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  1. Does anyone know Phil personally on here that can get in touch with him? I’m guessing that he just isn’t checking his email and he never sent his phone number. I paid three weeks ago but haven’t heard anything since then. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hey Phil, check your inbox please, thanks.
  3. I will take the one for $50 if you can wait a couple of weeks for pick up.
  4. As someone that has spent a lot of money on watch repair equipment, your price is very reasonable.
  5. If Gambler Rob can’t do it I will take it. Thanks
  6. I somehow managed to get that junk twice, once in March and again in December. The first time put me down for almost a month. Luckily the second time only got me for a week. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Drink a lot of water and get some good rest.
  7. Put me down for #4 if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you
  8. Hey Abilene, I will send you a pm about that deal. Thanks
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