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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that I handed the ammo off to a buddy of mine who lives in Idaho and will be at the Northwest regional in Jerome, ID if any one wants to buy it there. Thanks
  2. Waimea, I hope your doing well! I miss shooting with you guys but I surely don’t miss the Florida weather lol!!!
  3. Thanks Blackwater and I hope your doing well!
  4. Jeff, all is well here. I hope all is going well with you!
  5. Close about halfway between Marion and Libby
  6. I have 6600 rounds of factory 45 colt. I will sell it for .75 cents a round plus actual shipping. It is currently selling online for 1.20 a round plus shipping. Here is the breakdown of the ammo- 1100 rounds of 160gr Ten-X (once fired brass) 900 rounds of 165gr Ten-X (once fired brass) 3600 rounds 180gr Cowboy Choice 1000 rounds 200gr American
  7. These were both my main match guns and are tuned ready to go. I did all the work on them. They both have typical marks and dings in the wood from cowboy shooting but are mechanically perfect. Prices include shipping and if I have to go through an FFL to ship it will be an extra $25. Any questions please shoot me a PM and I can text you as many photos as you want. I will also be selling about 6-7k rounds of factory 45 Colt Cowboy Choice & Ten-X ammo just haven’t figured a fair price on it yet. Thank you Browning BSS 12ga single mechanical trigger barrel are cut to 21”s and has large gold bead sight, chambers are coned & high polished and all springs have been lightened. This shotgun is the best one I have owned in all the time I have shot cowboy and tuned guns. $1850 shipped - SOLD Beretta 1873 Renegade 20” octagonal barrel has factory short stroke kit that is equivalent to a Pioneer super short stroke kit. All springs have been reworked, upgraded milled & lightened brass carrier and stainless steel magazine spring & follower. $1250 shipped - SOLD
  8. If you decide to consider 45s let me know. I have a pair of Ruger New Vaqueros all slicked up short-stroked w/SB hammer and fully engraved by Jim Downing, Beretta Renegade 45 tuned all ready to go and a mint fully tuned Browning BSS 12ga. Also have several thousand factory 45 colt ammo.
  9. Kirkpatrick gun belt w/45 caliber loops and badge holder, it is size 40. will sell for $110 shipped Rod Kibler shotgun belt holds 10 shells and is 35” from center hole to buckle. $85 shipped
  10. Sold - Excellent condition Kirkpatrick Wild Bunch rig with 3 double mag pouch holders and shotgun slide w/45 loops. Belt is size 40. $315 shipped. Please shoot me a PM if interested. Thank you
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