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  1. Wild Bunch Lite? 9mm and .38/.357 rifle! Why not?!
  2. 0001 192 He refinished the wood and he actually shot it quite a bit.
  3. Just read the article in the store and save yourself $13.00. You could buy 100 primers!!
  4. Heading up the east coast as a Cat 1, batten down the hatches So. Carolina, N. Carolina, Georgia etc.
  5. I paged through it and it's all stuff we "seasoned shooters" pretty much know. It looks good for new shooters and people who are just getting interesed in old west firearms and CAS.
  6. This is a short barrel one, I'm getting it today! It did have the lousy paint finish on it and my friend stripped it down and refinished it. It looks pretty good. I'll post pictures later.
  7. I like Seattle's best house blend and also Starbucks Breakfast blend. I buy it in the store, I always look for beans but sometimes they don't have them. Starbucks always has beans. I also but McCafe ground coffee sometimes, it's pretty good!
  8. I saw it on the magazine rack at the book store. $12.95?? Sorry no thanks.
  9. Unbelievable how stupid she is! She hasn’t even walked it back yet as far as I know. Nothing on the news about her making a public apology about her statement!
  10. I don’t have one bobblehead except for the one on my shoulders !
  11. My friend paid around $400 for this about 10 yrs ago. It’s in great shape! He’s selling it to me for $300. Good pard!
  12. Yes but that’s National League not the American League. AL is 61
  13. None of the serial numbers in my book have the prefixes. They just list the numbers. It’s not by Colt it’s by R.L. Wilson
  14. Thanks, good to know. There’s nothing wrong with it. He did shoot it quite a bit but it was a backup to his Winchester.
  15. According to my little Colt book it says 22000 was made in 1876. 33000 was 1877. This book doesn't have the SA or SAA prefix on anything.
  16. It's been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, still dangerous but maybe the worst is over for Floridians. Now the devastating cleanup begins! Prayers up!!
  17. Interesting tidbit on Bob Feller way back in the day The machine, called the "Lumiline Chronograph," used photoelectric cells to clock the object that passed through the device's opening. Feller's second pitch was the fastest one, clocked at 98.6 mph. Here's a photo of Feller throwing into the machine. Weintraub writes: However, since the machine measured the speed of the ball as it passed through its sensors, unlike modern radar guns that clock the ball as it leaves the pitcher's hand, it actually flew much harder. Some estimates put the fastball at 101-103 mph, others as high as 107.6 mph.
  18. How early? I think he bought this around 10 years ago. I'll find out Friday when I get it.
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