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  1. Having read numerous articles and reports by the various media outlets and organizations, I have seen little or no mention of these people’s race or any political affiliations, other than mention of their “Sovereign Citizen” claims. That mention has been vague to say the least and ignored in most instances by these professional “journalists”! It should be noted that this is ACTUALLY the way it SHOULD be for ANYONE involved in such circumstances. That they are being spared the immediate criminalization that has been projected on others in similar situations because the
  2. The most glaring absurdity in all of this knee-jerk stupidity is that those responsible for the violence won’t pay the tax and are uninsurable!! These “representatives” are basically taxing the victims!!
  3. What Imis said!! Never leave a card open that someone has had access to!! AND!! Always check your account at least once a day to catch possible fraud and attacks!!
  4. I do my Sam Kennison impression in the car!! Like, “If people are passing you on the right on the freeway, YOU’RE IN THE WRONG DAMNED LANE!!”
  5. It’ll be worth it just to see ol’ Ruff in front of the class!! How much to audit, (refresher) the class?
  6. Duos!! Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy!!
  7. I dunno!! Marcel and the draft board is right up there and the chainsaw is close too!
  8. I took disability at 59. Filed in July and got my first check at Christmas that same year. I had been forced to retire more than two years prior and received back payment from that point. With full disability, you receive the rate you’d get if you went the maximum retirement age. The drawback is that until you DO reach retirement age, you’re limited as to how much additional income you can receive!! The original plan for Social Security was for it to be non-taxable, but congress changed that in the sixties, I believe, and then moved the money from a separate, protected fund
  9. Hey!! Don’t forget Lenny Bruce, Milton Berle, and Jack Benny!! OR!! Jerry Clower, Red Foxx, and Joey Bishop!!
  10. Groucho Marx Jerry Lewis George Carlin Honorable mention: Robin Williams, Don Rickles, Sid Ceasar.
  11. Something that isn't made enough of that makes this shoot special!! Many former, current, and future World Champions shoot this match year after year!! I was on a posse a couple of years ago that had nine former or current World Champions, two or three National Champions, a regional champ, and two State category champions along with one first time shooter!! Before the newbie knew what hit him, he was surrounded by the most helpful, encouraging bunch of shooters he could have dreamed of!! You talk about an accelerated learning curve!! He found out quickly t
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