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  1. I use the one SD posted the link to. I usually load up a pair of ‘em and I’m good for the weekend!!
  2. That’s the story I got while I was in the hospital back in June. While the news was shouting that the virus was out of control, people on the front lines were telling me that there were fewer than fifteen Covid patients on on any given day. I was in the hospital for two weeks. I was tested twice and both times were negative.
  3. I’m fairly happy and pretty comfortable in Middle Tennessee! The state is pretty red if you stay out of Nashville and Memphis. Fortunately, the surrounding counties are really red and we have a super majority in both houses of the state legislature as well as a Republican governor. They just announced more pro gun-owner legislation this afternoon!! There’s no state income tax and property taxes are fairly low outside of the major cities. Lots of good jobs are coming in and housing is still reasonable.
  4. We don’t actually lose hair! It just migrates to places that we don’t really need it!!
  5. J. Mark is correct! You will probably find a dent in the case when you get it out. Be sure to lock the slide back!!! Pull a corner of a towel or washcloth through the slide into the top of the mag well.
  6. HELL! I’m still using an iPhone 5!! Fits in the pocket of my T-shirt!!
  7. Yes!! Takes some thought and instruction to do it safely. There’s no forestock and there’s a good reason for that. Shooter should carefully avoid a hand or forearm near the front of the cylinder when firing!!!
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