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  1. There is SO MUCH I want to say here, but I’m certain to be permanently banned if I say it!!
  2. The answer, in my case, is yes to all of the above. The horses, the cars, the fire, even the soap! Could I survive?? Probably not! I’m diabetic and I have had major spinal surgeries. I’d have made it to age 50 or so and probably would have done well until then. My first major surgery was at age 53 and I might have made it another five or ten years in serious pain, but after that paralysis and loss of some bodily functions would probably have done me in. The diabetes developed at age 57 and likely would have finished me off in due time. The medical developments are what would be missed in the wayback journey for a lot of us “boomers”. For those arriving in later generations, it would be MUCH WORSE for most of them!
  3. I’m sitting here watching TV. There’s an X-Box 360 on the shelf below the big screen. There’s an X-Box series S in one of the bedrooms and two laptops and a desktop scattered around the house. I can muddle through the game systems and the desktop and one laptop are mine. There’s a very modern automotive scanner in my shop and I’m assembling a wifi/bluetooth stereo system out there too. I AM seriously challenged on much of this modern stuff, but I’m NOT completely ignorant of it. My grandson can drive that “three on the tree” and a “granny” four speed too. Soon enough, both of the grandsons will be able to weld and burn. Learning is in their DNA!
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