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  1. Got some snow here this AM, covering the roofs, but it melted off by 10:00 Yep, Jabez, I missed this slipping to page 4. Got busy with some business trying to collect $$$ from a contractor who bailed and owes me mucho dinero for the non-installation of a Generac whole house NG generator. First he told me he had sold the business. Trustee wouldn't reply to my request for the name of whoever bought the business. Now he's declared bankruptcy, which means I'm an unsecured creditor.
  2. AKSHULLY, you turn and lift the lid on the tank, where things are chillin'
  3. OK Pat, here's a retirement schedule for ya. I've been following it for a few years now.
  4. Video didn't work, so, post something else. And yes, I hunted with that kind of dog. Once.
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