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  1. If asked, I will edit and delete. Fresh from the debate, I guess I could deny any misdeed and move on. Seemed to work last night. DF
  2. Hope I didn't mess up, posting your business link. DF
  3. Why don't you include your business web address in your SASS info? I found it impressive. DF
  4. Outlaw Gambler gets a good one. Checked his web site; he knows a thing or two about '97's. Check it out. Regarding questions on mag capacity, I forgot I had installed a plug for hunting, was gonna squirrel hunt with it, just never did. So, it holds 2 rounds. Outlaw Gambler will have to remove the plug, do what he needs to do with the follower and spring to make it a six round mag, if it won't hold six already. It is in great shape for 80 yrs. ; hope it brings someone lots of pleasure. Thanks to everyone for your interest and comments. DF
  5. Thanks, Gambler.


    Lets go to email, mine is Tramway101@BellSouth.net

  6. Replying from iPhone. Will get back with you from home computer. DF
  7. Real unusual unless you install them. There were no screw in chokes back in 1940. I wasn't actually around then, just my understanding.... I didn't want cylinder, so this was the best option. DF
  8. I had two Coyote Cap Chinese '97's back in the day. They were slick, but eventually went down the road. I kept this one, as it's original and the real deal. It's about as slick as those were and hasn't been "slicked up" per se. 80 years will tend to slick one up, naturally Being original increases the "cool factor", at least in my mind. This one is in really great shape, considering it's age. Lots of vintage '97's are sloppy and loose. Not this one. DF
  9. Gotcha. Thanks for that info, never shot Wild Bunch. I'm gonna check it out tonight and report. Sounds like it wouldn't be much of a deal to make it six if it only holds 5. DF
  10. Was asked about a modification for 6 in the mag. I'm not familiar with that, so probably not. At least not by me, not sure about previous owner. I'll check tonight to see how many it'll hold, I'm guessing 5. Any info on the 6 mod, what it is and why it's done? DF
  11. Don't know.  Never tried to put in that many.  Don't think it's been "fixed"...


    Do you want me to see how many the mag will hold?  Not familiar with any such fix.





    1. Ferly


      yes please do thats what you need when shooting Wild Bunch

      Thanks Ferly


  12. I think the wood has had some finish added, the metal looks original, no evidence of polish or re-blue. It obviously sat around more than being hunted or used. It's as tight and solid as it looks. DF
  13. According to this link, it's a 1940 gun. Not sure where I got 1936. https://marauder.homestead.com/Model97sn.html DF
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