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  1. Perry was involved with the baseball program at then Cumberland College, (now Cumberland University) at Lebanon, Tennessee. My son was deep off into baseball and pitched all the way into high school. He still throws a pretty nasty knuckle ball. I took him down to Cumberland for one of Gaylord Perry’s baseball clinics before he started his first run with a traveling team. That was seventh grade. The man was really good with the younger guys and he showed the pitchers things that they could only learn from guys like him! He was very complementary of Hatfield’s knuckler and encouraged him to work on it. He also laughingly complemented my ability to catch the pitch! He was a good guy and he had a great sense of humor!!!
  2. We’re seeing more and more, people and companies are turning their backs on the rights of their friends and customers in order to gain the favor of those in positions of power or control. The gooberment makes it so we can only ship our guns through certain carriers and we have to use only approved, licensed shippers and then they try to use these rules to spy on the rest of us.
  3. My oldest grandson played soccer when he was in grade school. I often went to watch him play, but I usually wandered off with the younger grandson to climb on the jungle gym and visit concession stand. I understand the game and I STILL find it boring and a waste of space that could be used for gun ranges and baseball fields and such. But, “to each his own” said the lady that kissed the cow.
  4. Probably just a failure on the part of those in charge of continuity.
  5. I really was into the early Fleetwood Mac stuff, before Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nix joined the band. They became more commercial after Hypnotized. Our band covered “Oh Well” a time or two. One of my favorites. Christine was part of that era too. Great performer!
  6. Biggol’ giant pork chop for me tonight!! Over the top baked beans and cheesey potato chunks!!
  7. Schoolmarm made a dish a couple of nights ago with andouille sausage, white meat chicken, some kind of homemade sauce and whole brown rice. It was great! I got an early start this morning with a run to the dump to get rid of some junk I’ve weeded out of the house. When I got back, I was hongry and I drug out the leftovers, broke me up a couple of eggs and some American and Romano cheese, a heavy dose of black pepper, and some onion powder. I fried it all up and dumped it on a plate with some zesty salsa!! Goooood eatin’!!!
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