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  1. Looks like battery powered little cars is exactly what they're describing.
  2. There was a family here, dad, mom, and two boys, who used 9.0 Red Dot for many years - you could actually see the shot ball going downrange. Maybe he finally got a wad stuck, because he eventually bumped it up to 10.0 grains. I've settled on 12.0 grains Red Dot with 7/8 oz shot and a Windjammer wad. If the crimp collapses in due to the shot column not being high enough, I use a piece of plastic packing peanut on top. 10.5 grains of Unique? That's not a typo?
  3. My daughter shot .22's her first year, then moved up to .38 Model P Jr's combined with her Henry .22 the next spring. She was kind of intimidated by how much larger those .38's were than the .22's . To ease her into it, I loaded her pistol ammo with a .360" 70 grain round ball from a Lee mold seated flush+ in the case for the first couple of matches. I doubt it met power factor, but the club allowed it, and the mixed centerfire pistol/.22 rifle combo, and after a couple matches, when she was comfortable with those huge .38 cases , I went to 105's and 125's so they'd meet PF and and she could use a centerfire rifle too. To meet PF with a 70 grain bullet, velocity would have to be about 860 fps. I used up some left over 90 grain .380 bullets in .38 pistol loads once - I suppose they could be roll crimped into the lead enough to work in a rifle without collapsing, or maybe use a Lee FCD - velocity has to be around 670 fps to meet PF. A little undersized at .355", but it didn't present a problem shooting barn doors at the length of a parking spot.
  4. Unless you specify the first two must be centerfires, the .22 rimfire is both a rifle and pistol caliber, so one rifle would suffice for the six rifle shots. Assuming things like the Remington XP100 or Contender pistols are out, I've got a couple Savage 101's that would work just dandy for the single shot pistol part. Anybody have a Ruger Hawkeye .256 Winmag?
  5. Plug to access the mainspring - all the LCP models have it.
  6. Because of confusing marketing information about magazines??
  7. I bought a Ruger LCP Max not too long back, and a couple of 12 round magazines. The pistol comes with a "flush fit" 10 rounder, and the 12 rounders have a +2 extension on them. The description states they are shipped with flush fit base plates, and the packaging also says they are shipped with flush fit base plates, which I thought was kind of weird, because why? When they showed up, both 12 rounders had the +2 extensions installed, and no flush fit base plate in the packaging. So, I got ahold of Ruger customer service and the gal said, "Yes, the 12 rounders are shipped with a flush fit base plate". I said, "Yes, that's what the description says, but these both were shipped with +2 extensions on them and no flush fit base plates". "That's correct", she says. I said, "I don't think you understand what I'm saying, these are extended +2 base plates, not flush fit". So I sent a picture, and she said, "Yes, those are the flush fit 12 round base plates"...? Maybe I don't know what a flush fit magazine is, but I'd say the top one is a flush fit mag and the bottom one is an extended mag...?
  8. The only advice I can give you is an ejector is legal with a single shot. Nothing like a 36" H&R 176 10g chock full o' black.
  9. I have at least two rifles I bought at closeout prices w/employee discount fourteen years ago when I worked at Sportsman's Warehouse that have never been fired, a Stevens 200 .25-06 and a T/C Icon .308 w/three piece laminated stock. This Gyrojet shows no sign of ever being shot, and with ammo commonly at $300 ea, I probably never will. The COP doesn't appear to have ever been fired, and I really don't have an excuse - they're a little uncommon, and kind of pricy anymore, but not so much so that a person would stash it away as a collector's item or investment. There may be more, but these four are what came immediately to mind as being unfired. My collection has gotten really out of hand over the years, and now I often pick one or two out on a whim and put them on here or Gunbroker. I'll be in my 69th year in February, and this stuff really has to go so my kids don't have to deal with it.
  10. Ya, I read that, but it's the only thing the clerk could have been thinking about that makes any sense.
  11. Maybe - https://about.usps.com/forms/ps1508.pdf
  12. Tisas 1911A1, $299/$18 shipping. https://palmettostatearmory.com/sds-imports-45-acp-semi-automatic-pistol-blk-1911a1.html I'd be buying one myself, but I just sprung for an LCP Max .380 from their Daily Deal page two days ago. (edit) Ruger Wranglers for $149 https://palmettostatearmory.com/ruger-wrangler-22-lr-revolver-silver-2003.html
  13. A lot of family farms & ranches have changed hands many times here, but the long time residents still call them, "The Meihle place", "The Deitrich place", "The Dahlhousen place", and so on, after the name of the original homesteader, even though those folks have been dead or gone for a hundred years, as well as many of the buildings. Nothing but bare empty fields, but... "Go about two miles past the Kaiser place and take that dirt road that crosses the Pole Line place" - so called because there used to be a telephone line & poles crossing through the fields there sixty or seventy years ago. The IGA grocery store in town changed to Heritage Food Store at least 30 years ago, but the old timers still call it the IGA. There was a small bar & restaurant at an intersection of two gravel roads about four miles from me built in the early 50's by a man named Smith, so it came to be known as "Smith's corner", and still is by a lot of folks, but the place was torn down 40 years ago. There's a T intersection of two highways three miles from me that used to have a flashing light hanging over it - flashing red one direction, and flashing yellow the other. The light is gone and the intersection has been streamlined with a big curve and a merge lane, but folks still say to "turn at the flashing light east of town". A hundred others, if I wanted to keep going...
  14. Scarlett has it on her site... pricey... https://bulletsbyscarlett.live-website.com/shop/Ryder-Shotshell-Sizer-p582678770
  15. COAL for the .454 is 1.765" and 1.600" for the .45 Colt, a difference of 0.165". Nine times 0.165" = 1.485", less than 1/8" shy of another .45 Colt cartridge, so yeah, it should hold ten just fine... but will it cycle OK...
  16. Nope, not from the factory anyway. Deuce Stevens went to 7 1/2" .357 Vaqueros about 7 years back, but the barrels were installed aftermarket.
  17. ?? Regardless of what a manufacturer decides to print, HP will always be higher than BHP. More HP cannot be developed as it is transmitted through the drivetrain.
  18. Ya, bad wording. I don't know how HP can be measured before the crankshaft, but the gist is the engine develops slightly more HP than Stihl's BHP spec.
  19. Rated at 6.7 BHP, so engine shaft HP should be a bit more yet.
  20. Short throat maybe? I have a Uberti 1873 .38-40 that the rifling would contact almost any bullet style before the action was fully closed. I finally bought a mold from Accurate Molds matching the shape the OP is looking for, and cast 'em myself now.
  21. Probably lots of them - this was the first one to come up. https://missouribullet.com/results.php?category=20&secondary=12
  22. This is my last one, I'm done. I started it a couple times this year, but didn't ride it anywhere.
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