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  1. SHUSH!!!!!! You are not allowed to let people know what I'm up to. Good to hear from you after a few years. I will be in your area in late Aug or early Sept, I will call
  2. Selling a Beretta 1873 straight rifle. It is in 45 Colt, action work completed by Longhunter shooting. 20 inch barrel, shoots nice and will treat you well. $2000 PM me with your questions or text me if you know my number, I don't answer calls I don't know the caller. Too much scam stuff out there. JT Wild
  3. I'm selling a SKB 100. It has the action work completed and mechanical trigger. Barrels are cut at 22 inches, used very little as it is a backup. It is a very nice shotgun and ready for competition. It does show some cowboy use. PM me, I will answer your questions or if you know my number you may text me, I will call you back. $2200
  4. I'm selling a matched pair of Ruger New Vaqueros. They are 38 special, with Shotgun Boogie short strokes. These have been used very little as they are a backup pair. They are in like new condition and ready for your next match. $3500 for the pair PM me with your questions or you may text if you know my number, I will call you back
  5. These are for model 12 Winchesters only. We have worked out the weight of the pin and the weight of the hammer spring. That is why both come in the kit and both have to be installed. That should do the trick. JT
  6. That is a good question, I'm so sure that they do that if it doesn't work for you just mail it back and I will refund your money. I have a 28 gage and it look fits. Guys have just loved these and I stand behind them. JT
  7. I have titanium firing pins and new hammer springs for the Winchester model 12 for sale. The pin is the most frequently broken part because of dry firing at the firing line. The old timers never dry fired them just because of the firing pin breaking the tip (3/16") off. When you replace the pin and install the new hammer spring (you have to use the new spring) your shotgun will feel like you have done a action job. I have yet to have a titanium pin break. PM me and I will text you my phone number if you have any questions. They are $85 for the pair plus shipping, I have them in stock. JT Wild, Dixie Desperados in St George Utah
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