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  1. I might be interested in one pond of brass colored if your willing to separate.
  2. Have to admit it seemed "unnatural" at first, but I got over it pretty quick.
  3. Received, filled out and returned with a AAAA++++ rating. GREAT match! Thank you and everyone who helped for all your hard work!
  4. This simple old trick is usually used to calm "nerves" at the loading table but it also works well as a "thought disrupter" Close your eyes and concentrate ONLY on trying to rub/grind one of your big toes through your shoe into the ground. 15 to 20 secs usually works for me. Some of you may be laughing but it does work, well at least for me. Then refocus on the stage. Good Luck
  5. RCBS lockout die, like that you don't have to "listen" for it to work.
  6. It's how I shoot sometimes
  7. Replacement steel lever for your 73 deluxe stock Uberti rifle made out of steel and heat treated so it will not bend. Good used condition. All my rifles are carbine models now. $65 shipped
  8. Standard 1873 carbine barrel band with a Slick McClade "sure hit" large carbine sight affixed on it. Good used condition. I like the smaller sight better. $55 shipped.
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