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  1. Rumoured to be a picture of a young Pat, shortly before his expulsion from that school.
  2. Ah Me, I was being patient, but come on! Page 4? Spew alert for Jabez and Buffalo Creek
  3. Here are some alternate possibilities for mosquito control if you're in an area that gets anal about the insecticide in a fogger.
  4. I wonder how Swallows would handle the gunfire on the range facilities? Besides the dedicated CAS ranch and range, we have numerous rifle, shotgun and pistol shooting bays.
  5. We have a fogger at The Square Circle Ranch for the bad mozzie days. Between that and those shooting Holy Black, we pretty well keep them at bay, even though our ranch is in the woods. We will have to think a lot about bat boxes, but swallow boxes sound like a good idea. As for Dragon flies, the Province of Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, here in Canada bred them and released them along a mozzie hot spot, The Rideau Canal system, near Westport. It was quite a sight; squadrons of dragon flies patrolling the edge of the Rideau River, Canal and bush area, clearing the mozzie
  6. I hope someone has made sure that your FBI and your Secret Service have been formally notified about the potential physical danger this person represents, from her own statements. If she were here in Canada, I would be on the phone to the Canadian Firearms Centre reporting a Public Safety Concern. Comments not half as incendiary as hers have earned a Tactical Team response here.
  7. MAYBE you can teach your boy how to make Vodka!
  8. Rumoured to be an early picture of Pat's Grand-dad, before he got the family into motorcycles.
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