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  1. that would be “a waist”, but I don’t mind…
  2. DEFINITELY NOT worth the difference in price! All the exact same items can be found under other brand names, usually for a third of the cost!!!
  3. I’ll let him know you’re trying to reach him!!
  4. Congratulations to a great cowboy and a good friend!!
  5. I’ve been out of the industry for several years. I went to work for a major entertainment transportation company the summer of ‘95. Mark Watson, my former employer and current band mate, stayed in adaptive services until a couple of years ago. From what I have heard from him, a few things HAVE improved, but for the most part, auto manufacturers have left adaptations to the aftermarket. One of the biggest roadblocks to mainstreaming handicap adaptive accommodation is that most people with handicaps have greatly varied but very specific needs! There are so many levels of disabilit
  6. In the handicapped adaptive market, we began working with electronic joy sticks and the like nearly thirty years ago!! I was involved in the the construction and refinement of a van that included many features that weren’t even available in the video game market at the time!! It was delivered to a pair of quadriplegic twins and was successfully integrated into their transportation fleet! Today, with electric power steering and electric assisted power brakes, these features are even more readily available for those that need them!! edit: the Edsel was actually a pretty
  7. Proud of this young man!! Hope to see you at Black Gold!!!
  8. Open carry is NOT a fashion statement! It is everyones right to protect themselves!! Open carry is a right that allows those who choose to do so, the right to comfortably or conveniently bear arms!! I don't open carry because it's "cool"!! My sidearm is NOT an accessory!! In 100 degree weather, I can't comfortably wear a coat or jacket and shouldn't be required to! Because of my work, it's unsafe for me to wear loose fitting clothing and it's impossible to hide a sidearm wearing a T-shirt tucked in!! The idea that open carry is a "fashion statement" is absolutely LUD
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