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  1. Around these parts you got a pin depicting a monkey and a football.
  2. According to their site the BH are all Talo Distributor exclusive. https://ruger.com/products/vaqueroBlued/models.html
  3. Nice rig! Bob Mernickle and I worked together to come up with this rig around 2004. It's a variation of the rig Red Cent came up with and had Bob make a few years earlier - the biggest changes being holster cant and drop. (Knife sheath & badge holder not included)
  4. Look ^ Yes, I've "carried the torch". "Big" matches and monthlies. IME, there's usually help for "tear down" after a match (after their gear is put away, if there's anything left to do by that time). Work days? Core group. Always the same people.
  5. When I started in 2003 full pistol (and multiple rifle round) reloads were not uncommon. I knew a few that had a S&W in their cart just for it. But back then most every match had at least one stage with a single-round rifle or pistol reload. People practiced 'em. And starting the stage with an unloaded rifle wasn't unheard of either.
  6. I haven't, but I've seen it happen. State match - main match was over and we were shooting some "fun" side match stuff while the scores were being done. Cowboy didn't even know he'd done it. When approached he said, "What?!" Stop now.
  7. 4 You-birdies setup by Cody. 1 Marlin 1894CS setup by Carolina Lucky.
  8. Haven't seen No One since Kentucky State in... a long time ago. Rolled up over-hauls an' barefoot with a top hat.
  9. My favorites... Guns at "shoulder arms" (doubles sometimes broken open, sometimes not): Barrels from almost straight up, to pointing at the ground at a 45 deg. angle behind the shooter - the latter being an open double. Sometimes, in the event of an open double, there isn't a hand on the gun, it's just perched on the shooters shoulder like a parrot. The gun rack: Butt on the ground. Shooter standing with arms crossed, SG leaning against him. Again, no hand on the gun. The walking stick: Muzzle on boot, shooters arm at full length with hand over butt, SG
  10. I haven't, but an uncle did. Through the boot, just grazed the outside of his foot. There endeth his fast draw days.
  11. I see. Thanks I've shot sequences like that many times. Never heard it called a "round count scenario". It has always been stated as you said. .
  12. I've had time to think about it, and I still can't figure out what "round count scenario" is supposed to tell me about a stage. So what is it?
  13. I'll 2nd Mernickle. But, the "for women" part is about the belt, not the holsters.
  14. I was taught the same thing (without the dots). LOOK at the center of the target. When your sights align break the shot. Then LOOK at the center of the next target (don't keep looking at the target you just shot to see if you hit it, that's over and done with), when your sights align break the shot. I'll agree.. Somewhat. When you're in the zone... situationally aware... everything just flows. And you do what I said above w/o thinking. But I don't know Enos, nor am I at his level. Maybe he goes into a trance.
  15. Great video. Also applicable to cocking the hammer in our game, especially if you sliphammer.
  16. One year at the NC State match... four match workers worked each berm (two stages were shot in each berm). Those four workers timed and spotted for every shooter in the match for the two stages shot in their berm. Two of the four were the designated TOs (because one person simply can't run the clock all the time). So, every shooter got the same "officials" on each stage. Those officials also cleared the line of brass & SG hulls and reset targets. We dubbed it the "Show up and shoot" match. Three things: 1) Lost brass match. Local Boy Scouts picked brass after
  17. Bagwell "Gambler" Bowie. 10" blade.
  18. The first time I ever encountered, "UP!" after I missed a SG target I actually stopped and turned around. Had no idea what the posse members from another area of the country were yelling about. We don't do that "around here". Might as well have been a 'cease fire' command. Normally I don't pay any attention to the peanut gallery, but when you have 7-9 people yelling something you stop.
  19. I haven't done the same exercise with .38/.357.
  20. This. If you only practice one gun it should be the shotgun. It's the only gun we load on the clock.
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