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  1. I tell folks that I drink Coca Cola! I have ordered a”Coke” in restaurants and when asked if “Pepsi is all right,” I answer “Absolutely NOT!” My usual reply includes, “If I wanted something flat and too sweet, I wouldn’t have married my wife!!”
  2. That album had some great stuff on it!! If I'm intrigued, I'll look one up or if one hangs around a long time!! I've been in and out of the music industry on several different angles and remember a lot of stuff!! Looking some of 'em up ain't cheating!! I'm better with Rock and Blues, but we've had some real stumpers here!
  3. While we're waitin' on those two, let me throw y'all a softball!! When I die don't cry for me, Don't bury me at all! Lay my lovin' last bones to rest, In a jar of alcohol! Hundred proof alcohol!!
  4. You KNOW that was a "put up" deal!!!
  5. Baby! It's You!! The version produced by the band , Smith, comes to mind immediately!!
  6. I’d heard the original years ago!! I DID have to look it up for the artist, so it gave me the original again!
  7. Louis Jordan and the Timpany Five: Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? That’s definitely an obscure number!! I DID look it up!! Probably would cause a racial uproar if it was released today!!!
  8. I’ve been somewhat sidelined. My home confuser is in the shop for a tuneup and front end alignment!! You really should look this one up! You’re in for a good laugh and it IS a great group!! When I get the MAC back, I’ll scroll back and see what I missed....
  9. Been two or three days! Rolling Stones: Waitin’ on a Friend Here’s one!! Pretty obscure too! There was a time, early in life, When he gambled the game and he carried the knife, And he was winnin’ that very night. He cussed the devil, yes he cussed him good, And he swore he’d whip him, yes he swore he could, And he dared him to come to him if he would.
  10. “I’ll be damned!” (looks at his feet) “This is funny!”
  11. Considering the price of ammunition, this looks like a prudent use of a firearm!! You can bet your sweet bippy that the anti-gunowner crowd will count this among the “gun-violence” deaths!!
  12. Just because mainstream media, which is proven repeatedly to be biased against freedom and toward liberal violence, dismisses factual evidence and refuses to acknowledge ANY evidence or statement contrary to their own agenda and the agenda of the party that they worship doesn’t mean those facts aren’t valid and true! Too many times recently, evidence and questions have been summarily dismissed by your beloved media at the behest or direction of the party or persons belonging to that party that they worship and genuflect to!! Just what flavor IS that Koolaid???
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