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  1. No, we have an army of minions spendings hours scanning photos for infractions instead of leaning on shovels with highway crews where they belong.
  2. Oh, Tomorrow, Hard Knock Life, and Never Fully Dressed bring back memories!
  3. You inspired me to make an onion casserole, more oniony though. Thanks, I need small things to keeps the wheels turning.
  4. I’m pretty sure you didn’t call for delivery, so what was your recipe?
  5. Right up there with Haute Cuisine served three times a day.
  6. I once had a card that was charged $1 at stamps.com, then 10 then 400. It was someone local to me because the also bought something at a local restaurant. I didn’t pay anything. Discover called me once to ask if I had bought a $3000 pair of women’s shoes in Las Vegas. I said no it was not my color. they called me once to ask if I’d bought gas in Charlotte, Harrisburg, and Fitchburg the previous day. I said yes, it’s a three tank trip.
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