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  1. This should be the last post from me on this thread. Schoolmarm has almost completely recovered from her episode and is doing well. All of her numbers are about back to normal and most of her doctors have put her on a three month returns and or released her. As for me. I’m walking now and doing most of the things I was doing before the most recent bout with infection and surgery. I’m still waiting on footwear and there’s a tiny place just behind what is now my little toe that has a tear in the skin. The doctor is not concerned about it and says it will go away as soon as we get the new shoes. I went today for lab work to check on the antibiotics, the level of infection in my blood, and for my regular quarterly diabetic numbers. All is good and my new A1c percentage is 5.8! A full percentage point below what it has been in the last fifteen years!! You folks have pulled both of us through a really rough time!! We will forever be in your debt!! Thank you all!!
  2. Buttermilk. Biscuits and pancakes are the only thing I can tolerate buttermilk in. It’s good for a dredge when breading chicken to fry.
  3. I don’t recall if me ‘n’ Petey ever shot on a posse together! Since I haven’t shot but four complete matches in the last six or seven years, I know we haven’t shot together lately. Maybe Cat’ll put us all together!
  4. David Gates, lead singer for Bread and Leon Russell were members of the group of musicians who created the Tulsa Sound. Others who had a hand in the movement were Gus Hardin, Elvin Bishop, Jeff Carson, and JJ Cale. That sound was/is found all across the spectrum of music from Rock to Blues to Country!! Gates’ solo work reflects that sound far more than his work with Bread.
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