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  1. Have you tried talking to Slick about it yet? He is a great Cowboy and I am sure will get you some help with this.
  2. I believe that is when they usually have it. I know it is just before we leave for EOT every year.
  3. You better watch that Blackwater Bruce Cowboy, he shoots one of those lever action shotguns, so you know he can be a little tricky. :-)
  4. In the last email from them with scores they said they were having problems with the web page and that it should be fixed soon. They are a good group of Cowboys and Cowgirls. I shoot with them when I can and always shoot the annual they have, Fracas in the Frisco during June. Our club, Judge Parkers Marshals, is about an hour south of them. We shoot the third weekend in the month. Come shoot with us too if you are still in the area at that time.
  5. A good reason to take the half cock notch out of the equation. I removed all of mine, we don't need them in a competition only rifle.
  6. I had a pistol come out of a holster at a state match once due to my holster being too loose and me moving in just the right way. I was out of the running for any top honors, but it was fun to see how much ground I could make up along the way. The pressure was off, so I had a great time. Its all in how you look at it. Never blame a pard for something you did, we have enough of that sort of stuff in the outside world, keep our Cowboy World safe from that sort of thing.
  7. They are nice sights, a lot of guys around here use them and like them.
  8. Bead blasted the rear sight area, used a black sharpie on the rear sight, added the brass sight covers to the front sights. They work quite well, but I don't really care what they look like. I have tried painting the front sight too and that works just fine.
  9. I own several, both metric and inch. I built them all back when ammo was cheap and so were kits. I have always liked the looks of the inch rifles and the safety is much easier to release on them. As far as metric rifles go I like the STG-58 best. The bipod on them is a pretty cool feature. They are a good rifle, but I would have to say I still prefer an M1A1 or .308 caliber AR-15 for serious shooting. The sights on the FAL are good battle sights, but don't have the adjustments of the M1A or the easy to scope ability of an AR-15 pattern rifle.
  10. Federal in my rifle, magnum federal during the winter. Anything in my pistols. They have Boogie short strokes in them and will set off anything I have used to date.
  11. Rifle: Clean the chamber, run a pull through cleaner down the bore, clean fouling off bolt face and lifter, lightly lube lifter with ballistol before each match. After about 5 or 6 matches I take it completely down, clean everything, inspect each part, lube everything and do that before a big match. Pistols: Do a quick clean like on the rifle after about every 4 matches or practice sessions, complete tear down, inspection and cleaning before a big match or if the pistol starts to feel sluggish in function. Shotgun: Lube lugs and cocking pieces about every 3 or 4 matches, clean bore before big match, complete tear down every 6 months, check stock tightness (SKB) every 3 months.
  12. +1 I have shot every common SASS shotgun and found the Browning BSS and the SKB to be the most pleasant to shoot. I am currently shooting the SKB and have no plans to ever change to anything else. Neither the BSS or the SKB are cheap, but they are both great shotguns that will last as long as you probably will shoot SASS, so they are a good investment. Guns that break tend to take the fun out of shooting.
  13. Mine is running a recoil pad and I had the forcing cones lengthened. With the low recoil loads it is extremely pleasant to shoot and stays down on the target. When I went from the Browning to this at last years regional my train wreck stage was due to me pushing the shotgun down a bit for the second shot like I did with the BSS. I hit low and missed and the rest is in the record books. :-) Oh, and don't switch shotguns right before a big match....not a smart thing to do!
  14. I have shot the Stoeger, Baikal, Browning, and SKB. Every person is going to like something different, so what I think is just what I think. The Stoeger feels like a 2x4 to me. They also don't open very wide so they are harder to load and shuck the way I shuck my shotgun. I know several people that I shoot with monthly that do a good job with one, but for me they are not a good choice. I really like my Baikal double trigger and only went to a single trigger gun when I shot another persons SKB and a Browning. I shot a Browning for about a year and liked it, but a conversation with Duce at EOT one year made me try the SKB. My shotgun times, while nothing like his, have improved since the switch and more importantly I really enjoy shooting the SKB. I know they are expensive, but a good one will last you a long time and you might as well shoot something nice. Give up Pizza on Fridays or that Starbucks coffee for a while till you can pay the difference between the Stoeger and the SKB and you will be thankful you did.
  15. I have been shooting them for about a year and a half. Pros:Cleaner to handle, no more cleaning wax out of your dies, less smoke, shoot the same as lubed bullets Cons: More expensive, coating has to be done correctly Some lead/lube bullets can be really messy, but not the case with yours. The ones I won from you at Byhalia last year were extremely nice bullets. I know you spent a good amount of time making sure they were done right.
  16. Do the new Winchester 73 rifles use a flat mainspring like an Uberti?
  17. I decided to put this in a post without the shotgun that sold. Beretta 1873 in .45 Colt made by Uberti. This rifle has been shot very little and its condition shows it. Factory short stroke, Pioneer Gun Works aluminum lifter, Smith Shop Whisper Springs lifter and lever spring as well as main spring, internals polished for a smooth working rifle, stainless mag spring, brass bead front sight, flat topped rear sight, lever wrap, original box. $1050 shipped CONUS. Lowered to $1000, last price reduction, it can just sleep in the safe some more till I decide to shoot Wild Bunch. :-)
  18. Naildriver, Judge Parkers Marshals Fort Smith I just noticed others were adding more information, so I am going to edit and do the same. I got my SASS name and number several years before I actually started shooting, but due to some family obstacles I didn't try things out for some time. I finally decided it was time to shoot or sell my guns. I pulled up at the range and almost drove off because I didn't know anybody there, but I got out anyway. Driver welcomed me along with everyone else at the match and he made it a point to put me on his posse and work with me from the get go. Along the way I have had help from many members at the club, but without Driver's effort that first day I probably wouldn't have come back. He continues to work with new shooters to this day and has brought many new shooters to our club.
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