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  1. And many of our great "Thinkers' and "Planners" wonder why we have a housing crisis! Or why we have all these homeless in Vancouver and Victoria! HINT: It starts with not being as cold there in winter.
  2. Surround each group. Set up a screening station with a Print Track device. Man the station with Immigration agents and LEOs and winnow out those who should not be in your country, who have warrants or are wanted. I wonder how long it would take for this nonsense to end?
  3. Congratulations! May you enjoy many more years together, in good health.
  4. We have done some weird things as well: Lefty is your wounded pal. Shoot the rifle, then carry Lefty to the next position and shoot the SAAs, then carry Lefty to the shotgun position. Lefty is popular with our Ladies. He's in the middle between Miss D. Vine and Boots.
  5. LOST! until you buy a replacement! Yep. Know that one very well!
  6. I find self-checkouts a PIA, especially if I'm buying fresh veggies, with no bar code. Oh and since my hands are dry, the screen will often not recognize I am pushing a button for something it wants pushed. Now, I usually bring my combo walking cane/stool and sit waiting in the line for my turn with a human cashier.
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