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  1. J.B., Thanks for all the info on the 45-60 & 45 Rem c.f.. I got bullets and components source for the 45Rem & have 100 brass for the 45-60 coming. Got Lee dies off E-Bay. I am looking for loads for the 45-60 which would be safe in the Uberti '76. I wish I could afford an original, but I only shoot originals in "pistol" calibers and the Ubers have 21st century steel. If it is as pleasant to shoot as I am told, I will be shooting it a lot. Someone, maybe you, mentioned a Trail Boss load for it. I have many different powders, but little info. Cartridges of the world only gives a 4198 load of 25gr. Don't have that powder. I need a bulky clean powder load I can shoot till I go heels up. I've been given a ton of BP over the years but am charcoal scared. In CAS, my main interest, I have used Clays for decades in pistol, rifle & shotgun exclusively and have used Trail Boss for about a year in my favorite, the 38-40s. Seems to do well; my "Cheerio" loads. Any help appreciated on the 45-60. I can work up Clays or T.B. in the Remington when I stock up on brass, lead and get the right dies made, but the 1876 is my first large cartridge linkage rifle and I would rather trust the old hands on this one.  I DO remember how to measure the volumes of the 45-70 & 45-60 and extrapolate the loads. It will go in my load book 45-60 page. My many thanks for the help. Doc

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