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  1. Takes more time to put the hat back on! I say MDQ!!!
  2. I didn’t notice the fiber optic sight. That is illegal I’m pretty sure. The rifle looks good otherwise.
  3. This?? Looks like the front sight is okay. https://www.huckleberryarms.com/GForce-browning-model-1892-lever-action-rifle-hug-p/gforce_gflvr357.htm https://gforcearms.com/firearms/rifles/gflvr357-rifle/
  4. I go along with the others who said no! I wouldn’t take the chance. I use nothing but RNFP.
  5. I was planning on it but I’m fighting this stupid cold or flu I’ve had for the last 3 weeks!! Just getting better so I’m gonna pass. See ya next month, have fun and shoot well!
  6. I used D-Con in my garage, I saw two at different times very lethargic and fat. They were out during the day too. I wouldn’t use them for in the house but those ones that Marshall listed look good.
  7. It’s a little slow in parts but pretty good!
  8. Once a week or more I get mail for the guy next door. My address ends in 73 his ends in 49. Okay that's not even close and it's happened at least a dozen times. I put the mail in his mail slot. A couple times it was mail from his bank and the VA. C'mon dude pay attention, you have ONE JOB!
  9. Yes, plus he's had some health issues so he needs a rest. Great guy and great manager, he will be missed!
  10. Yea sadly he retired but he said he'll still be available for advice etc.
  11. The Indians….er….Guardians have done nothing except a new manager. Not looking positive for this year!
  12. There’s been a few documentaries about him and there’s some books out there on him.
  13. Corsicana a Bass Reeves story. Pretty good movie https://m.imdb.com/title/tt12814440/
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