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  1. I'll be going with the generic 38spl. Cheap to shoot and reload. I may later go to the 38-40 just to be a little different
  2. Sorry about that. I was going to go with 38spl. I would really like to find some 38-40's but those are very hard to find.
  3. Awesome advice everyone. Thank you.
  4. Hiw is the longevity of the cimarron's? I was looking at their eliminator 8 with octagon barrel and low/wide hammer.
  5. Well I run a sporting goods store and we sell both Rugers and colt replicas and they both fit my hand very well. I'll be going to a shoot next weekend if the snow isnt to deep and I'll do some talking.
  6. Howdy Pards, I'm a new guy to this and I'm sure this debate has been on going, but I was wondering if there were colt replicas( uberti, cimarron, taylors) worth getting over ruger vaqueros? I know Rugers are worth the money but I was wondering if there was any of the other models worth a look? Thank you in advance.
  7. If you're going to fight, then you better fight like you are the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark, and brother, its startin to rain!

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