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  1. As usual, the statistics are nebulous and misleading!!
  2. Actually, I believe that Kalifornia has been tearing down dams for the benefit of the tree huggers and discontinuing the building of more! They don’t properly manage their waterways well and can’t control erosion because those same tree huggers, by hook or by crook, defeat all efforts to fix the problems!! Power companies and other entities are prevented from clearing power line right of ways causing those companies to cut power to prevent fires. The anti-nuke nuts prevent new plants from being built. Then they bitch because they don’t have the electric capability. They place more load on a system that can’t handle the demand and then balk and protest at just the mention of a new dam or new plant, scream and cry when someone proposes a windmill farm in their vicinity, snivel and whine when a new solar farm is considered and then want to know why there are rolling power outages and brownouts all the time!! All this, and they have the nerve to criticize those states that use what they have to the best advantage and manage their resources well!! And they wonder why they constantly have wildfires and drought and mudslides!!
  3. It is especially evident, even within the group who frequent this forum, that there are those among the gun owning citizenry who do not hold the Second Amendment in the same regard that most of us do. Some of them were friends of mine until they chose to cast their vote for someone who seeks to deny us those rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Whether or not they remain my friends is yet to be seen. Whether I will forgive them or not will depend heavily on the events of the near future. I feel betrayed. I’m just short of angry. For now, those people should NOT expect me to back their play or just automatically come to their aid because they have demonstrated that they are unwilling to do the same for me. I am by no means a “single issue” voter! I don’t pull the “party lever” and I DO consider all the issues! It just happens that I oppose government run health care and government controlled insurance. I can’t support anyone who won’t put a tight lid on illegal immigration! I will not stand by while jobs are lost to other countries! I guess some of these people who I once considered to be friends don’t agree with me on any of those issues either!! It is evident that many of these people voted against Trump because they don’t like HIM, not because they strongly disagree with what he has done for the country!! If they truly had the best interest of the nation in mind, they cannot justify voting for Biden and that other thing!! You may do as you see fit! I WILL NOT COMPLY!!
  4. This too must be a California thing. The last time I had a firearm in my possession that was subjected to a trace, they found who the manufacturer, (stamped on the weapon) the original seller, and the original buyer were. There was no record of any theft and no further record of sale, gift, or trade. The gun was returned to me and I was allowed to go on my way. No offense, but it is extremely unlikely that I will EVER go back to California! Even at extreme need, there’s NOTHING there to make me want to return.
  5. Those bits of information are NOT collected in my state!! NO DROS here!! The paper copies of FFL form 4473 are held by the store unless requested for a criminal case or in the event of a store closure. The paperwork of closed stores is held in bulk by BATFE. Supposedly, it remains unread and uncatalogued. It is not transferred to computer or other storage media. It would require a massive amount of physical handling to catalogue and collate that information and the files still in the possession of gun store owners. I know many who own more than a few guns that are not and have never been run through “the system”!!!
  6. With the senator from West Virginia openly stating that he will oppose any further infringement on our Second Amendment rights and the likelihood that other Dems realizing that their remaining in the legislature depends on those pro freedom citizen/voters, it will be harder to get anti-gun owner legislation than most people think. Finish electing those who stand with us! Make it harder still!!
  7. The biggest thing in our favor is that the infrastructure to enforce a gun grab is not there at this time. Just as in those countries where “Buy Backs” and other forms of gun-grabs have been less than successful, there isn’t enough law enforcement to handle such a blanket undertaking. They will make a big production of nabbing and prosecuting a few well known individuals to try to intimidate the rest and hope that we will all fall in line!! In counties like the one I live in, the police have signed onto resolutions stating that they will refuse to enforce confiscation and door to door searches. County and city governments have joined the “2A Sanctuary” movements. While they may go through the motions, most local LEOs are more likely to find ways to circumvent any such orders, at least in this part of the world. I’m old enough and contrary enough to let them take me the hard way. They can feed, clothe, and shelter me at government expense!! By the time they get through with the legal gymnastics and song and dance, I will be so old that I would be a burden to my family anyway!! Being a small pillar of the community and friends with local law enforcement doesn’t hurt! Having them as friends is mutually beneficial to us all! Make friends with those who are important parts of the community and friendly to our positions!!
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