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  1. Small Venue: Mebbe ten years ago, at a coffee shop in Visalia, California, sitting about a dozen feet from Dave Stamey. Medium/Large Venue: Winterland, in San Francisco, 1973. First, some gospel group then E.L.O. as lead-ins for Sha Na Na. Very Large Venue: Day on the Green in Oakland - Jesse Colin Young, Joe Walsh [and Barnstorm], The Band, and CSNY ~ all on one ticket. Buddy and I sat on the grass about 75' from the stage. That was a LONG day.
  2. You and your sister are on my prayer list too, Bob. Helen Brimstone lost her mom to Alzheimer's. The support from her family was everything to her.
  3. That thing is gorgeous! But... Two Weeks? You have a TWO WEEK "cooling off" period...??
  4. Them tail and front fender fins really help it go straight, don'tcha know!
  5. (Not wanting to hijack Joe's "Plymouth" thread...) I once had a '54 white-on-pale blue 4-door Plymouth Belvedere. Gave a fella at work $20 for it. It had been his grandmothers; he inherited it, then drove it for 40,000 miles and never changed the oil. There was a drop on the end of the dipstick that had the consistency of chicle ~ you couldn't even shake it off. Gary had named the car "Super Slug." it stuck. Other than a constant wrist-pin knock in the flat-head six, it ran well. Not fast, but well. With two seats the size of sofas it was comfortab
  6. Seen 'em used as targets. They break and shatter, and ya got a bunch of pieces to pick up.
  7. Sassparilla Kid and I were planning on working on my ol' Dodge pickup last weekend (finishing up replacing the heads). Alas... to quote ol' Bobby Burns, "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft agley." The lad had to work Saturday. And Sunday we were busy collecting his "new" toy - a 1979 17' Correct Craft ski boat. On old friend of ours had bought it new, enjoyed it, then parked it in his shop back in 2003. The Ford 302 has 511 hours on the Hobbs meter, and the craft has always been impeccably maintained. Actually, when not on the water, it's been been
  8. A side note on Eisenhower: Although his Army career began in as a cadet in 1911, and he ultimately became a five-star general and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force... he never saw a single day of combat.
  9. Just remember... one of 'em has cylinders that rotate backwards. Y'all gotta decide which one~!
  10. From what I've heard and read, the EU is shunning the AstraZeneca vaccine because some people who have received it have suffered strokes. But, interestingly, the percentage of people who had strokes following the vaccination is identical to the percentage of people having strokes in the general population. Also, the EU reportedly have created a procurement and distribution quagmire that has severely limited vaccine availability. Now, I'm an old fart. I know, there are a bunch of folks here older than me, but I'm still old enough to remember as a kid knowing other kids
  11. Thankee, BQ. The young lady is appreciative. My old pard Hank's daughter; I'm her older brother's godfather. She's called me "Uncle" since she was a toddler. Her SASS alias was "Li'l Stitches."
  12. Yup ~ got my 2nd one week ago! My "honorary niece" is an ICU nurse in a major hospital. When this thing hit about a year ago her unit became the Covid ward. She's a young, single mom, and she literally "farmed out" her little daughter to relatives for weeks at a time. The first-hand stories she shares of her experiences and observations are sobering indeed. Please get the shot(s).
  13. And the presentation is most excellent!
  14. Very cool... but ya got the bottles backwards, Kid! Reds should be on the left, and Whites - in the green bottles - should be on the right. Port and Starboard~! Although, if you consider the wine rack as facing the "audience" (like flags on a stage), it would be correct....
  15. Close to hand is a heavy, stainless GP100 .357 stoked with "Cowboy .38's." Heavy enough to use as a club and no bluing to be messed up by splatters. The Cowboy loads are not so accurate out of this piece, but perfectly adequate up close and less likely to put down the neighbor's sleeping dog in the middle of the night.
  16. Sassparilla Kid and the Leprechaun “Hey, Dad! You know what next Friday is, don’tcha?” “Sure do, Ry! So who’s coming this year?” “Kevin, James, and Tyler. It’s gonna be fun and this year we’re gonna CATCH him!” And with that it was ON! Eight year old Ryan - the Sassparilla Kid - was going to be hosting his third annual St Patrick’s Day sleepover and Leprechaun Hunt. But this one was going to be different. Ry and his buddies were much older, wiser, more worldly, and had undoubtedly honed their predatory skills to a leve
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