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  1. I was told by an old pard "Remember - the police are ALLOWED to LIE to you...!" He'd just retired from a bunch of years as our Chief of Police. And he also recommended politely declining any request\invitation to search without a warrant.
  2. This would for sure be an unfortunate thing.... Civil Forfeiture
  3. Unique's good stuff. For just about forever I've heard people complain that "It's dirty! It's sooty! It leaves behind grains of unburned powder!" So? Gonna clean my guns anyway. Soot wipes off. A few unburned grains don't hurt anything - they'll blow out with the next shot or wipe out after the last shot of the day. Somewhere I have an old target from sometime back in the 1970's. Trying out a "new" load in my .45 Blackhawk. Six shots from the bench... six holes in the ten ring at 25 yards. Seven point five grains of Unique behind a 250 gr JHP. I don't mind a little soot or unburned grains.
  4. 225 remaining in stock. At that price I don't expect that number to drop very fast....
  5. I can relate, Pat. 'Bout 1984 Hank and I were in Siskiyou County - we'd planned on a 10-day hunting trip, guest of a local rancher. When we arrived, we found out that the rancher's dad and brother had taken off on some venture, and left him with a few thousand acres of cut alfalfa on the ground. We turned to and saddled up, raking and baling (he had three balers!) when the temperature and moisture was correct - often up and at it over 20 hours in a day. Sometimes we'd fire up the balers well after midnight. But we did get in a little hunting - Hank got a decent buck. Late one afternoon I had a nice three-pointer in my scope. I was tired, the whole scene was just peaceful and perfect... I simply said "BANG!" and ejected the unfired round and emptied the magazine. That was a good trip.
  6. Oooo.... Buckshot, you better be glad you be on another continent in a different hemisphere~!!
  7. After shave? Naww... Just a couple dabs behind the ears and you're good to go!
  8. Likely, although it'd sure be fun to have to buy another quart in a few years. I still have about a quarter of the last quart bottle I bought - in 1972. Original formula, before they took out the toluene. Mind you, I did not use it exclusively since buying it, but a quart does go a LONG way!
  9. And there, WK, lies a potential problem: Those four metropolitan areas you mention comprise just over two thirds of the entire state's population. They don't care what the heck folks in Waxahachie, Snyder, Midland, or Huntsville think... those four major metropolitan areas could run the state. Fortunately, they don't - yet. Texas Population 29,183,290 Major Metropolitan Areas Austin 2,283,371 Houston 7,122,240 Dallas 7,637,387 San Antonio 2,558,143 Combined Four Cities Total 19,601,141 Somehow, y'all still have a red majority in both the House and Senate. Plus, they only meet for 140 days ever other year, which limits the amount of damage they can do - unlike California, where both houses are massively red and are in session full-time, except for scheduled breaks. Stay vigilant!
  10. It may not be Wikipedia; by and large, they pretty much just provide the platform for the topics but do not author them. Per Wiki: "...articles ('pages') can be written and submitted by almost anyone once they've established. From Wiki Publishers LLC, 'The articles on Wikipedia are collaboratively written by thousands of volunteers. Almost all articles have more than one author.'" It's entirely possible - even likely - that after the original article was written a few "gaslighters" descended on the piece with "revelations" showing what a dastardly character he really is. Or so they say. "A 'gaslighter' is one who effectively puts forth a false narrative that leads another person or a group of people to doubt their own perceptions and become disoriented or distressed." We see this every day in the so-called "Mainstream Media." Misinformation and disinformation about conservative folks - we could spend many hours discussing examples of this.
  11. I was hesitant to open the thread... expected to find something about Pelosi being at it again.
  12. Wow. Starts out good, then turns to a typical lefty character undermining.
  13. Midway started the "Roundup" in 1992; that $20 million was collected over a period of almost 30 years. More of a supplement than a windfall.
  14. So far, only Waxahachie Kid has mentioned frying it. I have never sampled fried turkey. I do know a number of folks who have done it - and most of 'em have had some sort of catastrophe in the process. I once loaned a brand new garden wagon to a buddy. Not sure if he used it to hold his fryer or if it was just in the vicinity when it let go, but a dozen years later the danged thing is still sticky and gunked up. But no one was hurt, and it was far enough from the house that no damage was done. Except to my wagon. And his turkey.
  15. Naw... I was sittin' on the sidelines with a bunch of Kappa Phi Delta jocks and a cooler of beer. Marvelous entertainment! As I recall, one of the fellas had his picture in a national magazine, tying a U S flag to a lamp post after it was ripped off the flag pole by "peaceful protesters." Wish I could find that picture...
  16. Boy, this brings back a bunch of memories of hiring and firing... including some downright bizarre. One VERY large company (a certain West Coast bank) had a unique "policy and procedure." A department manager would submit a requisition for a new employee, and a few days later someone would show up with paperwork introducing them as that employee. No resume's or interviews by the "end user." I was astonished when my boss requisitioned a new secretary - and the following week the new secretary arrived. Did not speak a word of English. The boss took it as a challenge, and literally taught the young woman to not only speak English but to function as a secretary. It was later discovered that an HR person was literally selling jobs - very shortly after this discovery the hiring process became normal again. On firing: At a banking service organization, I once hired a young man specifically to work a Tuesday through Saturday shift, with Sunday and Monday off. I was very clear in explaining that the Saturday shift was critical, responsible for distributing forms and reports to about 200 banks who needed the data first thing Monday morning. After his first weekend, the young man advised me that he would no longer be able to work Saturdays, as he had signed up for a Saturday acting class. Therefor, I had to change his shift to Monday through Friday. Couldn't do it. We had absolutely no need for a person on Mondays, as the reports and forms for Tuesday were produced overnight on Monday. He just did not show up for work the next three Saturdays, so I replaced him. He filed for unemployment; I rejected his claim with a clear explanation. He appealed - and won. The Administrative Law Judge ruled in the former employee's favor, and stated that as the Saturday acting class could lead to future opportunities, we [the employer] were unfairly blocking him from these opportunities. Pay up! Sheesh. In another case, a young lady was hired after moving to San Francisco from Oregon. She worked for two months, got homesick, quit, and moved back home. And filed for unemployment. We rejected her claim; she appealed and won. The Administrative Law Judge ruled that she had not been in San Francisco long enough to have established permanent residence; therefor, it was unfair of us to expect her to be able to commute from Oregon. Pay up! So if you're ever denied unemployment money in California, just appeal - you'll get it.
  17. Well? Favorite turkey cooking method? I do mine on the Weber (breast down, to keep it moist).
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