. Good gun, but hard to load 2 smoothly and hard to shuck, an empty 410 doesn't have much mass to shuck with. Tried loading brass hull for it with only limited success. Then the kid tried a cut down 97 and has never looked back. If I can help with anything, please let me know. Having my 2 boys shooting with me is something that I cherish. For the most part, they run better guns than I do, but if they are shooting with me, what else matters. VV
  3. Just throwing out as food for thought. 4H has a program called Western Heritage. We are just getting the ball rolling here in SD, but I think it is available in KS. It is watered down SASS for 4H. Along with the shooting there is history of the time and region. May be another way to get a foot in the door??
  4. Maybe take the kids with ?? Great to have those things in the family.
  5. -4 isn't so bad. Got up to give the outside critters some extra grub at 5 a.m. temp was -28. Warmed up to about 4 for the high.
  6. Question with a slight twist. I'm loading Magtech brass 410 for my youngest buckaroo. 1.9 cc 2f app nitro card, fiber wad, 1/2 Oz shot, osc and glue. When cleaning we are getting lead out of the barrels. Am I doing something wrong?
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