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  1. I don’t try to be too much of a “gentleman” as much as I try to be polite and diplomatic until it isn’t working. Today, while I was visiting my wife at the hospital, some self important old woman on the staff started in on me about me not wearing a mask while in the room. I remained polite, but told her that she had the bedside manner of a garbage truck! I think she was maybe offended!!
  2. NOPE!! We all know! It’s just that some people won’t admit it and others take advantage of it!!
  3. Might not be the “Country” you’re used to, but in my opinion, some of the best that there is!!
  4. One of the physical therapists made a second trip after lunch a while ago. He had her up and walking back and forth to the door of the room. She had a walker, but was mostly pushing it rather than leaning on it. He was pleased with what she was able to do and gave her a couple of exercises to do. She’s napping now and I will probably head back home after the news on TV goes off. I took a couple of pictures of her walking, but she said she would shoot me if I put ‘em up!!
  5. I got to the hospital this morning and Schoolmarm was again sitting in the chair. The rehab therapists had already been there again and had put her through her paces. I spoke to the rehab director who told me that she would probably be in rehab for a couple of weeks. We’re waiting on a face to face with them now. Her vitals are all good and the pH numbers continue to improve. I just wish her appetite would get better!! She’s brushing her teeth and combing her hair on her own now. Things continue to improve slowly. Thanks again, EVERYBODY!
  6. I showed the pictures that Korupt Karl sent to Schoolmarm!! Damned Good medicine! I think she’d like to grab up the whole bunch of ya’s and hug ya’s ‘til you squeaked!! an aside: Tell Petey the beard looks great!!
  7. I would want one of those original “Black Widows” with the Rochester FI and the six lug wheels and four speed manual transmission. It’s the car that won the Daytona 500 that year with the help of Smokey Yunick!! I’m kinda’ surprised that the Studebaker Daytona Starlight Coupe wasn’t at least mentioned. It set several World Land Speed Records at Bonnieville and was a gorgeous car!!
  8. My sincerest condolences and a prayer for peace and comfort. Please pass this along with our heartfelt sympathy. Blackwater, Shotgun Schoolmarm, and Hatfield.
  9. SOMETHING IS WORKING!! I arrived at the room this morning to find Schoolmarm sitting in a chair! She had already been to an occupational therapy session and a physical therapy session too! Still receiving fluids and her blood sugar fluctuates a lot. Her appetite is still lousy, but everything seems to be moving in the right direction. The texts and phone calls and pictures have really been a spark and the cowboy community is the very best!! YOU FOLKS ROAR!!
  10. I may have put this one up before, but it’s worth a second helping…
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