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  1. Shipped them out to you yesterday. Thanks!
  2. They are boxer primed. I have had several of them in the past. Maybe 20 years old or so.
  3. Sent PM with address and info.
  4. Could you let me know what barrel length, chokes? Looks to be extractors only? A friend is looking for one as a bird gun. Thanks!
  5. Hey Pards, Sold my last RB and I find myself with some old Remington Rolling Block firing pins. They are gitting pretty hard to find and I saw several for $29 each and it was only one style. There are several styles to chose from as you can see from the photo .Numbers. 1, 2, 3 and 6 still available. These are I believe the harder to find ones. If you are interested in them. $50 takes them all shipped otherwise. $20 each shipped # 4,5, and 7 are sold.
  6. Can't remember, I'll say try it at 25 yards for a zero. Too many guns I guess, just,can't remember? If you get a chance take out the firing pin and send me photo. I have several that I'm going to sell on the wire. If one matches I'll send it to you. They are hard to find now and the pins have,a habit of breaking.
  7. Hey Pards,Sold Pending Funds I need to thin the herd a little more, the buff herds are also thinned out too, so I reckon I'll part with my favorite Buffalo gun. it's a real Remington Rolling Block that has a Numrich Arms creedmore style barrel. The half round half octagon bar is 28 inches long,1.125 across the flats 12 inches long and the round is tapered from a little over 1 inch to .830 at the muzzle. The bore is like new only shot with lead cast bullets and light loads. Weight is a tad over 9 pounds. Has Lyman rear peep. Good shooter I just don't shoot that much any more. $650.00 plus shipping. It's an antique so can ship direct to you at least for the time being.
  8. Well Pards, SPF to Buckshot Magoo. I have a very nice custom 45/70 Springfield Trapdoor. It has a complete Springfield Trapdoor receiver and barrel, but the rest is custom made. The stock appears to be from a vintage Winchester Model 70 with great checkering and color. The lock and and trigger has a coil spring set up and appears to be home spun. It is a good looking piece and reminds me of those Springfield Officer models. A lot of work was put in this and it shows. There are a few pits in the barrel but the rifling is strong and clean. The barrel is 24 inches long. This would be quite an eye catcher at the matches. The serial number on the receiver says it was made in 1884 so it can be shipped without a FFL only need proof of age. As always I would advise to have it checked out by a qualified gunsmith and remember it is a Trapdoor so Trapdoor loads only. I'm asking $375.00 plus shipping. Thanks!
  9. Hey there...I stuck a $50 Visa Card in the mail to you yesterday for those badges and 12 ga reloader. Sorry for the delay...just got busy. Thanks again! If that other pard doesn't get that wood cleaning rod, let me know and I'll get it from you.

    Take care.

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