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  1. Yup...my tired old bones don't bend very easily anymore.
  2. That's what I've been using except a 5 round one. I'm considering just doing that.
  3. I'm making a rig for SASS. Since I'm hand sewing everything I don't want to put in 30 cartridge loops.... What would you call a reasonable number of pistol cartridge loops on a belt specifically made for SASS...10? 15? I was thinking a bakers dozen, 13.
  4. I tried to Google it but all I got were a lot of pages where they describe the history of conchos and the different styles depending on years. That's all interesting in and of itself but nothing about what certain styles mean or if they mean anything.
  5. I see a few styles of conchos come up a lot, like the berry, and the star with circle. Are there any meanings to each shape, or do they just look pretty?
  6. That's me on the left, and Ledslinger Lesky on the right on a nice cool New England autumn day... Left Hand Carlos 106798 Massachusetts Less than a year
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