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  1. Jaan

    Lopsided SBH Hammers?

    For the record, I measured the difference...I don't need a magnifying glass to see it. I couldn't have said it better than Crazy Gun Barney. It's precisely because of Ruger's excellent quality control (and equally excellent customer service) that the small imperfections stand out so much to me. I'll probably end up fixing them, that way I can tell people in my best Paladin Have Gun Will Travel voice; these are hand fitted hammers.
  2. Jaan

    Lopsided SBH Hammers?

    I already contacted them and got a response. Basically; it will still function, it's fine. I was a machinist for many years, and my Dad was a machinist his whole life. It jumped out at me immediately. I know it's not a crucial tolerance, it's just the aesthetics. I guess I'll just tell people they're left handed...after all, my SASS alias is LEFT HAND CARLOS (c:
  3. My birthday was last week, so Midway USA gave me a pretty decent discount (thank you!) so I went ahead and bout a couple of Super Blackhawk hammers for my Vaqueros. They are both machined "lopsided". I contacted Ruger and they said they were still functional, they didn't seem to really care. Is this common? I'm not trying to make a big deal about it, I used to be a machinist and it just looks sloppy to me;
  4. Hello everyone, I shoot Classic Cowboy sometime so no straw or palm hats. Right now I have a black wool Stetson that's brutal to wear in the heat. What other options are there? I've looked at leather and I saw an inexpensive cotton canvas cowboy hat (very close to a Gus style). Would either of those fly? Is leather less hot than wool felt? One of my problems is that I have a size 8 head. I can wear XXL if I stretch it a bit. Much less variety to pick from. Thanks ahead of time.
  5. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I honestly think these are the friendliest and most informative forums on the internet. There's certainly a lot to digest here. I might print this thread out and bind it as a workshop reference book. (c:
  6. I have a 3 year old Winchester 73 Miroku and I've been shooting Winchester Super X Cowboy Action loads and I've been very happy with the accuracy. The bullets measure .426" in diameter. Are most factory loaded ammo from different brands close to the same size? I can't find the Winchester in bulk anymore. Also, what's your favorite brand of .44-40? Thank you!
  7. That's me on the left, and Ledslinger Lesky on the right on a nice cool New England autumn day... Left Hand Carlos 106798 Massachusetts Less than a year
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