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  1. Well, maybe he hasn’t told you but he’s shot smokeless before. He shot smokeless at the Firelands shoot in April. I think he did another Tusco shoot this year with smokeless too! Don’t tell him I told you!! Yuk Yuk
  2. Thunder Creek Kid shot smokeless yesterday and also shot two handed. Prairie Dawg shot smokeless too and Swiss went two handed as well! What's happenining to my BLACK POWDER DUELIST heroes?? Glad I wasn't there to witness this debacle!
  3. I love when in countless westerns where they say “I’m gonna blow your head off”!!!
  4. Never heard of it, I’ve heard Montezumas Revenge and the Trots though.
  5. I never saw the hype about Trail Boss. I went back to smokeless about 6-7 yrs ago snd I’ve been using TiteGroup ever since. No problems!
  6. That could mean a "cut and weld". I have a Comanchero from Taylor's that I bought 5-6 years ago and had nothing but problems with it. I wound up getting a short stroke kit and a NEW LEVER! It works great now!
  7. That Comanchero is slicked up and the white is probably more. I paid $1300 a Cimarron from Barleycorn 6 months ago. Short stroke kit was $200 and a new aluminum carrier was $80.00 so it’s around $1600.00. If that 9mm doesn’t need tuning or short stroke then it’s on par I guess. I still would never buy one though.
  8. Pretty pricey! https://www.taylorsfirearms.com/tc73-rifle-18-9mm-tuned.html
  9. I’d try it, can’t be any worse for you than bacon!
  10. https://www.industryselect.com/blog/top-aircraft-manufacturing-companies-in-the-us
  11. Maybe because there hasn't been any other problems reported? Don't blame the media it's actually Boeing period! If you know of some other airlines having doors flying off and engines on fire please post them right here!!
  12. Amid the problems Boeing has had lately, you can find out what you’re going to be flying on. I didn’t know this. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/is-this-a-boeing-how-to-find-out-what-type-of-plane-you-re-flying-on/ar-BB1jYbv3
  13. There’s a post on this saloon about this by Cholla, it has Mike himself telling his story. Scroll down to see it!
  14. $2100 is a lot for a lever gun. I think that’s going to be its demise!
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