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  1. At 3 State Championships, Steam Punk to be recognized? SASS has slid off the deep end respective to the original intent of the sport
  2. OK Grits - here's the other one for the Cleaner/Degreaser ... but it doesn't say squat what's in it http://www.bull-frog.com/products/msds/clean_degrease.php
  3. Bull Frog MSDS ... http://www.bull-frog.com/products/msds/elec_cleaner.php
  4. It's long but the testing is very informative ... https://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=546316 PS: Even my favorite Eezox was not the winner!
  5. Words of Wisdom from Rowdy Yates - Know Your SASS Loads ... http://www.cliffhangershideout.com/gazette/2005/mar05.html
  6. Scarlett - this is a fact: * The website doesn't list loading data for many of the new powders on the market either. These loads can be found on the vendor's databases * Might add: if the powder on Smith's website is currently available - loading data doesn't change even if the powder is still currently available if it is 80 years or older. * I have copies of Philip Grant's 1937 Complete Guide to Handloading with loading data for currently available powders that is "My Go To" source for non CAS caliber data. It was updated in 1953 with additional powders and data that I also use for reference ... 1937 Complete Guide to Handloading (by Philip B. Sharpe) ... http://www.milsurps.com/content.php?r=423-1937-Complete-Guide-to-Handloading-(by-Philip-B.-Sharpe) So, there is no concern that Smith's data on the website from 2009 is any different for today's powders - plus there is no other compendium of the varied recipes by multiple bullet weights on the Internet that I know of except in Grant's 1937 book and updates in 1940' - 1950's Complete Guide to Handloading https://www.amazon.com/complete-guide-handloading-Books/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Acomplete guide to handloading
  7. Titus - the link is good, I just opened it up with latest version of Firefox. "Server Not Found" is an error message that your firewall software is blocking the site. I went through this issue a couple of weeks ago - was getting "Server Not Found" for nearly all websites using Firefox using Avast as my firewall software. If need be, you'll have to change your firewall software in the Security to make the link accessible. Before you do this - log out of your computer and use Google or Explorer to open http://reloadammo.com/
  8. Red Cent - you will not find any information on Smith's website - so let me expound on the breech seating process for you. I breech seat 32-40 and 38-55 reloads using a CPA Stevens 44 1/2 and a Uberti HiWall using custom made breech seaters. I don't BS in lever actions but the principal is the same: * First need a rifle with a chamber leade that is throated to accept a tapered bullet - usually 2.5 degree opening * Next are tapered bullets, not straight wall that will allow the bullet nose to be chambered so that it is fully engraved all the way to the base, so the base is engraved 1/2 the width ... purpose, so as not to create fins on the base * If a plugged case can be used in a lever, fine but the tool normally used is a breech seater specific to the make of the rifle and caliber * Next reload the brass with just primer and powder. But sure to use a pinch of cotton or a wad at the case mouth to prevent the powder spilling out into the chamber on insertion * Put the tapered bullet in the seater with the nose extended 1/8" for wide base bullets or 1/16" for small with bullet bases ... chamber it with the action hammer block or in your case the bolt * Then insert the charged case in the chamber - close the action and ... your now breech seating Breech seating paper patched rounds is tricky, so stick with grease grooved bullets. This is what I take to to the range in addition to the charged cases PS:You can adjust the the nose extension in the plugged case by lengthening or shortening the round brass bar in the case IMO and others, a very accurate tapered bullet for breech seating is the Ideal Dr Hudon designed 375272 for the 38-55 375272. This is the famous Schuetzen bullet designed by Dr. W. G. Hudson, which gives such remarkable accuracy in .38-55 rifles which have been specially throated for it, the bullet being loaded into the bore ahead of the case. 5 bands, front three bands .372, bottom two bands .382 (PB, FN, 310 – TP 449) Accurate Molds has a clone of this bullet that I sent Tom an original Ideal to have him make a mold for me. He also has the Ideal 319273, 32-40 Dr Hudson bullet mold I sent him
  9. Why do I reference M.D. Smith's website as a recommended bookmark? Because there is no other 'one stop reference' listing ANY WHERE ELSE FOR: * 51 calibers with .. * Multiple weight bullets for each caliber * Multiple powder brands for each caliber * Multiple powder charges for the different powder brands * The velocity for each powder charge which would be unknown unless one owns a chronograph For instance, a popular CAS caliber is the 38 Spl. There are 15 bullet weights listed for the 38 Spl caliber by - multiple powder brands - corresponding powder charges and the velocity for each And if you note at the bottom of each caliber there is this reference footnote ... Bullseye, Unique and 2400 are products of Alliant (formerly Hercules) Powders. Clays, Universal, HP38, HS6 and H4895 are products of Hodgdon Powders. IMR 3031 and IMR 4895 are products of IMR (formerly DuPont) Powder Company. No. 2, No. 5, #2230, and #2460 are products of Accurate Arms Company WAP, WMR, WSF, WSL, 760, 748, 231 and 540 are products of Winchester, Components Div. VV N320, N330 and N340 are products of VihtaVouri Oy Company References: Accurate Arms Co. 1996 Reloading booklet - - Alliant Powder Co. Reloaders' Guide (1995) - - Hodgdon's Basic Reloaders Manual (1996) - - Speer Reloading Manual, #12 - - Winchester Reloading Components Manual, 14th edition - - Lyman Piston & Revolver Reloading Handbook, 2nd edition. - - VihtaVuori Oy Company, reloading booklet (1995) - - Numerous magazine articles on reloading special calibers and personal loads where noted. Also internet references 2009
  10. The SASS Wire doesn't have Archives about the multiple questions that folks ask about on a recurring basis over the 25 years in existence. Over the years, I wish I had a dollar that I have posted MD Smith's website as the response to answer the reloading questions. Even Grits is using it as reference to the questions. I believe if more CAS shooters bookmarked the site,more common questions would be answered by them quickly - on the spur of the moment instead of posting and having to wait for the answer or a PM. Also, they too could be become re-pliers to the questions to help folks out because cowboy shooters in the aggregate don't maintain published reference books in their reloading rooms - where the answers are there also And yes, reloading a 44 WCF is more tricky that reloading straight walls. I only have one firearm in 44-40, a 1887 JM Marlin Ballard. In the beginning, I crunched more cases than I want to admit - but loading that caliber and the 32-20 only comes by experience - doing it
  11. Fingers - thanks for your reply Guess you didn't read the rest of the website instead of just the loading data that's there. And don't miss out all the information in the 300 alphabetically links on a multitude related subjects and sources ... LINKS to many other shooting related pages Over 300+ Alphabetically. Hope you enjoy the website too Using Trail Boss for reduced rifle and pistol loads with lead AND jacketed bullets: 2010 Steps of Reloading Accessories you must have Discussion of Handloading Dies Bullet Pulling (disassembly of loaded rounds) Discussion of Powders (Brands and Types) Manufacturers, addresses, phone and e-mail info. Powder Burning Rate Comparison Chart Shows all major brands and types : from Hodgdon Ramshot Powder Burning Rate Comparison Chart Foot Pounds of Energy Calculations Find out power delivered to target Taylor Knock-Out Factor Calculations What it takes to knock-out big game Bench Presses - Types and styles Casting Your Own Bullets Selecting the Type Bullet for Best Purpose Bullet Manufacturers (Jacketed and/or Plated Commercial ) Bullet Manufacturers (Cast Lead/Plated Commercial ) Loaded Ammunition Manufacturers Extensive list of Shooting & related companies: Addresses and numbers. Accessories that are good to have Bullet Trap and Backstop you can make at home. Pictures and how-to. Gun Cart from Golf Cart you can make. Pictures and how-to. Speed vs. Powder Location in Case Makes a BIG difference Light loads in large cases can explode (2007 update) Case Fillers Keep powder against the primer for higher velocities & consistency FAQ's: And Answers from my e-mail pages (51-70) 2004 FAQ's: And Answers from my e-mail pages (1-14) 1996 FAQ's: And Answers from my e-mail pages (15-30) FAQ's: And Answers from my e-mail pages (31-50) The 4 Laws of Gun Safety Print out a copy and post by your guns. SABOTS The latest thing, nylon jacket to shoot .22 cal bullets in .30 cal guns. = = = = = = = = [Black Powder Muzzle Loading ] = = = = = = = = Black Powder page 1 and info. BP loads are volumn NOT weight. Black Powder Loads: Pistol BP loads are volumn NOT weight. Black Powder Loads: Rifle BP loads are volumn NOT weight. COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING: Info, links, club shoots, stages and photos, centering in SouthEast U.S. LINKS to many other shooting related pages Over 300+ Alphabetically.
  12. http://reloadammo.com/ New Loading Data - Handgun & Rifle Calibers by Bullet Weight and Powder Charges ... http://stevespages.com/page8a.htm
  13. In the beginning of CAS it was a gun cart of any design - then it went to wooden push carts with a box for the ammo and stuff - then there were a few historical motor powered machines - now it's golf carts. What's next? Stage coaches to move the shooter from one pit to the next? I shoot a club where 17-25 shooters alternate between 2 bays. The long arms are in gun racks and the guys usually bring a box with their ammo and stuff. IMO, the carts of any type are to move your stuff from one bay to the next. So why not shoot 2 scenarios from one bay to decrease the hauling to individual bays to shoot the next scenario?
  14. Call he vendor and ask for a refund? And if they want to pay return shipping. Otherwise,, the badly formed bullets go in the pot
  15. https://youtu.be/d-cFqtExkwQ https://youtu.be/J6G3txyHoiQ
  16. Believe Maddog's search is ended ... get your credit card out. And Enjoy Shooting Black Powder
  17. Griff - that's a square load! Sure one can charge a lower amount of powder. Do they go Boom or do they just go Pufff!
  18. Cat, the Lee Load-All will do a fine job loading 20ga BP rounds ... IF, there is a shot bushing to dump 61.75gr or 68.5gr of BP for the 7/8 and 1 oz shot reloads Otherwise, a powder bushing sleeve will have to be made. Or the option will have to be a Lee adjustable shot dipper and the powder dumped manually not using the slide. Lee Load-All's with the supplied powder bushings are designed to reload smokeless rounds, not black powder
  19. Okie Dokie, did a test reloading sample this morning on the scrounged Estate Super Sport Target - Remington Gun Club - Rio Target - Herters Target and Federal Top Gun: * Win 209 Primer - 75gr Goex 1F - WAA12R wad - 1 1/8 of # 7 1/2 shot. All gave perfect crimps except the Estate. Will have to add a tad more shot to bring the crimp up In addition to the hulls in the dumpster - 26 perfect boxes
  20. Went to the club today to scrounge once fired hulls for my BP reloads. All the barrels along the skeet range were empty with new plastic bags ... So, In the dumpster I went, shaking the contractor bags, listening for the sound of empty hulls clicking. Came home with 2 contractor bags, opened them and found: * It had rained when the bags were in the barrels along the range. Punched a hole in the bottom of each bag and about a 1/4" of water came out * One bag had the remains of lunch, french fries and wet soggy donuts - a total mess Well, mulled it over what to do and ... the air compressor. So got a clean empty contractor bag for the 500 + or- hulls and 2 empty large boxes * Hand cleaned the outside of each hull ( donuts stuff & french fries from insides) - into Box 1 but the insides of the hulls were still wet * The other bag, just cartridge boxes and wet hulls So fired up the compressor to 150 psi and started drying the outsides and insides - 5 hulls at a time, blow dried the outsides and did the following for each hull on the inside: put the air gun with a rubber tip into the hull and watched the small water beads run up the side of the gun. No bubbles - dry inside hull - into Box 2, dried and cleaned * Back to Box 1 - grabbed 5 and air dried the inside of the hulls, then into Box 2 All cleaned, dried and into a new contractor bag - Done! Hind sight, I should have just bought 500 once fired hulls from our local reloading supplier! What's the most popular shot shells at club? Estates and Clubs!
  21. I knew a commercial caster that put several bullets in the pot with the smokeless lube in them. He scooped the dross of and put it in a box. I remelted this dross with good flux and found 68% of his dross was lead.
  22. Weak hammer spring for the right barrel. Might also be crud in the selector on the trigger that governs which barrel is to be fired. Drop the stock and give the inards a good cleaning
  23. Trailrider - there is no parent case for this 11.15x55R caliber. And all the closest parent cases in the 11.15x 56 to 58 ... all have different neck - shoulder - base - rim and case length. The length is easy, but the others would need lathe work and could weaken the cases. Best is to do a good chamber cast - send it to Rocky Mountain Ctg to see if they will lathe cut the brass and it's not going to be cheap. Then there is the issues of proper bullets - mold and dies, all custom. That's if Pit Bull wants to go through all the technical details and purchases to make it happen to keep the obsolete caliber. He's stated he is a reloader and no mention of his gun smithing skills that would be required in this project Otherwise, he should talk to a competent gunsmith who has the skills for options, decide on one and then he comes back to the Wire with the results instead of all these posts shooting holes in the sky with no results! Pit Bull, I believe the nickel is now on you to resolve your issue!
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