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  1. I sent you a PM on #2. If acceptable, I'll take it, as per my PM. Frio
  2. I have a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited, in 45 Colt, with a 24' full octagon barrel, sitting in my gun safe. It's a great shooter and should be at the range.... JM Stamped Barrel Action job by Mid Maryland Guns Buffalo hide butt cover and lever wrap. Smooth action, Clean and in excellent condition. Pics below. ( The revolvers in the bottom pic are not for sale) Price is $950.00 shipped to your FFL. If your FFL needs it to come from an FFL, it will be $35.00 more. God Bless and Have a great day! Frio
  3. Matt, 

    do these Star 9mm come with the original box?

    what kind of sights?



    1. Chinaman,SASS32908


      What happened to the double rig you had on here a few day ago?

    2. Barleycorn Outfitters
  4. Rube, I have a brand new, unfired Taylor's Model 1866 SRC, in 38spec, that has a short stroke, action job and the barrel band has been replaced with a band barrel front sight. The rear sight has also been replaced with a Marbles Full Buckhorn sight.

    If you'd be interested in a trade, straight up for the Marlin, let me know.


    Thanks and God Bless


  5. Do you need a 38 spec rifle?

    I have a new unfired '66 Carbine, 38spec, 19" round barrel with a 5th gen Pioneer Gun Works short stroke kit in it and I'm looking for some 45LC revolvers...........

    1. Captain Black Hand

      Captain Black Hand

      Tempting but not right now.  I want to sell these so I can get a set in 38.  Thanks

  6. Good Morning. I have a new unfired Mdl '66 Yellowboy, 38spec Carbine, 19" round barrel with a 5th Gen Pioneer Gunworks short stroke that I'd be willing to trade for your Marlin and Stoeger.if you still have them and are interested in a trade.




  7. how do I unsave text in a classified post?

  8. The Smoke wagons are the "deluxe model" which are tuned when you buy them. These were tuned by Cody Conegher.

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