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  1. I just hope that when all the impeachment crap is over that someone is able to successfully excoriate these self serving, “Hey! Look at ME!” politicians for wasting their time and our money in this USLESS, counterproductive, divisive exercise in wasteful futility!! They should follow the advice given in the title of their major benefactor’s, (George Soros) website, MOVE ON!! And yeah, Sue!! You’re right!!
  2. The ‘65-‘69 Corvair was a slick looking little car! I had a ‘67 hardtop with C4 Corvette wheels/tires and gas shocks. That was the extent of any modifications. I DID add a smooth looking low wing spoiler like you’d see on a gen 4 Trans Am and kept the little feller low to the ground. Wish I had pics! It was really a nice looking car!!
  3. And right there is a PERFECT example of the difference between classroom and the real world!! If you have to drastically alter the parameters to achieve some desired result, you pretty much invalidate the experiment! That same divergence in tire pressures will cause the same results with ANY rear engined vehicle! In competition, Porsche experienced the same results and to a certain extent you see the same thing evidenced in all levels and types of motor racing!! And YES!! You DO see the same results in most other cars if subjected to the same maneuvers under the same exaggerate
  4. Actually, it’s written and was performed by J.J. Cale. He was one of Clapton’s favorite writers/collaborators. Also wrote and recorded Cocaine, After Midnight, and Call Me the Breeze among many others!! I was working as a technician, re-wiring the studio at Bradley’s Barn when that album was recorded. We changed the studio over from 16 track stereo to 64 channel quadraphonic. It was really impressive! The last artist to record on the 16 channel system was Burl Ives and J.J. Cale was the first to use the new system. One of my classmates, Nick Rather, went on to be J.J.’s bass pla
  5. The song is not in the Blues genre, but that is the title and the lyric. This is not that garbage “Carwash” song that was played incessantly on the radio years ago!
  6. Joe Jackson: Got the Time He’s better known for “Is She Really Goin’ Out With Him??”
  7. I don’t normally name stuff, Ol’ Green, my old Dually pickup being one exception, but I’ve thought maybe Cerberus would be appropriate for that Para and perhaps Hades for the 14-45 stainless with the 20 round magazine that co-habitates with it.
  8. Ralph Nader is/was a gadfly!! He made his public bones on an attack on GM and the Corvair, a car which was economical, somewhat unique, it turns out pretty stable, and way ahead of its time!! His attack was based on doing a maneuver that almost any vehicle of the time was not stable in performing and that no sane person would attempt. The other three common rear engine vehicles of that time, the Volkswagen, the entire Porsche line, and the Renault Dauphne were subject to the same possibility, but no mention was EVER made of those. Both the VW and the Porsche retained a version of t
  9. Yep!! He was an idiot before idiots were commonplace!!
  10. Aside from the Para 13-45 that I carry open, most of the time, the rest is for me to know and, hopefully, for others to never find out!
  11. Somebody?? C’mon!! Great song!! Better writer/performer!!
  12. Whippoorwill callin’, Soft summer breeze, Makes me think of my baby, I left down in New Orleans. I was in the studio when this song was recorded, so you KNOW it’s old!!
  13. I recall metal heat shields on my brand new 1975 350 cid Nova. I don’t recall seeing them on my ‘68 Chevelle. Saw them on some late’60s/early 70’s Ford V8s too.
  14. There is a lesson in all of this!! Challenging the level of stupid in truly stupid people is dangerous to them and those around them! As we have seen again and again, there is NO LIMIT to the hight or depth of stupidity. It is much like arguing with idiots or like wrestling with swine in a manure pile. The idiot will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. You and the pig will BOTH wind up covered in $#!+, but the pig will love it!!
  15. This should be EASY!! I seen the bright lights of Memphis, And the Commodore Hotel. And underneath a streetlamp, I met a southern belle.
  16. Tricky!! Second verse! Rainbow: Stone Cold! One of the better songs of that era!
  17. Right, Doc!! Otiginally Bessie Smith in the late 1920’s! A Blues standard. Also Derek and The Dominos from the Layla Project album and many others.
  18. Good job, Joke um!! Once I lived the life of a millionaire, Spent all my money. I just did not care. Takin’ all my friends out for a good time. Buyin’ bootleg whiskey, champagne, and wine....
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