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  1. That's right. Thanks a bunch, had a senior moment, couldn't remember his name for anything. He was a stand up guy and a great gunsmith. Thanks, DF
  2. Years back there was an excellent Ruger CAS gunsmith who could short stroke a Vaquero, his byline was to make it "Run like a Colt" And that he could. I think he may have left the scene, but I'm having a senior moment trying to remember his name. He did a pair of Vaqueros for me; still have them. Is there anyone out there who remembers him, can jar my memory? IIRC, he was is poor health, may have lost a leg. This was maybe 10 years ago. My guns may have been some of his last, not sure. DF
  3. Thanks, Gambler.


    Lets go to email, mine is Tramway101@BellSouth.net

  4. Don't know.  Never tried to put in that many.  Don't think it's been "fixed"...


    Do you want me to see how many the mag will hold?  Not familiar with any such fix.





    1. Ferly


      yes please do thats what you need when shooting Wild Bunch

      Thanks Ferly


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