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  1. They made those on an episode of Forged in Fire.
  2. The same gun control bills are recycled year after year after year, and they gain a few yards every down. They're playing the long game, and will inevitably reach the goal line sooner or later.
  3. If you're still looking, I can maybe spare some.
  4. Population density... Montana has only 7, maybe 8, towns with populations over 10,000, and just barely one million people state wide. California is only about 10% larger in area, but has 40 million people.
  5. The game has been declining for ten years. Back around the turn of the century, monthlies around here drew 30-40 shooters. Six or so is about normal anymore, and ten is a great turnout. C19 is partially to blame, lack of components is partly to blame, overall expense of attending a shoot is partly to blame, some clubs cutting back on shoots, stages, or ammo count because of component/ammo shortages is partly to blame, and people just losing interest is partly to blame.
  6. I've got two MEC 600's, a .410 and a 28 ga, then Lee Load Alls in 20, 16, and four 12's. Ten gauge is a whole 'nuther post. I modified one of the 12's to load 2 1/2" shells w/star crimps. Two things about the Lee - skip the primer feed accessory, and second, the crimp starter doesn't self-index, so get a flashlight and look up inside the die to determine where the valley of the crimp is and make a mark or or notation on the base to orient the crimp. Both the 600 Jr's and the Lee are single stage, and both will load 4 boxes an hour if everything goes right. The Lee comes with a full set of powder bushings & shot bushings (7/8 - 1 7/8), so there's nothing else to buy. If you want even lighter shot charges, it's a simple matter to sleeve a bushing to get 1/2 or 3/4 oz. I've loaded many thousands of 12g on the Lee's and never had a problem with function (other than the goofy primer feed) or breakage. Unless you're loading hundreds of rounds a month for Trap/Clays/Skeet, the Lee is just fine.
  7. I worked at a lead smelter for 23 years. Toward the end (the place shut down in 2001) I was on in-plant medical removal for at least 4 months out of the year. Some people are much more susceptible to lead poisoning than others. We had an electrician who would go into buildings where you couldn't see the far wall, take his respirator off because it was in the way, and his blood level was seldom more than 12. In the same conditions, I would wear a full hooded, disposable Tyvek suit over my coveralls, booties, and a PAPR, and it did no good at all - I forget what medical removal was at the time, but 45 or 48 kind of sticks in my mind, and I'd be back to mopping floors, mowing lawns, and weeding the managers garden. Just for "busy work", they'd sometimes have us high lead guys go to the salaried housing area and hand pick deer turds off the lawns. During my blood work last fall at the VA, I requested a blood lead test, and it came back 31 μg/dL - pretty dang high by today's standards. I cast outside, with the prevailing breeze at my back, and often wear a respirator, but I still soak up lead particulates like a sponge.
  8. H&R, $100 if it's tight and locks up "in time". The bolt stop on a lot of these older top breaks doesn't lock into a notch in the cylinder, but rather the pawl pushes the cylinder up against bolt stop and holds it in place against the open ended notch. They're usually somewhat loose, even new, and tend to wear relatively rapidly.
  9. Hardware store, hobby store, craft store. Pre-drill, yes. Cut copper tacks in a simple pattern on an old 235 shotgun stock, and a stylized arrow on a 10 gauge coach gun.
  10. I've seen several ads on the Wire over the years going something like this: New shooter needs guns! Looking for slicked up 1873, smithed SKB, and pair of race-ready Vaqueros! Must be cheap! ("affordable", "reasonable", whatever). How many sellers with a $4500 set of guns are going to sell them for $1600 because of an ad like this?
  11. That way, you can tap the pin up and out from the right side, and not chance marring the finish.
  12. It's at an angle - the other end is under the loading gate.
  13. I also use the Lee 429-200-RF, kind of. I pulled the pins, removed the sprue plate, chucked it in the ol' Jet lathe, and turned the bottom grease groove off so it casts a 165 grain bullet. I normally get the 165 grainer from Badman, but when it's not available, I can cast them.
  14. Actually, I try to make a set of three - gotta have an identical backup, doncha know. Not a New Model Vaquero - that's what I traded for. My three are pre-2005 Vaqueros.
  15. I believe we have struck a deal - looks like I'll have a .45 Vaquero without a mate... might have to put it up for sale.
  16. I might be interested - I have three original model large frame .45's that I never shoot. Factory springs. Even though I'm like 6'4" and north of 300 pounds, I prefer the New Vaquero frame. What's your deal?
  17. I made the top one from an old wagon spring and fit it with elk horn grips from a shed I found off south of the house. Some folks have told me the little Ruana is too small to count - is there a minimum blade length for a Classic Cowboy knife? The bottom one is just something that caught my eye on eBay.
  18. Ya, the first one to PM me about it Thursday snapped it right up yesterday - they're getting pretty scarce.
  19. I started with 24"ers, but the more I played the game, the more I found I preferred the shorter barrels. I even cut my original two 1873 .44-40's back about 3 1/2" or so - can't go any shorter without losing the rotary dovetail for the mag tube.
  20. I mentioned using a .45-70 BFR here awhile back, and it didn't go over well. I used real light loads, and either round balls or unsized "as cast" 250-260 grain .45 Colt bullets... I don't remember which. My .50 AE/.500 WE Freedom Arms and custom Bisley Ruger .475 Linebaugh are over .45 cal, so definitely not legal.
  21. I finally stitched up a basic sheath for it yesterday. I was going to do a simple stamp pattern or 3 feet carved into it or somesuch, but I cut the leather backerds, so it became a plain roughout instead.
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