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  1. Matt, 

    do these Star 9mm come with the original box?

    what kind of sights?



    1. Chinaman,SASS32908


      What happened to the double rig you had on here a few day ago?

    2. Barleycorn Outfitters
  2. Rube, I have a brand new, unfired Taylor's Model 1866 SRC, in 38spec, that has a short stroke, action job and the barrel band has been replaced with a band barrel front sight. The rear sight has also been replaced with a Marbles Full Buckhorn sight.

    If you'd be interested in a trade, straight up for the Marlin, let me know.


    Thanks and God Bless


  3. Do you need a 38 spec rifle?

    I have a new unfired '66 Carbine, 38spec, 19" round barrel with a 5th gen Pioneer Gun Works short stroke kit in it and I'm looking for some 45LC revolvers...........

    1. Knucky McPolack

      Knucky McPolack

      Tempting but not right now.  I want to sell these so I can get a set in 38.  Thanks

  4. Good Morning. I have a new unfired Mdl '66 Yellowboy, 38spec Carbine, 19" round barrel with a 5th Gen Pioneer Gunworks short stroke that I'd be willing to trade for your Marlin and Stoeger.if you still have them and are interested in a trade.




  5. how do I unsave text in a classified post?

  6. The Smoke wagons are the "deluxe model" which are tuned when you buy them. These were tuned by Cody Conegher.

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