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  1. I had popped off an e-mail to Winchester USA but I wasn't expecting an answer...I was pleasantly surprised they not only answered my question but they did it in only a couple of hours. Here's what they had to say; This product is currently out of stock due to the demand of other products. It is scheduled for production later in 2019, although no loading date has been assigned. The best way to obtain this product would be to place an order with a local dealer in your area. As soon as this product is made available, that dealer would receive a shipment. So it looks like I just have to be patient. Yes, I know it's probably a good idea to load my own but for several reasons that's not a good option right now.
  2. I was about to order 10 boxes of the Winchester Super X 44-40 Cowboy Action ammo and my favorite retailer didn't have it in stock, so I looked around and called my local store and nobody seems to have it (not everyone will ship to Mass meh). That stuff shoots great in my Japanese made 1873 rifle. Do you happen to know if Winchester makes this stuff on a regular basis, like in the spring, or is it not regular? Thank you in advance!
  3. That's me on the left, and Ledslinger Lesky on the right on a nice cool New England autumn day... Left Hand Carlos 106798 Massachusetts Less than a year
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