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  1. You know what the worst part is? I mean, hell, you can throw away all of your sugarless gum so your dog doesn't get it, but some dork walking down the street is going to spit his out on the road. And if it's still smell sweet the dog is going to eat it. Idiot child, while we are out on our nightly walk, eats cat crap and squished toad frogs and anything else that to her idiotic brain appears edible.
  2. Is that how everybody in Oz greets everybody, every damn time? I meet someone, and I might say hello, or good morning, or how you doing, or howdy. All kinds of different greetings. But whenever there is an Australian in a movie or a television show or an Australian made commercial trying to sucker the tourists to come over there and give them our money, they all say the same thing. G'day.
  3. That bottom one was not supposed to be the video again. It was supposed to be a link. Let's try this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ_kiBVaj58 It worked. I blame otto for the first screw up. Actually I've gotten to the point where I blame otto for everything that goes wrong on the internet.
  4. . If you are like me, and cannot understand half of what she is saying, if you go to the YouTube page for this came from, in the description she gives the recipe.
  5. There is SO MUCH wrong with that picture. First, there's only one egg. Then it's up, not over. Whole wheat toast? Cream in the coffee? Come on now people. As has been mentioned, the gun's lying on the wrong side. And while hash browns are desirous, grits are a necessity.
  6. How much of what kind of booze was in that cask to make it worth $350?
  7. They had some on the breakfast buffet at the Golden Corral the other week. They had so much pepper on the meat that all I could taste was hot. I guess if I had covered it up with that thick milk gravy it would have needed all that spice to have some flavor at all. I tried it once, but I do not believe I will ever try it there again.
  8. Cube steak. Pound it a little bit and make it thinner. Dredge it in flour. Put a couple of hunks of butter in your skillet, stir it around as it's melting until the water in it's all cooked off if it don't look right throw in some more butter. Once the water is gone and it is starting to brown, toss in your steak and let it cook a while. When you think it's cooked long enough, flip it over and let it cook some on t'other side. When you start cooking the second side, throw in a handful of diced onion. Now once you think the second side has cooked long enough, put some water in the pan. Not too much - just enough. Stir that a while. The water will mix with the cooked flour and make brown gravy. Once you got your gravy mixed, put a lid on your pan, leaving just a little crack for the steam to get out, and let it simmer till you think it's done. Well all this is going on you need to have either cooked up some rice or some egg noodles. With either one of them, make sure that you put in both a half a teaspoon of salt and a half a teaspoon of garlic powder in the water. If you don't have salt in the water you cook it in, they ain't gonna have no flavor. And the garlic powder adds a very nice flavor. Don't put the gravy on the meat. Just put the meat on the plate. The gravy goes on the rice or noodles - whichever you did. Vegetables? Why? A big glass of cold milk, followed by a cup of strong coffee.
  9. Do they have them where you live? I see people talking about them on TV and movies all the time. We don't have chicken fried steak around here. We have country fried steak. I believe it's the same thing - it's just a different term. So where you live, do they have them?
  10. A quick read will show that the 357 is a lengthened 38 Special. I don't believe I would like to deepen my 38 Special Chambers and fire 357 in it.
  11. I've got this problem. Whenever anybody posts a joke or a story or a meme with math in it, I do the math. Beer cans are worth a nickel each. $214 worth of nickels is 4,280 nickels. You can get 4,280 beers for $1,000? I don't even think you could get that much Meister Brau, which is pretty much the cheapest crappiest beer out there, for $1,000. Added: just did a little research. I was figuring empty cans at a nickel, because that's the deposit they charge, but if you had to pay a deposit you wouldn't make anything. The advice was selling the empties for scrap. There are 28 12 oz beer cans in a pound. And the average price for empty beer cans today is 60 cents a pound. That makes it just a wee bit over $0.02 each. That is more than 10,000 beer cans. 10,000 beers for $1,000? Beer prices I've seen, in the stores by the case, run around 75 cents each. For $1,000 you get just a shade over 1300 beers. That would be less than $30 when you cash them in.
  12. But I thought it was red dye number 7 that caused cancer.
  13. This has always tickled me. Cop show. The girl - it's always a girl - lives alone. She hears a noise in some other part of her apartment. And she calls out - IS SOMEONE THERE? I hear a noise at the other end of my house I go looking with a flashlight and a gun. HELLOOO??? Yeah, right.
  14. Regardless of which of you two is right, how is the end of it helping? I could see if he had 6-inch pipes all the way from the exhaust manifold to the end, having less back pressure. But 2-inch pipes most of the way, and then expanding the 6-inch for the last little bit? That's the part I don't get. Is that expansion of the last few inches supposed to do something, or is it just to look cool? And if it is supposed to do something, how?
  15. Ruger won't sell you a cylinder, because Ruger does not sell cylinders. But it is possible that if you send your gun back to them they will put a 327 cylinder in it. They will keep your 32 H&R cylinder, but they will swap it out. Maybe. Years ago I had a Security Six. And I read about them making them a 9 mm for the French police, so I wrote them asking if they would sell me a 9 mm cylinder - so I could make my gun a convertible. And they said they would sell me a 9 mm cylinder, but they would have to fit it, and they would keep the 357 cylinder. So I decided not to do it. Check with them and see if they will do it that way. Cylinder swap.
  16. Well I am sure that this was a setup, because Halloween is coming. Otherwise why have a camera following two cops in a graveyard at night? But "can ya really blame 'em?" Hmmmm. Lemme think now. It's night, and I am in some dark scary area. Someone sticks a knife in me and I make a gurgling howly scream. I don't want the cops to turn around and run in fear. I want them to come find out what made the noise, so they can shoot the knifer and call an ambulance for me. So yeah, I can blame 'em.
  17. I suggest he ignore it. If they really desperately want that $0.08, they will tack it on to his next bill. BUT THEY MIGHT TURN HIS POWER OFF!!! Hmmmm. My electric company charges me $15 for the privilege of buying electricity from them. I presume that every electric company in the country has a similar usage fee. If he owes them $0.08, that means that his solar panels produced so much electricity that he sold $14.92 worth back to the electric company. Unless he has electric heat, which will cause his bill to go up during the winter, he's probably better off to get off of the damn electric line. Stow his excess electricity in batteries for when the sun's not shining. Nope. I was wrong. I just went and looked at my June bill. $19.20 for the privilege of buying electricity from them. And $10.37 taxes and fees. $39.50 worth of electricity on a $69.50 bill.
  18. I also see mostly 115. I shoot 115. But the standard loads for 9 mm are 115, 124, and 147.
  19. A standard load for 9 mm for the past several years has been 147 grains. I don't see where three grains would make a hell of a difference.
  20. It is possible that my eyes are not in focus yet. It is quite early in the morning. But I believe the picture is not quite in focus. Here's one of the tombstone where I could actually read it.
  21. I believe that. Mentioned has been made about the size of the bike and the power of the bike. In the book that brought about this ponder, they were police motorcycles. 1972 or 3. So that would be what - 74 inch Harleys? Jon and Ponch rode Kawasakis, but I think CHiPs came out later in the decade.
  22. I wish I had a copy of one that I started, and then I just sat back and let it run. Me and SmuteyeJohn and Rolan Kraps went to Mexico, where we got arrested for participating in an illegal dice game. I telegraphed Patches asking for bail money, but instead Toostone launched a rescue mission to break us out of the calabosa.
  23. Our Gang, sitting around the radio. The announcer intones, "Who knows - what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" Buckwheat pops up. "Da Shadow do!"
  24. The only one that I recall that had a title was HOOBEATS ON THE TRAIL. It was closer to 20 years ago.
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