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  1. If we’re not picking from those photos then I’ll take Festus anyday !!!
  2. There’s only one show I really like here. It’s held on the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. Free parking, $8.00 admission. There’s 4 buildings and I’ve got some good deals there. The only bad thing is the parking, although it’s free it’s on grass and can get really messy and muddy.
  3. Sounds like the mail carrier is a little confused as well as the mail sorting room!
  4. foxnews MAXIMUM TIME: A judge sentenced Hannah Gutierrez Reed to 18 months in prison after a jury found her guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the "Rust" set. I hope Alec is next!
  5. I paid $900 for a brand new Model 19 so you can go from there. In good condition it's worth at least $900. That's my guess.
  6. It may have started with Social Security cards and also Driver's licenses. My mom, who never drove, had a State issued ID. I don't know when that started maybe in the 50's or 60's?
  7. A lot of times I give my cart with the quarter in it to someone walking up. If not I get my quarter back. I usually only buy a few items so I just carry a canvas bag in there and don't use a cart. It makes the parking lot cleaner and less cluttered and they don;'t have to have an employee out there collecting carts. I think it's a great idea! Their prices are pretty reasonable too.
  8. Good question, I’ve wondered about that in especially in the old west. How did they know who was who? Even a badge that said you were a sheriff or marshal or Texas Ranger wasn’t exactly 100% proof since you could have a fake or stolen badge.
  9. Agreed! Prices higher than gun shops and the one I was at today had more knives and T-shirts and food than guns!
  10. How about a good old notebook and pen?
  11. I have a bunch of change in my car. I’m never without a quarter!
  12. Yea but flea markets are usually free!
  13. Well since you get your quarter back when you return the cart what’s the point?
  14. I tried watching it a couple times and it did nothing for me either. It’s been on for years! I don’t get the attraction!
  15. We had a huge infestation in 1983-84 and it was loud!!!
  16. He wanted Bloomberg for President! He also supports an Assault Weapon ban and Universal background checks an d gun registration! What a disappointment!
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