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  1. Sitting around waiting for my most recent surgery to heal up, I’ve gotten really bored!! A couple of weeks ago, I sorted, counted, and boxed up all the stuff to make up 1,500 rounds of fresh ammo, 1,000 of .45 Colt and 500 .45 acp. It was part of straightening up the “gun room”, a project I’ve been putting off for a WHILE! When I went to shelve the new reloads, the shelf broke loose from the back of the section. I built these shelf sections over fifteen years ago and hadn’t really planned on having this much ammunition assembled at one time, but the plague and my own health issues changed that. As a consequence, I had to completely unload the shelves and make the necessary repairs and reinforcements to handle the additional weight. I was already committed to strengthening up the room, but now I am faced with a nearly complete and total reorganization of the room and contents!! At least, so far, I haven’t managed to accumulate any new injuries!! Hope that toe heals quickly there, 1/8 Mile!!
  2. Nearly a quarter million background checks in one day! An estimated one million gun purchases every month for the last four years!! If only a third of those are first time purchases, that means that sixteen million new gun owners joined our ranks in just the last four years!! I wonder if that many people joined Everytown??
  3. Another historic business that has been in New York for nearly two centuries has finally arrived at the conclusion that they are no longer welcome there and is moving to a place where they are welcome and wanted! I really feel sorry for their employees and their families. I also hope that those people and those in other businesses in that community that have been negatively affected by this sad situation will remember who it was that caused the move when election time rolls around again!!
  4. Me ‘n’ ol Widder must be chewin’ the same peyote buttons, ‘cause I ‘member meetin’ thet Red Knee feller a while back at Wartrace! I’s a nursin’ this durned bad foot an’ couldn’t shoot, but I was minding Matt Hamilton’s dry goods store and I seen Widder ‘n’ this other feller carryin’ on and got interduced to who I was tolt were Red Knee! Seemed like a right proper feller, but I couldn’t figger out why he’d let hisowndangself be seen in the company of a ol’ reprobate like Widder!! Reckon if this Red Knee cowpoke is a figgermint of Widder’s imaginatin’, I must be havin’ the same highloosinatin’s!!
  5. Dip style carburetor cleaner will remove asphalt and other petroleum based products pretty quickly and entirely. Just make sure there are no rubber or plastic products present. Make sure you don’t get any on your skin! It’s extremely caustic and it’ll take the hide right off! It’s hell on shellac and varnish, so it’s best to remove any wood as well!
  6. I go to a bar and it’s “Hey! Milkbone!!” I go to a cowboy match and it’s, “Howdy, Blackwater!” I see some 40 to 50 year old guy here around home and it’s, “Highya, Coach!” BUT!! Nearly anywhere we go in the area, there’s some guy or gal who sees Schoolmarm and, “She was my third/fourth grade/GED teacher!” or “That’s that teacher that rides the Harley!” EDIT: And when I go to SASS matches anywhere in the Southeast Region there’s half the folks there are looking past me, over one shoulder or the other, and asking, “Didja’ bring Schoolmarm??”
  7. My original pair of Remington revolver replicas were reblued a number of years ago by a really good gunsmith. I asked for something unique and he came up with that same “purplish” color. I love it!! Those two are just about ready for another freshening up and I want to have them redone in that same finish. I asked if he could do it again and he reassured me that he could.
  8. Schoolmarm was just that for a total of 33 years! In her first job, we lived in a town that, at the time, was thought to be the richest per capita city in North America. You’d be amazed at the number of children who NEVER had a new pair of shoes or a new shirt or skirt! We often gave new clothing or shoes to kids who had little. The last school she taught in was in a depressed neighborhood. She was constantly giving students stuff that they wouldn’t get otherwise! In the last few years that she taught, that school simply put every child in the student body on the free lunch program because it was cheaper to just feed ‘em all than to try to keep up with who should or shouldn’t receive the support!
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