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  1. Thanks to everyone who was interested, but spoke with him and it has all been sold. I apologize for not getting back sooner but I have been at a shoot. Good Luck out there. JT
  2. Thanks for all the good info, especially Ace of Hearts, that is it was explained to me from Hogdon. I have done business with this loader a few times in the past and he brought up this powder. As Goody said try getting someone to sell you enough powder to shoot for a year and you need to get everyone you know to go into the store with you if they have enough. He has always been fair with his pricing in my experience. He has world of loading experience and as I have said before he loaded for SASS for a few years. Glad guys are taking advantage and I think he i
  3. Grass Range, you can call Mike at Hogdon (Birdshot was his alias when he shot sass), ask him about a load for 45-90. When I spoke with him he said it would work fine for 45-70, set brass on its side, place bullet where you want is seated along side and then make a mark on your brass there. Then you can fill it to that line with Trailboss. Please speak with him as he developed this powder for Hogdon. He told me guys use it for many loads above 9mm all the way to 50 cal. With this all said I spoke with the fellow selling the Trailboss last night, he still has a few left for sal
  4. Hay everyone. He made a mistake. Their not twelve pound boxes they are eleven. He was selling for $50 per pound so he is refunding everyone who has purchased a box $50. He is very Sorry about the mistake. With that said a eleven pound container should make you about twenty two thousand rounds of 38 special (2.5 cents a round). He is selling a eleven pounder for $550 and he can ship direct to you. He still has a few left for sale if you are interested, so Text or email me and I will get you in contact with him. JT 801 829 8989, jt2wild@yahoo.com
  5. If you are possibly interested in this Trailboss powder, I just checked and he has sold half of the powder and still has the second half available. Once again they are twelve pound containers of Trailboss and he will ship it to you, so give it some thought if you need powder. I figure one of these containers will make about 24,000 rounds of 38 special. Give me a PM or Text jt2wild@yahoo.com or 801 829 8989
  6. Eli: I don't load 38-40 or 44-40 but Hogdon tells me Trailboss does a super job on many different loads as I have said before. He has a lot for sale, in excess of ten or more 12 pounders if you want to stop up! The present political environment is bad and it probably will get worse before it gets any better. With that said I've stocked up with expectations of the future. Also one of the guys who contacted him got free shipping so you might think of that. Happy trails buddy see you soon.
  7. Hay buddy glad to see you out there. I miss seeing your kids, how is Kicker doing with school. I got a phone call from Nick a few months back and he told us he got excepted into Med school. Love your kids and all the best to you and the Mrs!!! JT
  8. I should say it is great to hear from you also Goody. Sorry to say but it has been fifteen years sense I have crossed your path. I'm living in St George Utah land of the Four Corners Regional (April) and the Huntsman World Senior Games (Oct) if you ever want to visit. Both great shoots. Pete in answer to your question the Trailboss is in a twelve pound package, it should be enough to carry you threw this shortage. Or you could split it with a friend. He is a commercial loader and that is how they get it in. I spoke with Hogdon and they say it works in almost everything larg
  9. Anyone loading Hodgon Trailboss powder, there is a commercial loader in Utah who is selling what he isn't using, $50 a pound. It comes in 12# boxes and he will ship direct to you. Presently it is selling on the internet for $53.50 per bottle (9 once), so it is a fair for the times. Hodgon says it loads well for everything larger that 9mm. If you are interested email me and I will get you the information. jt2wild@yahoo.com
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