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  1. I think its neat that they are trying to get it done. I applaud you guys (gender neutral) for never having considered failure when attempting something you have never attempted. I did of course laugh because mostly she was saying things I have thought while plunging ahead. I don't know how much money or miles of shoe leather experience has cost me. The red can is gasoline, the yellow can is diesel, the blue can is water. Experience. Or flying along at 11,500 ft over the Bitter Root Range ( A very rough range of mountains in Idaho) you're flying a glider. Experience.
  2. I disagree Charlie. The Center has a terribly difficult job. First he has to hear the count then see that the QB is actually looking his way. Next he has put the ball somewhere near where the idiot that get's all the glory is standing. Then he can't hike the ball too hard because it might jam his pinky. We all know what that means, doctor- doctor. Then with one arm between his legs he has to block the nose guard. Now a Nose Guard is the biggest, meanest Homo Sapien the coach could find that mostly understands the spoken word, often they have a high percentage of Neanderthal DNA. The Nose Neanderthal wants to push our boy the Center left or right so his cousin, a real knuckle dragger with mountain gorilla DNA, called a middle linebacker can rush though the hole. The center wants to prevent the gorilla from making the popular, egotistical. well paid face of the team resemble mashed potatoes. And that is all he has to do, simple so very simple.
  3. Iam sending via USPO a wet noodle please flagellate yourself until appropriately chastised. Do not return noddle you may however forward it to Phantom he often makes people feel imaginary offences.
  4. I wonder how much airspeed it lost when firing the gun and aiming must have been a bit^^.
  5. Tobar, NV, Montello, NV, Wells, NV. Quail Creek, UT. Tobar is pretty much gone foundations mostly. Montello is still a cowboy town 3 bars, 1 resonant 60 people. Quail Creek a little store maybe fuel. Wells, full service a little of old town survives.
  6. Feral horses and burros are a real problem in some western states. There are no wild horses in the Americas. Therefore it is a choice between the native species or the feral animals.
  7. I hate bulls*** want to help the guy humping stuff, Try a base plate, tube and ammo for a squad portable mortar. No one humps Ma duce.
  8. Oh my, I do wish I was coming but life as it often does interfered, My cataract surgery was a failure and have to wait to see if they can correct it.
  9. Regardless of personal issues, The Rough Riders put on one of the best if not the best organized, administered and produced match I have attended in my not so limited experience.
  10. Get in touch with Mernickle Leather they can help you.
  11. Does anyone remember when Larson's articles on cap and ball Navy's were published in the Chronicle.
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