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  1. 95 yesterday her in NE Ohio. 82 today, looks like 80’s the rest of the week and next Saturday up to 90 again. Humidity is awful! 70/80%
  2. I was watching Lawman this morning and at the end he was facing down a guy. He told him he should either back down or die. He then said “your choice “ then he said….. SAY WHEN
  3. Happy Anniversary to you both, btw I couldn’t load the pics
  4. I had a Mossberg 500 that I used for trap shoot years ago. I sold it to my neighbor who hunts with it. It’s a great gun!
  5. You know that thought crossed my mind that they let her strike them out. Men were much more “gentlemanly” back then so it’s possible. Great story though and despite being a huge baseball fan I had never heard about this until now. Man the stuff you learn on the forum !!!!!!
  6. Wait! You mean that’s not a real old box of ammo?? Well, I’m shocked!
  7. I think Marauder meant “progressive policies “you know like under $1000 and no jail, also cashless bail etc. These are progressive liberal policies which is not progress at all!
  8. Last time I ordered pizza I had few buddies over and were playing cards. I paid the driver cash. That was about 5 years ago. I could have used a credit card when I ordered it but I don’t like giving my CC # to anyone over the phone.
  9. Since pitchers don’t hit anymore I could see a woman pitching. She wouldn’t have to bat or run bases.
  10. Yep we used to have only Indians games on the weekends, sometimes only on Saturday. I listened to almost every game on the radio!
  11. That catch was great don’t get me wrong but I’ve seen catches just as great if not better in lots of today’s games.
  12. Watching it now! I missed the B&W part fell asleep!
  13. I remember back in the day it was a big deal to throw in the high 90’s now almost ALL the pitchers do. It also seems like the movement on these sliders and curveballs etc are moving more. They were some great pitchers back then don’t get me wrong I just think the talent level is much better than it was.
  14. Very good points. I have to agree. The players of today are in so much better shape than the oldies.
  15. I don’t care what non baseball fans think.
  16. I’ve been a baseball fan for as long as I can remember. I think my first game I went to I was 7. I had lots of favorite players, you know the old time greats, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Rocky Colavito ( my hometown favorite) and the list goes on and on…… I often wonder watching todays players especially the pitchers who almost all throw in the 90’s how those guys of the past would do against todays players? Don’t forget today’s players work out and condition all year around. Some of the old timers even worked jobs in the off season. Just my thoughts about the game. Your thoughts??
  17. Loved this movie with father and son https://m.imdb.com/title/tt2271563/
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