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  1. I just realized that's a turban. Every other time I've seen that picture I thought it was a bra.
  2. I guess I need to turn the radio on again. While talking about lousy renditions they mentioned both Roseanne Barr and Fergie. Fergie? I thought Fergie was the Duchess of York. What the hell is some Brit doing singing the National Anthem at a ball game? Oh. Different Fergie.
  3. Huh. You would never Diddy bop off somewhere where you live? Did you and your sweetie ever go scootie-poochin'?
  4. I enjoyed that. But then, as I often do, I went down the road (I said row, otto, not road) looking at the other stuff below it. I hope this works. Especially for the snakeaphobes here in the Saloon (ACS). It worked when I clicked on it. https://video-mia3-2.xx.fbcdn.net/o1/v/t2/f1/m82/634765FF9605894105623152B0C83682_video_dashinit.mp4?efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6Im9lcF9oZCJ9&_nc_ht=video-mia3-2.xx.fbcdn.net&_nc_cat=1&vs=4df47fcab44c3ffd&_nc_vs=HBksFQIYT2lnX3hwdl9yZWVsc19wZXJtYW5lbnRfcHJvZC82MzQ3NjVGRjk2MDU4OTQxMDU2MjMxNTJCMEM4MzY4Ml92aWRlb19kYXNoaW5pdC5tcDQVAALIAQAVAhg6cGFzc3Rocm91Z2hfZXZlcnN0b3JlL0dGTE1CUnA0Yl9YaXVBd0VBTlVoLW5KbHNKZEJicV9FQUFBRhUCAsgBAEsHiBJwcm9ncmVzc2l2ZV9yZWNpcGUBMQ1zdWJzYW1wbGVfZnBzABB2bWFmX2VuYWJsZV9uc3ViACBtZWFzdXJlX29yaWdpbmFsX3Jlc29sdXRpb25fc3NpbQAoY29tcHV0ZV9zc2ltX29ubHlfYXRfb3JpZ2luYWxfcmVzb2x1dGlvbgAddXNlX2xhbmN6b3NfZm9yX3ZxbV91cHNjYWxpbmcAEWRpc2FibGVfcG9zdF9wdnFzABUAJQAcjBdAAAAAAAAAABERAAAAJvign5aE%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&ccb=9-4&oh=00_AYB7l5fqztFD3Aivte7ppDXr8Z4IfGrOOnKcZOHELf8v5A&oe=669855D4&_nc_sid=1d576d&_nc_rid=620528381097961&_nc_store_type=1
  5. Oy. 16 and a half dollars for a decal!! Now I hate to think what the coffee cup would cost. Thanks anyway.
  6. I thought of asking for that. But if they were available online, I would know how much they were. In 02, or thereabouts, when I bought them, I think they were about five bucks. 22 years later they're probably closer to 20. Looking at them online I could slowly convince myself over a couple weeks that I wanted to spend $40 for two coffee cups. But if, let's say, Bob (lives in Colorado, but I have no idea if he's anywhere near close to Leadville) were to Diddy bop over there and pick me up a couple, well then I would have to pay whatever the heck they cost. Even if they had gone up to 30 or 40 bucks each. Ouch.
  7. I like that ad. "As low as $400". In 1956. As low as $400. You could just about buy a new car for $400 in 1956.
  8. Back in the early 2000s I bought a couple of souvenir coffee cups from the Leadville Colorado airport. Online. One white one and one black one. And over the years that airplane apparently made it off the ground because they have both flown away. I would like to replace them. I have found Leadville's website. And they mention LVX merchandise. They just don't seem to have a way to get to a page that sells it. So - does anyone, more internet savvy than I, know how to get to a page that sells souvenirs of that airport?
  9. Going the other direction. I don't remember what book this was from, but it was an interesting piece. The guy had been sent TDY and it ended up being a whole lot longer than he was supposed to be gone. Kept being delayed and delayed and extended. And they were out in the sticks, and he just let his hair and beard grow. Then when it was finally over and he could come back home, he was unable to get in touch with his wife. When he finally makes it back to the house, she's not home. Tired from all the traveling, he just went in and went to bed. Couple hours later she comes home and finds this long-haired bearded guy in her bed. Called the cops.
  10. Adam-12 episode. Malloy went on vacation, and when he came back he had grown a mustache. And all day long he took grief about that mustache. From Reed, from the sergeant, from the other cops. Next day he shows up clean shaven, and Reed wanted to know what happened to his mustache. He said that morning when he was trimming it, he got one side a little too short. So was he was trimming the other side to make it even he got it too short. And he kept going back and forth, and when he finally got it even he looked like a red-headed Charlie Chaplin. So he shaved the rest of it off. I thought it was interesting that he said a red-headed Charlie Chaplin and not a redheaded Hitler. Because most people don't think of that as a Chaplin mustache, but instead as a Hitler mustache.
  11. In the late 80s I went into the bathroom one day and shaved. Then I came out in the living room, and everybody freaked. I told them that it had just occurred to me that none of them - my wife nor my children - had ever seen my face. So I shaved it off. Let them see what I looked like without it. Then I grew it back. I'm considering doing it again so my granddaughters can see what I look like without it. Maybe.
  12. That middle one, with the old lady with the shotgun - I believe this video has her beat. Grandma with a MP40.
  13. My seventh grade PE coach was also a scoutmaster. Not my troop but we went to summer camp the same week. And he forgot his razor. By the end of the week Coach Post had a full beard. Not this much But more than this At the end of the week it's obvious I need to shave. But dang. I was a 17 year old boy trying desperately to grow a beard. And seeing how fast his groupGREW made me shave when I went home. Didn't try for another couple of years.
  14. I saw one one time. I do not know which game it was. Somebody linked to the YouTube of the Anthem. It was the combined choirs of West Point and Annapolis, accompanied by the West Point drum and bugle corps. And it was an excellent rendition. Until the end. "O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave." But they didn't stop. That's the end of it. You're supposed to stop. But no. The drum and bugle corps stepped in. Ta tata tatata tatatataaaaa, ta tata ta ta ta taaaaaa. And they reprised the last two lines. "Oh say, does that Star-Spangled banner yet wave? O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave." That is not how it goes. There is no bugle fanfare. There is no reprise of the last two lines. Whichever idiot came up with that arrangement - and I'm assuming it was either the West Point choir director or the Annapolis choir director, which should make them military - needed to be drumed down the regiment, have their buttons ripped off and their swords broken. Then kicked out. This is the thing that I have trouble with, constantly. You can sing your version of any song you want to. You can sing it faster, or you can sing it slower. You can ignore the fact that it goes up and down three octaves and sing it all in one octave if you want. Any song. But the National Anthem is not a song. It's the National Anthem. And it only goes one way. If you do it any other way, you are not singing the National Anthem. You are singing your version of The Star-Spangled Banner, which is wonderful for you, but it is not the National Anthem.
  15. I remember reading an article - and it wasn't Rosie O'Donnell it was Roseanne Barr - and she said she did it on purpose. She was trying to be funny. And for some reason nobody else thought it was funny.
  16. Alpo

    Cats #3

    I realized that I was feeding idiot child too much. She was getting fat. So I had a simple solution. When I fed her at night, I put down less food. Notice - I did not program the automatic feeder to do anything. I put down less food. Maybe if those people would take responsibility for their cats food, instead of giving the responsibility over to an electronic thing, the cat would lose weight. Wow. Take responsibility for your pet. What a concept.
  17. Feeling like a million dollar trooper Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper)
  18. I made it to "broad stripes and bright stars".
  19. That caused an interesting thought. All these terms are insulting. A black guy that acts like a white guy - that's an Oreo. Black on the outside white on the inside. A white guy that acts like a black guy - can't use that term in the Saloon (ACS) An Indian that acts like a white guy - that's an apple. Red on the outside white on the inside. But do they have an insulting term for a white guy that acts like an Indian? I don't think I've ever heard one. Except Trump calling Warren Pocahontas.
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