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  1. How interesting. I played vibraphone for a while, took lessons on it and used it in college. I was a percussion major. Never finished my degree though. Great instrument. Lionel Hampton made it pretty famous. This Rock Band instrument is really interesting.
  2. I tend to lean towards Fox News, they seem the most honest. As far as polls I never put much faith in them. Remember right before Trump got elected the polls had Hillary killing him. Uh.., we know how that worked out!
  3. Firelands will be shooting this Saturday May 18. Sign up at 8:30 safety meeting at 9:45 shoot right after. 6 fun stages, no lunch but water is provided so better bring a snack or lunch. Weather looks good! See ya'll there! Rye
  4. Very sad story about a shooting here in my town Saturday night. The suspect ran after ambushing the police. They got him 18 hours later and he is DEAD! Full story here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/manhunt-after-an-ohio-police-officer-was-killed-ends-in-suspect-s-death-after-a-standoff-authorities-say/ar-BB1mgJdW
  5. I don’t have a garden and I can’t discharge any type of firearm in my city so this is useless for me. Not good for home defense either.
  6. I fell asleep so I missed it but there were people that got some great pics from here in Northeast Ohio only one mile from Lake Erie.
  7. If I know someone really well and have shot with them I'll use their reloads but not from someone I don't know very well.
  8. To all you moms out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
  9. I guess I was confusing this with the progressive penalties for shooting out of category as Pale Wolf stated. Sorry. Oh well just let him shoot and coach him as best you can.
  10. This is long but explains the controversy pretty well. https://coffeeaffection.com/black-rifle-coffee-controversy-explained/
  11. Here I thought we were gonna be talkin about Neanderthals and CroMagnon man and Australopithecus and stuff!
  12. Excuse me are we still doing cartoons here? Just sayin’…..
  13. When I clean my 73 I never take off the dust cover .
  14. I only tried one once, the Freedom roast, I wasn't impressed. Kinda bitter and expensive. I think I'll pass.
  15. There’s tons of great pictures on the internet from this area in Northeast Ohio on Lake Erie. I had planed on going out to see them but fell asleep!
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