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  1. If asked, I will edit and delete. Fresh from the debate, I guess I could deny any misdeed and move on. Seemed to work last night. DF
  2. Why don't you include your business web address in your SASS info? I found it impressive. DF
  3. Outlaw Gambler gets a good one. Checked his web site; he knows a thing or two about '97's. Check it out. Regarding questions on mag capacity, I forgot I had installed a plug for hunting, was gonna squirrel hunt with it, just never did. So, it holds 2 rounds. Outlaw Gambler will have to remove the plug, do what he needs to do with the follower and spring to make it a six round mag, if it won't hold six already. It is in great shape for 80 yrs. ; hope it brings someone lots of pleasure. Thanks to everyone for your interest and comments. DF
  4. Thanks, Gambler.


    Lets go to email, mine is Tramway101@BellSouth.net

  5. Replying from iPhone. Will get back with you from home computer. DF
  6. Real unusual unless you install them. There were no screw in chokes back in 1940. I wasn't actually around then, just my understanding.... I didn't want cylinder, so this was the best option. DF
  7. I had two Coyote Cap Chinese '97's back in the day. They were slick, but eventually went down the road. I kept this one, as it's original and the real deal. It's about as slick as those were and hasn't been "slicked up" per se. 80 years will tend to slick one up, naturally Being original increases the "cool factor", at least in my mind. This one is in really great shape, considering it's age. Lots of vintage '97's are sloppy and loose. Not this one. DF
  8. Gotcha. Thanks for that info, never shot Wild Bunch. I'm gonna check it out tonight and report. Sounds like it wouldn't be much of a deal to make it six if it only holds 5. DF
  9. Was asked about a modification for 6 in the mag. I'm not familiar with that, so probably not. At least not by me, not sure about previous owner. I'll check tonight to see how many it'll hold, I'm guessing 5. Any info on the 6 mod, what it is and why it's done? DF
  10. Don't know.  Never tried to put in that many.  Don't think it's been "fixed"...


    Do you want me to see how many the mag will hold?  Not familiar with any such fix.





    1. Ferly


      yes please do thats what you need when shooting Wild Bunch

      Thanks Ferly


  11. I think the wood has had some finish added, the metal looks original, no evidence of polish or re-blue. It obviously sat around more than being hunted or used. It's as tight and solid as it looks. DF
  12. According to this link, it's a 1940 gun. Not sure where I got 1936. https://marauder.homestead.com/Model97sn.html DF
  13. '97 Winchester set up for CAS. Barrel is 22 1/4" with Colonial Mod choke. And no, I didn't cut a pristine '97 to make a CAS gun, it was cut when I got it. I did get a good smith to install a Colonial choke tube and a .8" Decelerator Sporting Clays brown pad. The wood shows minor use marks, appears to have been finished, looks good, no cracks. IIRC, it's a 1936 vintage, is the take down model. Bore is slick with no pits. It shows some streaks from having been fired, would probably polish mirror smooth, I just never did. Action is tight, trigger is crisp, no sign of wear. Gun doesn't appear to have been used a lot, for sure it wasn't abused. Bluing is probably 95% or so, no rusting, browning, flaking, etc. Metal finish appears original, no evidence of polish or reblue. It's solid, slick and fast, ready for CAS. I'll ship to your FFL for $725. Not looking for trades, but most gun nuts will consider an interesting offer. If I was still in CAS, it wouldn't be listed. Local club folded, I'm two hours away from a viable club and just don't have the time. It was fun while it lasted. DF
  14. Thanks to Hurricane Delta, FedEx was closed Friday, gun leaves for PA on Monday. Looking forward to JB's report. He already has some slick '92's, worked on by a guy in VA. He's wanting to compare Steve Jones' work with what that guy. did Steve is our local '92 guru, don't know about the VA guy. The gun was already slick when Steve got it, just wanted him to tune it, do whatever he thought it may need. DF
  15. J. B. gets the ammo, shipped today UPS. Rifle leaves my FFL, headed for his FFL, FedEx tomorrow. I didn’t realize that an antique long gun had to go FFL to FFL, LA to PA. But evidently so. That was the word from his FFL and I’d think he would know. My son put the dies on eBay this week, asking more than I’d pay. But he seems to get more than I’d pay for most items. Thanks everyone for your interest. DF
  16. They tend to get pretty slick after a hundred years or more. I was amazed how accurate those old guns can be DF Ebay seller son putting dies on his online store. Ammo is available.
  17. Thanks, Mark. One pard just asked if I would sell just the rifle. I told him I'd knock off $75 for ammo and dies, sell just the rifle for $1,075, shipped to his FFL. DF
  18. Any questions? Is pricing in line with the market? Offers, suggestions? DF
  19. I'm offering this 1910 vintage Winchester 1892 in 38-40 Bore is shiney with light pitting. It was tuned up for CAS by Steve Jones, '92 specialist, at Steve's Gunz. This rifle is tight and it's SLICK.... Trigger is great. It's the slickest '92 I've ever handled. It has a white Marble front bead, semi buckhorn facory original rear. It's ready to go, would be a great BP gun or would hold it's own in regular categories. WIth these loads, it actually out shot a new Marlin Cowboy .45 Colt, shot tighter groups. Wood is solid with no cracks. It has a shotgun style butt stock with checkered metal butt plate. I'm estimating it to be around NRA Antique 40%. 39th Blue Book lists these at $925 plus 25% for 38-40. I'm asking $1,,150 shipped to your FFL I'm also throwning in a set of RCBS Cowboy 38-40 dies plus a Lee Factory Crimp die and 3 RCBS shell holders. Two boxes of ammo, one with 100 rnds of 180 gr. Meister RN bullets over 5 gr. Titegroup The other box, rear 47 as above, front 36, 180 gr. Valiant RN over 4.7 clays. All with Starline brass and Winchester primers. These can be pulled down and components used or shot as is. Some folks don't like to shoot reloads, I understand. But the components are there. The ammo and dies will ship to your location, UPS. The gun, USPS to your FFL. DF
  20. USPS tracking shows CBC arrived at your FFL's place on Monday. When you pick it up, drop me a line to make sure it arrived without issue and your opinion. Ben had it well packed, so it should be OK. Thanks, Robert
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