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  1. Saw your buff painting,wonderful!Do you do 8x10s and or sell them?One of my good friends was Ivan Jess Curtis,a great western painter,i love paintings.


  2. Might be a few days but if ok by you ok by me,i'll let ya know if it doesn't get here real quick and you can repost them..

  3. Hey Slow,did ya get the gold?

  4. And Robert Mitchum was the narrator :)

  5. Marshall Troop,that is a way cool man cave.Did ya draw up any plans.

    curly54@sbcglobal.net i'd buy a set of plans..

  6. Ask your doc about future reprecutions from epiderals,been there done that need a new hip now,it's like pouring acid on your bones.I hate to see someone else go through it.

  7. R.Son

    1516 e. La vida ct.


  8. how about 25.00 for the black size 8 boots,Tony Lamas is all about i can wear,i need a pair of black to go with my black hat.



  9. How's that harmonica sound?


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