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  1. It looked good on the computer, not so good on the phone. Any thoughts on the name for the wad? Thanks VV
  2. Take 2. Hopefully this time it will work.
  3. Most of us have seen the anatomy of the pew stickers and such. Has anyone seen one for shotgun shells? My boys are big into duck hunting and I would like a poster of it for them. I've made one up, and throw it out for suggestion, on the pic and wording. That was the best my little brain could come up with for the wad. Thanks
  4. Maybe take the kids with ?? Great to have those things in the family.
  5. -4 isn't so bad. Got up to give the outside critters some extra grub at 5 a.m. temp was -28. Warmed up to about 4 for the high.
  6. Question with a slight twist. I'm loading Magtech brass 410 for my youngest buckaroo. 1.9 cc 2f app nitro card, fiber wad, 1/2 Oz shot, osc and glue. When cleaning we are getting lead out of the barrels. Am I doing something wrong?
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