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  1. I'll loan you my .375 H&H M-70 Winchester. Of course you'll have to take me too. I remember reading a mag article on the .375 years ago. The author was showing the cartridges to the Eskimo guide who seemed quite unimpressed. He said very little during the hunt. Anyway, the author shot a big bull, and as soon as the rifle came out of recoil all he could see was four moose legs in the air. The guide commented "Dat tree seven five one damn sure fine good moose gun." JHC
  2. That would be the often ignored 10th amendment. JHC
  3. You are correct it is not hard to read or understand. Kind of like the Bible. It's just that a lot of people don't like what it says JHC
  4. All those explosions you hear are Democrats heads JHC
  5. I've often wondered if political offices (esp. the legislative branch) shouldn't be like jury duty. Pick some guy or gal at random and they serve one term. Period. If we had some farmers and plumbers and grocery clerks etc etc running things we probably wouldn't be in such of a melluvahess. The college grads aren't doing too very good a job! JHC
  6. My wife takes it. I buy the dollar store generic stuff the chewable. And it's still pretty cheap JHC
  7. I do that too with Dial. Now I'm worried, I'm doing something like Alpo! JHC
  8. Bones has it exactly right. Enteric coating aspirin is basically a gimmick. The way it causes stomach upset involves prostaglandins and a lot of complicated stuff. But they do make this stuff to sale and if it sounds good people that don't know better will buy it.And baby aspirin is cheap!
  9. Are used to take low-dose aspirin and switch to Plavix due to TIA use. I would only take baby aspirin as many of the enteric-coated low-dose aspirins do not work. And I am a pharmacist
  10. This looks like the one we have or close to it. Of course she also had to have a roller cart and another $100 or so of gizmos that weren't included. That's the second one we've had that sucked, so I'm not in a big itch to buy any more. JHC
  11. That could be. She picked it, not me. "Yes dear" is often a viable solution if it's not an enormous amount of $$$ JHC
  12. Same with ours. My wife just HAD to have another one (we had one long ago and gave it away) so she bought one for her Christmas present. Not impressed. Need a degree in computer science to operate it, takes like 20 min. to pre heat, and is a PITA to clean up. Think she decided pretty quick it's more trouble than it's worth. JHC
  13. I like that one. Kinda partial to this one too. JHC
  14. Lightweight. Should have been here Monday a week ago. My truck was showing 111 at 6 PM when I left work parked in the shade. I asked my tech the next day and said his truck said the same. JHC
  15. So sorry amigo. Death is never easy, even when it ends suffering. I can't imagine being there with my wife. I wish I had profound words, but of course there are none. I do like this song. Prayers for comfort in your time of loss. JHC
  16. Year or twa ago I was shopping for components online. Found this one site that had EVERYTHING when other vendors had little or nothing. Even at pre-Biden/pandemic prices. Did a little checking online and it was a scam site. Got burned ordering a freezer online in 2020. If it smells even a little fishy it probably is. We got a partial refund from Amazon on the freezer, but got stung for $100 or more for a "restocking fee". Why the H*ll should you pay a restocking fee for something that was never shipped. Amazon didn't seem to be terribly concerned about it, so beware, you can get burned by Amazon vendors as well. JHC
  17. I feel sorry for the good intelligent conservatives (like SASS pards) in California. It's only about 98% of the population and 99.8% of all the politicians that make the rest of the country think they're all idiots. JHC
  18. So, about 4:30 PM yesterday, I get a call from an old friend in Washington State. He's a civilian that works for the Army. He was in Killeen, Tx (Ft. Hood) about three hours away and wanted to come visit. Last saw him a few years ago when we all cruised to Alaska out of Seattle. But of course. Wife is in Huntsville Tx at a Kairos training. So he buzzes over, gets here about 7PM. We grilled some steak, German sausage, and fresh squash from the garden, washed down with some Corona. This AM he wanted to go to Abilene and see his old houses and our old schools (jr. high and high school). We did all that, did lots of reminiscing, and he headed back to Ft. Hood about an hour ago. T'was a shining time. Must admit I was a bit melancholy when he left. So set 'em up Bottles. We'll lift a glass to old friends and old times. The good and the bad, but especially to the good. Slainte! JHC
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