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  1. https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product/swiss-black-powder-2fg-1/ And Google has this for Powder Inc website. ... https://www.google.com/interstitial?url=https://powderinc.com/
  2. The best indicator if and when this pandemic is going to correct is keep your eye on the FBI monthly NICS checks. I historically watched numbers increase and got the credit card out for reloading & powders on the Wish List. Didn't have to rush to the scrap yard for lead either.... over 1700 lbs of various alloys, all marked on 6 lb ingots plus plenty of reloads and lubed/naked cast bullets for every firearm in the safes ... shot shells also. It's pretty boring now not having to cast and reload Truthfully, I really feel sorry for those new SASS members and those that didn'
  3. Latest update .... He did have a mini stroke and is still in the hospital. He is coherent and is having an MRI today.
  4. Admitted to the hospital yesterday with either a large stroke or a TIA mini stroke Posse up Cowboys, please
  5. There's more on the link .... Famous Outlaws of the Old West ... https://galaxypress.com/famous-outlaws-of-the-old-west/
  6. https://galaxypress.com/women-of-the-west/?utm_campaign=Traffic+to+Galaxy+Press+blog&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paid&hsa_acc=1474088649496155&hsa_cam=6146564273625&hsa_grp=6155816411025&hsa_ad=6155816412825&hsa_src=fb&hsa_net=facebook&hsa_ver=3&fbclid=IwAR2V4cnFKNx9r736Vol6ZriqjpaEADMUB5bip5i_B-fMXIZ3JWuDhsAgJHg
  7. Don’t have a clue, never heard of them ... https://zincpoint.com/ammo-components/?features_hash=5-Y. https://zincpoint.com/aboutus/
  8. Powder Inc ... #10 and #11 caps, 13 cents per 1000 .... 8 cents per 5000 https://powderinc.com/product-category/primers/
  9. The key to easy shucking of USED spent shot shells, irregardless of rib or smooth hulls is ... the MEC Size Master ... The sizing station accommodates both high or low brass heads, and the highly accurate "Power-Ring" collet sizer returns every base to factory specifications. An eight-fingered collet squeezes the base back to original dimensions, then opens up quickly to release the shell.
  10. Snakebite .... line a 100 Cowboys up and say the word ACTIV and 99 will shout ... Say What? The "one" will be me .... have about 5 hundred hulls, 20 and 12ga plus the last wads available for sale ... red, yellow and white and the loading data for each. They are the only hull I use for waterfowling ... no rusted bases Was a sad day when Fiocci bought them out and discontinued making them
  11. Vista is blowing smoke they need to increase prices ... https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/vista-outdoor-announces-record-fy21-second-quarter-operating-results-301166959.html Outlook for Fiscal Year 2021 Third Quarter "Our focus on e-commerce was well timed and well executed as this channel grew more than 100% during the quarter," said Sudhanshu Priyadarshi, Vista Outdoor Chief Financial Officer. "E-commerce at 22% of YTD sales contributed to the healthy upswing on the EBIT margin to 13.5% as well as superior growth in YTD free cash flow to $190 million. With the balanc
  12. Vista Outdoors has an answer for all of their owned companies ... During this year we have seen significant increases in raw material prices such as copper, zinc, and lead. Additionally, increases in labor and health care have exceeded our projections as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. Hello? https://www.dailymetalprice.com/
  13. FBI background checks for gun buyers soar by 36% to a record 4.7 MILLION in March
  14. Got word today from reloading vendor, LP & LR primers in stock ... only in a brick, one to a customer not one of each
  15. HK, let us not forget the 44-40 ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.44-40_Winchester.
  16. scroll down in the posts ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/2240329319566707/
  17. Those primers are the classic worst I have ever seen and definitely are coated with contaminated powder. So, IMO, the squib was due solely to a cleaning process that left moisture in the case that contaminated the powder If the spent reload primers were removed before the liquid dunking - were perfectly day before putting in the cleaner, the primers would never look like the ones in the pictures. Ergo, all points to operator’s methodology
  18. What’s the bullet weights for all these TB powder charges thathave been posted? Weights do matter folks. 6 to 7gr is listed on Hodgdon for 250gr bullet only
  19. Heaver bullet = more felt lbs of recoil http://www.shooterscalculator.com/recoil-calculator.php
  20. Out of stock - backlogged - discontinued .... should give you an indication that there is a 'drought' This only applies to new reloaders - casters, etc and not those that maintained their inventories and bought when there was 'fruit on the trees'
  21. A 0.18 metplat is really not too noticeable differently than a round nose bullet ...
  22. 32 Colt brass available ... https://www.rccbrass.com/?s=32+Colt&post_type=product
  23. LC Smith locking lugs were not made for the stress shooting Cowboy and will break easily. Ask me, I have one that is a parts shotgun or face an expensive rebuild of the lug
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