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  1. I shoot OMVs in 45 Colt. My brother shoots OMVs in 44 Magnum. They are the same vintage and, other than caliber, they appear to be the same guns. when I was bow hunting I carried my OMV loaded with 300 grain cartridges. The load was pretty hot but not a max load. They were reasonably comfortable to shoot out of a 4 5/8th inch barrel.. YMMV
  2. Shoot hand guns left handed, long guns right handed. The military said I could shoot an M14 left handed but I found the bolt cycling an inch from my face and the brass ejecting right across my face a little too disconcerting. Having forced myself to shoot right handed I just never went back to lefty.
  3. huh?? I live here and have had no issues ever. Yeah, we have background checks on all firearms sales but that’s pretty straight forward. Otherwise, nothing special.
  4. I shot long range BPCR. The same people always ended up winning. Some of them complained about having awards everywhere and started declining them. The match director just started giving the top shooters their money back.
  5. Friend of mine was a LEO in Denver. He moved to become a LEO in Central Oregon because the influx of Texans into Denver was bringing crime and violence. Guess it’s all perspective.
  6. Buy my SASS bullets. Cast my 45-90 and 40-65. I can’t buy good enough quality long range bullets.
  7. The NRA needs an active board that actually accepts its fiduciary responsibilities. It needs to be reconstituted from people who understand their responsibilities and take action when their is a need for correction. This has to start with a much smaller board who are not beholden to anyone in leadership at the NRA. This is our money they are using as their personal piggy bank. Think about this: the NRA spent $30 million helping elect Trump, the four accused of stealing our money supposedly got $63 million from the coffers. That’s more than twice what they spent electing the president. Makes no sense.
  8. Mine has an 8 3/8” barrel which makes it a handy size for hunting. I also hand load with 240 grain bullets which gives you much less muzzle flash than factory ammo. I carry mine in a shoulder holster built to carry a scoped pistol which works just fine. When hunting I carry a collapsible rest but at close range this beast is pretty easy to shoot offhand.
  9. Ted Blocker has 460 holsters on their web site.
  10. Both my wife and I are high risk. The odds are very high that if one of us gets sick so will the other and neither of us will survive. I love shooting CAS but I am not willing to die for it.
  11. Aren’t the Freedom Arms revolvers five shot? I don’t think that they index between the chambers. But, with Swiss 3f it would make a heck of a boom!
  12. I had an overnight package shipped by Fedex. It arrived a day late. It seems to be happening everywhere.
  13. This has become an empirical experiment in epidemiology. Wait two weeks, we will have some answers.
  14. Sounds like a match director’s worst nightmare.
  15. How about you put the car in the cart?
  16. Well, you got a lot of responses. Was your fundamental question answered?
  17. It comes down to training time and the number of rounds required to maintain proficiency. A .45 just requires more trigger time for initial qualification and to maintain proficiency. Probably need to throw in compatibility with our allies.
  18. I haven't seen mine in more than 15 years. I have never been ask for it either.
  19. OK, maybe I am getting too deep into this but Active Server Pages are known to be a problem with Apple products. I never buy online from my iPad because of the possibility of getting part way through a transaction and having it hang or simply go into lala-land. That said all of the links returned from the search resolve except SASS.
  20. Texas Jack's will likely be there. Last year someone else handled their FFL transfers though.
  21. Guessing here. Brownells, Wollf Springs or VTI.
  22. I can't speak to Lunger's experience. If that's how MVA is doing business these days then I too would steer clear. However, I have two MVA sights that are always spot on and completely repeatable. My brother and I stopped at MVA on the way home from Quigley a few years ago because my brother had managed to rack his sight. They took it in back, realigned it and had it back to him in just a few minutes. We considered that to be pretty good customer service. But, things change. My favorite bullet supplier says on their web site that if a bullet is out of inventory it will be back in stock in one to three weeks. They have been out of stock since August. A phone call did not get a satisfactory answer. I guess it's the way the modern gun business rolls.
  23. One problem that I have never had to worry about. :-)
  24. I have two C. Sharps 1885 High Walls. One is a 40-65, the other a 45-90. Both have been accurate out to 1200 yards. Although the 45-90 is best when the wind is up. Montana Vintage Arms sights on both of them. When you sell the gun keep the sights! On the same day I shot a course record another shooter did the same thing. She hit more 1,000 yards targets and won the match. She was shooting a Shiloh 1874 in 40-65.
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