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  1. My boys have shot 4H trap for the last 2 years. Saturday was the state shoot here in South Dakota. That is where I was cornered and asked about it. Someone is going to be Nationally trained from SD then come back and get things going on the county level. Oak Creeek Martin, I'll give you a buzz this afternoon if that is alright. Thanks for the input, if I pursue this I will be back with more questions.
  2. I was recently asked if I would be interested in the position of County 4H representative for Western Heritage. After reading some about it, it appears to be slightly watered down SASS for 4H. Does anyone have any experience with the 4H program? The shooting aspect reads like they used the SASS handbook as a starting point. A few differences would be hand guns are always staged, no holsters and action jobs are O.K., but no short strokes on the rifles. There is also a history portion that the member would need to do also. Has anyone had any success in starting with a young shooter and bring the family into our sport? Has SASS helped with this, or would you all be willing to? Thanks Volga Vigilante
  3. It was a great time. The boys and I look forward to PITV every year. Thanks to all the Peacekeepers for their time and work!
  4. Thanks for joining us Snakebite. Had a blast shooting the team shoot with you. Beware of the rolling horseshoe.
  5. Maybe take the kids with ?? Great to have those things in the family.
  6. -4 isn't so bad. Got up to give the outside critters some extra grub at 5 a.m. temp was -28. Warmed up to about 4 for the high.
  7. Question with a slight twist. I'm loading Magtech brass 410 for my youngest buckaroo. 1.9 cc 2f app nitro card, fiber wad, 1/2 Oz shot, osc and glue. When cleaning we are getting lead out of the barrels. Am I doing something wrong?
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