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  1. While I'm pretty sure the war started in 12, we beat 'em in 15. Just to keep the record straight.
  2. 3rd grade show and tell. Panel number 5, and then panel number 10.
  3. "Trade your miles for the beer"? Instead of running miles a day, sit on your butt and drink beer? Is that what that means?
  4. The cat would give him a boost when it was necessary.
  5. No idea. She is pretty, she has dark hair longer than shoulder length, and she is bustier than either Ziva or Bishop (Kate 2.0 and 3.0). I do not ever recall seeing her before. And I have never watched Hawaii Five-O - either the first one or what I have been told is the terrible remake. I know that Tony 2.0 is Fez from That 70s Show.
  6. In the episode where Agent Lee was a traitor, the bad guy was using her for a human shield, and Gibbs shot her three times in the torso with his 9 mm. All three bullets achieved complete penetration, killing the bad guy behind her. Possibly this over penetration of 9 mm is the reason behind his change to a 1911 45.
  7. I was thinking more about this. 1992, and Koreans took guns and pointed them at black looters and murderers in the defense of their property. The black looters and murderers left, and the world said YAAY! WAY TO GO KOREANS Not quite thirty years later a white couple takes guns and point them at black looters and murderers in the defense of their property. The black looters and murderers left, and the white couple got arrested.
  8. You have to stay with this. Read the whole comic. The very end of it explains what happened to Australia. https://m.webtoons.com/en/comedy/adventures-of-god/ep-486-gabes-lab-big-a-lizards/viewer?title_no=853&episode_no=486
  9. I downloaded the CBS app, and started watching this season of NCIS. It was I believe the third episode. They have this serial killer in interrogation. Kate 4.0 (Kate then Ziva then Bishop and now this girl) is doing the interrogation while Tony 2.0 is watching from the observation room. Suddenly the suspect shoves the table across the floor (I thought those things were bolted down) and forces Kate 2.0 up against the wall, slamming her head into the mirror and breaking it. Tony 2.0 runs out into the hallway and down into the interrogation room. The suspect climbs up on the table and dives through the broken mirror into observation, then out the door and down the hall. As he is crossing the squad room he bumps into Abby 2.0 and quickly grabs her and snatches up a letter opener (belonged to Kate 4.0's grandmother. Mentioned earlier - Chekhov's gun) and puts it to Abby 2.0's throat, threatening her with death. Facing them are McGee, Kate 4.0, Tony 2.0, and Fornell 2.0, all with guns out chanting the magical incantations: LET HER GO. DROP THE WEAPON. RELEASE HER. DROP THE KNIFE. And I'm sitting there thinking, "For bog's sake, somebody just shoot him". Then BLAM, and he drops to the floor and Abby 2.0 runs into the welcoming arms of the crew. Then the camera angle changes and we can see the elevator door is open, and Gibbs is standing there with a gun in his hand. Finally. An intelligent response to a murderer holding a gun on an innocent person. Someone shot him.
  10. It's like that truck exhaust system I asked about the other week. Standard 2 inch pipes until about 4 inches from the end of the pipe, and that is expanded to about a 5-inch pipe. I just wanted to know the purpose. I do not care that the man bought that for his truck. I just wondered why it was made in the first place. It's the same here. If someone wants to buy that shotgun I have absolutely no problem with them doing so. But the people that designed that shotgun - does anyone know why they put the holes there?
  11. Wonder why they lowered it so much? I would not be able to get in and out of my driveway as low as that front bumper is. Kinda defeats the purpose of a bumper when you have it set so low then it goes underneath the car that hit you. I also don't like the fins. Makes it look like the station wagon top with WAS, otto, NOT WITH an afterthought on a '57 Bel Air.
  12. 2 things. First, they cannot be Korean-American immigrants. They can be one or the other but they cannot be both. Korean-American means they are American of Korean descent. Immigrants means they are foreign nationals in our country (it actually means legal foreign nationals, but I'll accept legal or illegal in this argument). The second thing, and I've never heard this mentioned. They armed themselves and stood ready to protect their property. But did they, in fact, shoot and kill any rioters/arsonists? Did they kill anybody, which would tell the rest of the looting rioting scum to go take their business elsewhere, or did they just stand there ready and the cowardly looting rioting scum decided to take their business elsewhere?
  13. I want suppose that would depend on whether or not they could figure out where the pellet in-person B's head came from.
  14. What's the purpose of the holes in the butt stock? Spare shell carrier? Or just tacti-kewl looking?
  15. Head is too big and too lofty for a 4-iron. Looks closer to a 9 - maybe an 8.
  16. Spray paint for your bald spot.
  17. And it's not just "Nazi" or "fascist" or "communist". This also includes terms such as "Fudd" and "Karen", which people throw out all the time.
  18. I'm aware that I could do that. I actually have found it it is easier to delete the bottom picture and then put a couple three spaces in there and reinsert the bottom picture than it is to just try to put a couple spaces between the pictures to separate them. My complaint is that if you go to edit post, it now announces to the world the date THAT IT has been edited. I don't mind letting people know that I had to edit a post if I screwed it up and had to fix it. If otto screws it up, that annoys me (IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!!!) But I'm getting used to it. This is not otto. This is a software glitch. They may have intentionally put this into the software, but it is still a glitch. And I hate having to make a edit because of a glitch. Now this edit was my fault. I accidentally hit save when I should have hit the spacebar, so I had to edit it to add that last ssentence And I had to edit it again, to fix a couple of otto's.
  19. I don't know if they were his or not, but I bought a set of ginsu knives at Kmart. I used to have a set of ShamWow. Don't know what happened to them. They were real good.
  20. I noticed that part of the problem with this border thing and all the refugees was a "stolen election".
  21. It looks sort of like this But I don't think that's what it is either
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