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  1. We took the Booby to Black Gold with us! A whole week away from home. Ya’ think maybe she was glad to be home??
  2. 1973 I was driving through town in a torrential downpour one afternoon, when I saw a local police officer that I’d had several run is with, sitting, somewhat hidden, at an intersection controlled by a stop sign. He had harrassed me and several of my buddies at every turn. He was only a year or two older than I was and was basically a bully. I drove down the street, turned around, and eased through the intersection again, this time doing a rolling stop. My buddy, sitting in the passenger seat, is throwing a fit! The cop pulls us over. My buddy sits there giving me a look
  3. Never entertained the thought of quitting!! I HAVE once or twice entertained the idea of cleaning someone’s clock for being rude or for mistreating someone, but I discovered long ago that I don’t like jail!! That has honestly kept my temper in check. I’m no stranger to taking a whooping, but it has never kept me from expressing my opinion in less than acceptable ways. SO!! When a lady friend of ours was verbally abused after having a less than stellar stage, years ago, it took a great deal of restraint to keep me from bending a gun barrel over a rude TO’s noggin!! After some s
  4. Schoolmarm and I were stopped at a roadblock duting the Labor Day holiday, years ago. We had the obligatory cooler in the floorboard between us in the front seat of the truck. Aside from a long weekend’s worth of luggage in the back floor, there were holster rigs hanging from the headrests of both front seats with our main match pistols in the holsters. There were seven long gun cases on the back seat, a large insulated ammo case, a case of shotgun shells, and our hanging cowboy clothes on a hanger rod. I had cowboy hats hanging from the gun rack in the back window along with a couple of the d
  5. I’ve said it repeatedly in several different ways, so I will try another one! The entire Cuomo family are mentally deficient and anyone who follows or supports them is WORSE!!!
  6. There are ANY NUMBER OF TIMES that I and my traveling companions should have been jailed, going by those parameters!! I’ve checked into hundreds of hotels over the years with twice that number of rounds of ammunition, (traveling to several matches without returning home, I carry sufficient ammunition to shoot all the matches on my itinerary. I DON’T leave it in the truck/car!!!) and sometimes as many as six long guns of my own, as well as three sets of match pistols as well as my regular sidearm and loaded magazines for it!! And that’s not counting what my cohorts bring to the same ma
  7. The truth is that there IS a correlation between the accelerated rate of gun purchases and the escalation of violence, (violence involving the use of a gun and use of any other weapon rates NO differentiation!! Violence is violence!!!). People are buying guns to prevent escalating violence from spilling over into THEIR lives!!
  8. When Hatfield was about 16, (he’s 41 now) I owned an ‘80 Malibu wagon that was mildly modified. The lights were one of the things I’d improved to go with the handling, tires, wheels, and drive train!! He and I were returning from my folks home in Kentucky, just at dusk, along a route that included dark, twisty road through the country. The small herd of deer weren’t really a surprise, crossing the road in a low flat valley between two hills with blind tree lined turns. What WAS surprising was the hind hooves of the buck with the sizable rack bouncing off the windshie
  9. I scored six days of fun, several new acquaintances, a new Dillon reloading press, got rid of my hat making/shaping equipment, and got to entertain the whole bunch of folks through a really heavy storm!! (It was a good night, rain or no rain!!!) Col. Tuscarorra will provide the hat service next year as part of the deal for all the gear!! I’ve had a great time doing it, but it’s time for someone else to take over!! Thank you all for your patronage and your support!! I’m planning to shoot with ya’s next year!! Made next year’s reservation when I left on Sunday!!
  10. Back on topic!! I’m checking with a new rider I know to see if they’ve changed the curriculum lately. I’d like to know if they teach counter steer now.
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