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  1. I've been wondering how a Nigerian price got into West Point.
  2. They made that play offs. Then they lost Carr. Then they lost McGloin. I'm just happy they made the play offs.
  3. This isn't the film I was thinking of, but it is pretty good.
  4. That is in the top ten of my favorite Azimov short stories. The Machine That Won The War is also pretty good. That link will download a Word.doc for you.
  5. Nope, I find this kind of stuff fascinating. There is another video that I haven't been able to find again, that goes through how an aircraft plant was built for WWII. The order the shops and facilities were built, so some could start working to help support the construction of others. How to lay out the plant for maximum efficiency, etc. Mind boggling the details that have to be considered. I work at a small design and machine shop. One of our customers does MIM for various gun makers. We do things like reaming or milling holes in locking blocks, sear housing, and the like. Now and then we get in a new part and have to come up with the process for doing the work. That's bad enough. Once we got in a batch of rear sights that had been hardened before the screw hole had been tapped. It was a part we had run before, but not for about a year or two. No problem, change the feeds and speeds, use a higher quality tap and change it more often (I think it was a 5-40 tap). Broke 10 taps. They had forgotten to tell us that the part was about .015" longer. Which offset the hole to be tapped. It still fit the fixtures just fine. But because the hole was moved. the taps had to bend to get into the hole. Taps don't bend. Now, when we get something like that I remember to ask "Is this the same as drawing #XYZ, Rev. D?"
  6. This one is a "Pineapple Express" so it's warm and wet. Lots of rain even in the Sierra.
  7. Man, that's a lot of skull sweat. I don't want to try to think of all the things involved in that. The thousands of steps. My hat's off to you, sir.
  8. 1952, Southern Pacific "City of San Francisco" Snowbound
  9. "You have to go out, you don't have to come back."
  10. Happy to give you a jump! (now, let's see where THAT comment get taken! )
  11. * Disclaimer: We apologize for the angle of the video making it seem that the shotgun shooter is behind the skeet shooter. We can assure you that the skeet shooter was never in harms way and proper gun safety was considered throughout the skeet shooting. We are Canadians who respect firearms and will never put a human in harms way. We hope that everyone who sees this video will do the same. Enjoy! and, one more:
  12. Which is a shame because it is pretty darned good. Interesting thing about mutton v. lamb is that now people sneer at mutton as "too strong." I've seen cookbooks from the 1800s that say that mutton is preferred over lamb because lamb is too mild, although it is good to feed to invalids and people with weak constitutions. Goat is pretty good, too. Marinate it in something like Italian salad dressing and grill it (or roast it).
  13. It does tend to be a bit pricey, although with the price of beef now, and even pork, lamb isn't as unreasonable as it used to be. This was about $2.50 a pound on special, so using it for sausage is a no-brainer. This chain has "flash sales" from time to time, tri-tip at $2.50, pork loin chops at $2, the lamb. I stock up some, vac-pack and freeze it. The tri-tip usually gets turned into ground beef.
  14. I made a version of this from a lamb shoulder roast that was as much bone as meat, wasn't worth roasting. After I had trimmed up the lamb - deboned and fat, silver skin, and gristle removed, I had about 2 1/2 pounds of meat, so I added some salt pork (very lean salt pork). Chopped it into about 1 inch pieces, put on most of the seasoning and ran it through our food processor until it was very finely chopped, a little finer than store bought hamburger. I used ground spices rather than grinding my own, and thought "FOUR tablespoons of paprika???" so I cut that back to a rounded one tablespoon. I also used Aleppo Pepper rather than cayenne. Very tasty. Next time I might cut back on the garlic a bit, too. Although the cloves I used were a bit on the large side. ADDED: The roast had been sliced most of the way through into shoulder chops, then tied. I took the bones which had some meat on them still, seasoned them well with salt and pepper, put them in a zip lock type bag and added about a cup of Gallo Family Moscato. Put the bag in the fridge, turning is several times for 2 days. Then put them on a rack over a rimmed pan and roasted them at 375 for about half an hour. Had them for lunch Monday. Fantastic.
  15. Most powerful people are jerks. Kind of comes with the territory.
  16. Hey! <points upwards> I said "about!" For some people that might tend towards 55 or 60!
  17. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/01/01/1-chicagos-bloodiest-years-ends-with-762-homicides.html
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