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  1. A friend joined the Navy at the urging of his father. The Navy was supposed to be safer than being drafted into the Army. He trained as a pipe fitter and got orders for a destroyer supposedly cruising off of the coast of Vietnam. When he arrived in country he was told no one needed pipe fitters. He was reassigned as a gunner on a Swift Boat. So much for being safe.
  2. My guess, pretty near the same people attending EOT who attended WR. And, it’s mostly full every year. So, the market speaks. Leave well enough alone.
  3. Driving - POV Handheld GPS - North up because I usually have a paper map as backup.
  4. I have a CZ Scorpion with a Timney trigger that is merely adequate. My brother shoots a Sig gas gun that has performed flawlessly in matches. A bit spendy though.
  5. On the homestead in Eastern Oregon, even my grandmother carried a .45. My grandfather had a 12 gauge with him most places he went. No rifles at all.
  6. What PaleWolf said. I shot full power 45 Colt at a state shoot and the MD ‘suggested’ that that much powder behind a 250 grain bullet was not necessary. My posse loved it.
  7. Too many variables for a single correct answer, it this is one way to do it. Variables include the powder charge (seat forward to get in more powder), rifling, bullet shape (some profiles can sit well inside the rifling and not actually touch it), etc. Also, when I seat bullets like that the grease groove is empty. Again, lots of reasons plus and minus but I don’t want any chance of grit finding its way in. And, it seems all BPCR ranges have lots of pumice. If you haven’t come across the Paul Matthews books on BPCR you might look them up. They are a bit dated but not a huge amount has changed in that world.
  8. Guess I don’t get many emails. I had 12 years worth of email and still had plenty of room left. It’s probably not worthwhile to buy more space.
  9. Never had a problem with the wing nuts and I still ordered a set. They just look really convenient.
  10. I shoot a 45-90 which really gets your attention. My brother shot a 45-110. That was a truly brutal cartridge. He sold it and quit BPCR. He did win most events that he entered so it was a very accurate cartridge but it wrecked his shoulder. My suggestion is 45-70.
  11. Pretty much what Kid Rich said. I throw a black powder charge through a drop tube, put a .030 card on top, run it through a compression die and thumb seat the bullet. Since the rounds are shot from a single shot, I don’t crimp but crimp, or no crimp, is a religious discussion. It works for me.
  12. Works great but the threads are kind of sparse. Maybe WB shooters are less opinionated than CAS shooters.
  13. I believe 38 Special revolvers are still issued to flight crews.
  14. One more vote for the 40-65. C. Sharps will make you whatever you want in an 1885. Their basic shooter isn’t anywhere near as pretty as either the Browning or the Winchester but it will definitely get the job done.
  15. It’s a sad fact of life that no matter where EOT is hosted, some folks will be unhappy. Just change the names of the posters, the message will be the same.
  16. The Arizona Rangers have a five year deal with SASS to run EOT. They also have a huge, very experienced posse of volunteers. It’s pretty hard to move that around the country. And, I am guessing that they will have a shoot in February at Ben Avery whether it is EOT or something else. It’s just what they do.
  17. The military went to two hands because it was more effective for a first round hit on the enemy.
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