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  1. I’m really not interested in the historical correctness of this gun. I’m sure that even back when these guns were relatively new, someone took an 1860 army grip frame and grafted it to an 1851. I know that the 1851 only came in .36 cal. and that there was never a .44 cal 1851 produced by Colt or any of its licencees. I want the gun described so that I don’t have to deal with another caliber, but I’d like to have the 1851 appearance.
  2. I know that I can find the pieces and make one of these. I’m really wanting to find one that is originally configured that way. Anybody know of such an animal??
  3. If I’d been the cook, I’d have set down the first tray and removed her plate and utensils from the table!
  4. The stunt folks taught her how to throw a hell of a right cross!!
  5. I still think this is one of the very finest renditions of the National Anthem I’ve ever heard. The man believed what he was singing and showed that he meant it! AND HE WAS A ROCKER !!
  6. It may be, but the National Felon’s League has put a damper on any publicity given to it. My understanding is that those who would kneel or otherwise protest are instructed to remain in the locker room until the ceremonies are concluded.
  7. I made about five gallons of vegetable beef soup back in October. I froze three gallons and we went through the other two in about a week and a half. I looked in the freezer this morning and there’s one gallon left! I’ll probably make another batch after Christmas, but it COULD happen sooner!! Having food Ubered or DoorDashed here will more than double the price!! That’s if you can get it done at all!! We’re only about twenty miles outside of Nashville by road. I won’t pay those prices, especially when I get to make it and can make it better AND cheaper!!
  8. Catapult and cannon!! Grape and chain!! If I had to do battle from a square, I think I’d prefer to be in an interior line.
  9. But if you were to lob a grenade… Much akin to the early Iron Age “Turtle”!
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