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  1. Something confuses me. Ruger stated that one of the reasons they wanted to purchase Marlin was because of the historical 'stuff' that Marlin was famous for. But eh, Ruger has also made some classic and historical firearms but refuses to make them again. I just don't understand their reasoning on all this. Why don't they make the .256 'Hawkeye' again? How about the Blackhawk in .30 carbine? And how about the .44 semi-auto carbine from years back. ..........Widder
  2. Worst, The description you give is what happens when the bottom floor plate screw and the short screw on the left side of the receiver are switched.........EXCEPT you state that the rifle did cycle the 1st round. If you cycled the 1st round, then put in the wrong screw on the left side of the receiver, the rifle would do exactly as you described. Regardless, when you reassemble that rifle, note that 2 of the screws resemble each other..... BUT, the longer of those 2 screws should go in the bottom of the floor plate and the shorter screw goes on the left
  3. You may be kin to TN Williams..... ..........Widder
  4. True story about TN Williams: A few years back (and about 200+ Nanner Splits ago), TN was reloading for an upcoming match when he spilt a 100 round pack of primers on the floor. No big deal as he would just kneel down and pick them all up, counting to make sure he got them all. Well, when he knelt down, his knee cap got a 'bulls eye' center hit by one of those primers. By the way, they were Small Pistol non-magnum primers. The 'pop' blew a hole in his bluejeans and scared his knee cap quiet nicely. To this day, it still looks like a 'sun bur
  5. Eyesa, Ole TN can't see far enough to notice things 'down range'. ..........Widder
  6. I told everyone that he's the biggest liar in TN. He's been saving this Tall Tale for a couple years now. ..........Widder
  7. I've had a couple. I forgot to send the Mods a Christmas card..... ..........Widder
  8. Worst: If the action wouldn't open, its not the typical 'Marlin Jam'. The Marlin Jam occurs when the action is open (lever fully down) and the jam prevents the action from closing..... or I should say, it prevents the lever from closing the action. ..........Widder
  9. I agree JJ. I also think Warden has a good idea to try before going any further. ..........Widder
  10. I hate it too when I have to bend over a little to see my feet..... ..........Widder
  11. Interesting. What is you OAL of those Leverevolution rounds? In the Marlin 1894, longer rounds feed better with slower timing on the carrier ramp. When the ammo has a shorter OAL, faster timing is more appropriate. Slower timing allows the longer rounds to clear the portal before the carrier blocks part of the portal. Faster timing allows shorter rounds to clear the portal before the carrier blocks part of the portal a little quicker. If you want your rifle to feed a wide variety of OAL ammo and bullet styles, build a 'Timing Curve' into the
  12. RYE, I was thinking that it might have a pinch of garlic in it also..... ? I could tell by the picture that it looked like the bread part had some cheese and tomato stuff. Looked pretty good to me. Heck, you can put real Italian Sausage on a buttered biscuit and it would be good. ..........Widder
  13. Contact Gunner Gatlin on this forum. He embeds a piece of carbide steel in the carrier ramp at the correct angle and you should NEVER experience wear on the carrier ramp again. ..........Widder
  14. It made me feel better..... and I wasn't even at the match. ..........Widder
  15. Its seems like every video on YouTube about someones favorite semi-auto pistol makes a big deal out of the 'reset'. Better known as 'trigger reset'. Yet I don't know a single person who can 'accurately' shoot one fast enough to take advantage of a short 'reset'. Heck, I don't even know anyone who can even 'Inaccurately' shoot one fast enough to take advantage of a short 'reset'. Any of you ever pay much attention to your 'reset' when shooting your semi-auto pistols? What's the big deal with having a short 'reset'? ..........Widder
  16. Next time your shadow throws a round house, you better duck..... ..........Widder
  17. JEB, I immediately replied to your PM a couple days ago but haven't heard back from you. Hope you are doing well. ..........Widder
  18. I've personally used them with good results to shoot wax bullets and also just using the 209 primer to dispatch a few waspers. ..........Widder
  19. Not real sure. When I was given that brass, along with a box of 209 primers and wax bullets, I ask about the special brass and 209 primers and was told that some mounted shooters used them. That's all I know. ..........Widder
  20. True story and real picture. Notice the TWO spoons. They really served him his nanner pudding with TWO spoons. And this was AFTER his big meal. I never seen nobody eat like he does. ..........Widder
  21. MOUNTED shooters also used the .45 Colt/209 primer setup for busting balloons. ..........Widder
  22. Taking $200 out of the pocket of an honest citizen should really curb the crime rates..... NOT! ..........Widder
  23. Marshal, that is a great question. Yes, mostly for personal protection and hitting the target at 50' and less. ..........Widder
  24. Charlie, if you ever want to learn to shoot faster than you thought you could, that's where 'Wasp Practice' comes in handy... I would go after a Wasp nest, but I wouldn't go after a Hornets nest with anything short of a open choked SG. ..........Widder
  25. This public service announcement has been provided free, compliments of the Dynamic Duo. ..........Widder
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