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  1. We had a pard who often forgot to bring enough shot-shells but was cured on one memorable stage, the last of the day. Some loaners were BP and a couple of the others were buffered with feathers. He started paying attention to the round count posted on the website with the match booklet.
  2. PAT: As a retiree of a couple of decades, take my advice; Never-Never make this comment! Trust me on this.
  3. Light snow here last night and early this morning.
  4. Raining in the morning here and now it's turned to snow, with more scheduled for overnight. Guess who just had the snow tires removed and the summers put back on?^*(^$^_)&(^&#@ Oh well, as the saying goes around here: "You don't plant anything until after the 24th of May! (Queen Victoria's birthday, a holiday up here)
  5. I recall booby-trapped rounds being left in areas where the Viet Cong could steal them. I wonder if that was a booby-trapped round that was somehow brought home from where ever?
  6. Danger of them being too tight and causing circulation problems. SWMBO cannot wear anything but diabetic socks now or she has serious problems.
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