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    RO II, NRA RSO, DAV Life Member, Service Connected Disabled Navy Veteran, DU Life Member, The Cowboys, Double R Bar Regulators, The Cajon Cowboys

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    The Old West
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    God, Country, Family, CAS, Hunting, Target Shooting, Collecting Old Firearms, Antique Spurs, Old West and Native American Americana. Owner of Ricochet Roy's Old West Custom Leather Shop.

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Howdy Pards,

My name is Ricochet Roy. I've lived in Southern California most all of my 71 years. I'm a Vietnam era service connected disabled Vet (Navy Aviation). My wife and I just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. We raised 2 children, and now have 3 grand children. I am now a semi-retired General Building Contractor. Ivory Jack McCloud introduced SASS & CAS to my big brother (Jonny T) and myself back in June of 2006. Turning 71 in September 2021 I now shoot Elder Statesman Frontier Cartridge. I prefer to shoot .44-40 Colt CAS firearms. My brother and I load most all of our own ammo on our Dillon XL 650 loaders. To supplement my retirement I professionally repair, restore, & refinish the various CAS firearm wooden stocks/grips. As well, I personally have developed and make 60 different models of my baseball stitched Lever Wraps as well as 124 different Stock Cover templates, I can now provide a nice custom fit for just about every lever action rifle/shotgun out there, including the large loop levers, and I install for free. As a hobby, I collect American antique spurs from the old west, old Winchester rifles, new and old Colt SAA revolvers, Old Model Vaqueros and whatever else happens to catch my eye.


9/6/21: Ricochet Roy's Old West is the proud sponsor of the Ricochet Roy's Old West Spirit Of The Game Award.  We recently presented this Esteemed Award to our 35th recipient Gunhilda.


In 1993 my 14 year old daughter (Candace) was diagnosed with a 10 pound malignant tumor on one of her kidneys, at that time she only weighed 99 pounds. The tumor was removed as well as one kidney. She went through extensive radiation and chemo to the brink of life. When the chemo stopped we were told that she could never have children. Today she remains healthy and in remission and I have a very healthy grandson by the name of Cowboy Cole, SASS 73531. All praise and glory be to our Savior Christ Jesus, miracles do happen!


Happy Trails,



9/6/2021:  Please check out my website at www.rroldwest.com for all your CAS leather gear.

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