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  1. I had an IJ .32 for a while. It needed a trigger spring when I got it and it shot okay, I just didn't trust it to work properly and safely. When someone wanted it more than I did, I obliged them. Had an H&R .38 that was a little better gun, but it too was more valuable to another shooter!!
  2. There is no such thing as “gun violence”!! Violence is a descriptive term for unacceptable action that results in damage or injury or both!! Violence isn’t different because of what tool is used!! A gun or a knife or a club or a brick is just a tool!! The violence is committed by the person or persons or whatever animal that seeks to harm!! The term “GUN VIOLENCE” is a manufactured phrase created to vilify a tool! Why doesn’t the media categorize violence committed with a car or a fist as “car violence” or “fist violence”? BECAUSE IT MAKES PEOPLE THINK THAT VIOLENCE AND CRIME PERPETRATED WITH A GUN IS DIFFERENT FROM AND WORSE THAN THAT DONE WITH ANYTHING ELSE!!!
  3. For celebrating the season, Oh Holy Night. For those who commercialize the season, A Christmas Song, by Jethro Tull!! For the kids, Santa Claus is Coming To Town!!
  4. Lost my brother-in-law to colon cancer a couple of years ago. He kept putting the colonoscopy off and his first trip resulted in an immediate trip to the OR!! HE NEVER FULLY RECOVERED!! Don’t put it off!! As to the propofol, who’s counting??
  5. If it was a choice between a spelling bee and drinking Scotch, I’ll go to spelling!! I DO drink spirits once in a while and I don’t care much how ya spell it, just make it taste better than petroleum products!!!
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