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  1. I've been loading on a 650 for 30 years. Don't really know how many loaded but I shot IPSC, and other games before starting SASS in 2000 with a volume of conservatively 15k a year. High primers are not one of my concerns although I do check my match rounds.
  2. Happy Trails Johnny you are one of a kind.
  3. I cannot add to the tributes except to say he was a friend and a role model. He has left a hole in my life that will not soon be filled.
  4. Ship them. Furthermore, the Sockeye are running so bring a fishing pole.
  5. I believe the Iowa class Battleships guns could be aimed independently.
  6. Anywhere in the 3.0 to 3.5 range gives enough splash for the counters and plenty of power for the knock downs.
  7. Safe travels Dusty, have a great day today, tomorrow and the next.
  8. I was in civics class and thought it was a silly joke too bad it wasn't.
  9. My family all shoot better because dad/ grandpa said.
  10. Those that know Pat know that the 22-pound turkey will have a table load of company. I'm so blessed with a wonderful wife and a great cook. Six of us will enjoy her labors. Four friends and us, truly thankful for the bounty that this great country provides to each of us.
  11. I liked SOS as well both in the Marines and here at home. My wife does things her own way and it goes over biscuits excellent. Then I also liked Corned Beef and would choose Ham and Lima beans out of C-Rats.
  12. Should be Could be Would be Maybe. Thats bull pucky. Good people died. Something broke or someone made a mistake, humans make mistakes machines fail. I give my heart felt prayers to those who died and their families. 12
  13. Wow, no I've never seen anything like that. Kind of scary that the center blew out.
  14. Matthew is probably a little low but 10 to 20 per cent is good.
  15. Complaining equals out, sucking it up 50-50. Up or out does not produce the best leaders but certainly does produce the best at assessing career risk and avoiding it.
  16. Brace yourself that water is COLD
  17. The best entertainment $2 can buy. Dreaming of what you could do.
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