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  1. It comes in both liquid and powder forms. Get the powder, I tried the liquid and had poor results compared to the powder .
  2. My new to me way (right hand shooter) is left hand over top slightly canting rifle with right hand which is still in lever and through the gate. I can do this flawlessly in practice or on a planned reload but when a unplanned jack round happens 19 years of muscle memory take over and I end up with a right hand through the gate.
  3. Smokey Pistols, brass looks great and thank you for the report!
  4. Smoky Pistols, please report back after trying the Brass Juice.
  5. hyespeed welcome to the family! If you could list your location it will greatly help members that are closer to you reach out with invaluable help. muck
  6. Lunger is a SASS member that is always first to help new shooters with tips on how to improve their game and gear. At annual matches when he is dog tired you'll still see him working on shooters guns (free) helping them to the last minute. He is a advanced shooter that will help new and old shooters alike. He has helped me immensely. He also is not a braggart so I'm surprised this thread has got as much out of him as it did. Paying for a clubs SASS membership dues himself is just another thing he has unselfishly done to promote SASS. We'er not talking who is the better MAN here but who is the better SASS member to help this sport flourish....I know my pick.
  7. If it's a stand and deliver give the shooters the option. I have witnessed, issued and received too many penalties for not reholstering when pistols start from a non muscle memory position. The only time I would make it mandatory to reholster the pistols when they start on a table is if there will be a safety issue such as down range movement. Makes no difference on this stage, unless the stage writer likes the idea of mandatory reholster for some reason.
  8. I heard the moving van pulled in at dark and left before sunrise....but then again you hear a lot of strange things when your talking about #4 Good luck with the new place!! muck
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