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  1. So sorry to hear, Bill was a great pard. Condolences to Lucy, his family and friends. I still use the gun cart he made for me probably 15 years ago, cart #13.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I have a hard time with the grip on powder coated bullets I usually have a half a dozen or so bullets scatter around on the floor.
  3. I could tell a “slight” difference to the better. Definitely not a night and day difference. Not having to lube it is a big plus for me.
  4. On my few previous 73’s I didn’t have a problem with it they all came out relatively easy. On my new 73 that pin, even with a jig that son of a gun was a bearcat to get out each and every time it was like a battle royale. After the third time I was afraid to try to take it out again because the bolt was totally beat to hell and probably would not have survive the fourth time. Put in a boogie bolt with the coil spring and cleaning channel haven’t been happier no more heartburn!
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