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  1. The only rouble with .22's is you really can't get a really light hammer pull because the rounds may not go off. If she shoots two handed it shouldn't be a problem Lots of clubs around here allow .22's because of the primer situation. I shot .22's two weeks ago just for the fun of it. Two Wranglers, a Henry .22 lever rifle and my regular shotgun. I have to say it was fun!!
  2. Boo hoo to me, 3 rifle jams! How embarrassing! I grabbed the wrong box, those were all designated for pistol because I was having trouble with my crimp die. Long story, I bought a new crimp die and loaded about 200 rounds, they're fine.
  3. Hmmm....accuracy is the first thing that I thought of. What if these drones shoot kids and teachers by mistake? I'd rather HUMAN armed guards myself.
  4. Dana Loesch has a segment on her radio show called, "Florida Man". Crazy stuff!!!
  5. So will Cowboy Shooting be over in Canada if this passes??
  6. Ann Turner Cook, the Original Gerber bay dies at 95
  7. It was also the year the 1934 Gun Control Act was instated. Restrictions on fully auto rifles. $200 tax stamp and a background check! I think you have to get fingerprinted as well and also it must be signed by a mayor, sheriff, prosecutor etc. It stands to this day!
  8. You use your front sights? Hmmm…I’ll have to try that
  9. No problem here, I use Safari for my I phone and Google Chrome on my desk top I Mac.
  10. I have an Uberti Cattleman that has the hammer safety. I bought it 4-5 years ago I think that's when they first came out with it. 200 rounds and no problem. my son has it now and he's shot about 50 rounds no problem.
  11. It's about time! What kind are you getting today?? Sounds like a good lunch! https://nationaltoday.com/national-donut-day/
  12. You were still also allowed to sell “pre ban” magazines and rifles .The gun shows were gouging people on these !
  13. GUN control = Chicago, works real well doesn’t it??
  14. I read that, they want to disassociate themselves with the bird ! Took em long enough
  15. I can’t watch Jeopardy damn it!! I’m not listening to his speech . It’ll be nothing but BS. I’ll hear clips of it tomorrow and all week!
  16. Wow he nailed it didn’t he?
  17. if it comes on the radio I can’t change it fast enough!
  18. The Earl of Sandwich would approve!!
  19. Awesome! Congratulations!
  20. Uberti has a new safety in where the firing pin only goes forward when you squeeze the trigger hence only 4 clicks since the first click on the old ones was a safety like a Colt.
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