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  1. Each item is $37 shipped. SOLD Dillon X-small powder bar. Virtually new, just loaded 20 rounds of a new powder I wanted to try. Didn't like the load so went back to my regular load. ------------ SOLD Universal "shuttle" charge bar model C/CS for Mec single stage reloading machines. The shuttle bar is adjustable for the shot weight but still uses bushings for the powder. Brand new never used. ------------ #3 Pretty old "Hilts" three cavity mold for .54 caliber muzzle loader. 450 grain Maxi Ball bullet. I bought this mold new approx. 35 years
  2. I'm in for five, checks on the way. Good luck on your rebuild! muck
  3. I have cleaned black powder guns with treated city water and also straight well water, have not noticed a difference.
  4. I had some old bullets that were in the same condition. I smeared them with bore butter and they worked fine.
  5. I know that Pard! He still shoots and has never been late for another match!
  6. Then I can give them a recommendation! Excellent quality work and people!
  7. Are these the folks that are at WR every year?
  8. Plug the shotgun only, because I use plastic wads. I use rubber stoppers
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