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  1. Fox has just confirmed that the remains ARE Brian Laundrie’s!
  2. The problem with the remains being Laundries is we’ll never knew if he was actually the murderer or not .
  3. They could put it on Pay Per View and give the money to the victims family.
  4. Not those annoying Medicare commercials, they’re at least 2 minutes long!
  5. Good movie, I've seen it twice!
  6. I heard then saying over and over and in some print stories, "It appears to be Human remains" Hopefully they finally figured it out!
  7. Like I said it's NOT WHO'S remains it's whether they're human remains or not. They keep saying "possible human remains"! Really?? They can't tell if they're human remains after 4 -5 days?? Again, I'm not saying WHO'S remains!!!
  8. I hope it's NOT! I want to see him fry for what he did, suicide is too good for this scumbag!
  9. For three days now they have been saying that it "appears to be " human remains in Florida (The Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petitio case) How long does it take to identify that it's "Human remains"?? I'm not saying identify whose remains but just if they are human or not!! They do it on NCIS is less than 10 minutes! Seriously how the heck long does it take???
  10. Love it!! The girls are hot!! Sure beats those stupid long boring Medicare commercials! Groooooaaaaannnn..............
  11. My buddy just got tested for that implant so you don't have to wear the mask. https://www.inspiresleep.com/?utm_campaign=brand&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=paidsearch&utm_content=text&utm_term=brand_conversion&msclkid=0b33fb5c73d512cc8f129a2c53530e3f
  12. I’ve heard of that before, unfortunately I use an electric razor
  13. Are they Zeiss wipes? I’ve had others that dried out pretty quickly.
  14. They won’t last 12 months! I’ll use em up by then! I’ll try and remember to save a couple and then in 12,months I’ll say why do I have these?? I’ve had this box for about 4-5 months!!
  15. Zeiss wipes do not dry out, I bought a box of 250 a few months ago and keep some in my glove box and they’re still wet!
  16. I went to one two weeks ago, small show. I sold a gun and picked up some 9mm ammo for $55.00 for two boxes and a box of Federal Syntech 9mm for $35.00. I also bought a candle!!
  17. I bought them at a wholesale store here, BJ's. They're great, I carry some in my car!
  18. No I check all my brass when loading, I would have seen that. I think the primer pocket was a little too big and the primer came out. Maybe......?
  19. They called the 66 the Yellow Boy. I think it was nicknamed that by an Indian Chief.
  20. Am I missing something? I don’t think anyone seriously called him an astronaut! The country didn’t do squat it was a private person. Jeff Bazos. Even more pathetic .
  21. Unfired because the round was intact. The primer was in at least two pieces that broke apart when it got stuck under the lever.
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