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  1. Can you get a reloading dies for those?
  2. Give me the senior E-7 on the site...NOW!!!
  3. I surely do admire that man's hat.
  4. The one it replaced was a forty some year old Mag Light. We lived a couple of miles up the road from the factory and some friends worked there. It was a great light. Replaced the bulb with an LED a few years back, but had to retire it when I went to change the batteries and one had ruptured and was frozen in the tube. I tried everything to get it out and finally gave it a decent burial and moved on. Looks like I'm a NEBO guy for the time being.
  5. Aw, yes. Greenie Stick Em caps. Long ago and far away, when I wore a younger man's clothes.
  6. Farmer Brothers. Usually found in restaurants. I followed one of their truck all over to find out where to get it. One word answer: Amazon. Also Community Signature Blend. Just a touch of chicory, but if they hadn't told me I'd never have noticed.
  7. Browning museum, Ogden, Utah, west end or 24th (25th? It's been a few years since I was there.) street in the old train station. Been there a lot and still am amazed by the number of guns shown that I have owned or used over the years. Got some really spectacular old cars in the north end or the same building....and a big yard full of train stuff outside.
  8. How about sleeping in the truck. I used to sleep in mine. Air mattress, electric heater, all the conveniences except a toilet, shower, and hot tub. After my wife died I sold my whole rig and stopped traveling altogether, but it worked for a dozen years.
  9. Now I didn't even see that one. I'll have to go back and get one for carrying in my car.
  10. Never heard of then until yesterday. Bought one about 7 inches long and it is a very impressive light....so far. I just need one for my house and yard, not looking for a "tactical" (I'm learning the detest that word) light, but this might do in many circumstances. Any one even heard of them or have any experience with them?
  11. I heard a story about Winston Churchill: He was sitting in the parliament two rows behind two men who were talking about him. They were speaking softly and one said that he had heard that Winston was becoming feeble and couldn't do the job any more. Churchill leaned forward and tapped one of the men on the shoulder and said, "They say the old bastard is getting hard of hearing, too."
  12. I'll bet those are hell on airframes, flight crews, and mechanics who have to keep it all together. Not sure how much grief they would cause the enemies facing them, though.
  13. I'm glad to be back. I had a period of time where I earned my black belt in falling down, but I'm over it now (he said with crossed fingers). but I'm a 1942 model and almost no one makes parts for that series any more. I love my EMT crew (five minutes down the road) and my ER crew at the VA, and all the rest that have been there when I needed them. I have a daughter who would have been a good "Hat" (DI) in the Corps. She bullied me into getting a Life Alert system. Trust me when I say I would probably be dead if not for them. I've had to retire a lot of my false pride over the last five years or so. Swallow yours and consider a Life Alert or something similar if you're getting old, frail, etc. Kind of like carrying a gun and putting fire extinguishers around the house: You may never need them but you'll be mighty grateful if you have one when you DO need it. You're welcome.
  14. Got up early to get a very few groceries, some cash from the ATM, and back home....in the first skiff here since last winter. Looks like we'll be in for more, but not much. We're in the greatest part of Arizona: mild winters, moderate summers, and lovely springs and falls. On the other hand, the thumbs on the wrong side. No, seriously, I was raised in snow country where I've seen nearly a hundred inches in the front yard for several months more than once, I have lived in many other places with vast snow coverage. The only time in my life that I was ever snowed in was four years ago........right here. I had never owned, nor so much as driven, a front wheel drive car and didn't realize that if you got the front wheels off the ground you went nowhere. Not only that, but if you're really not paying attention, you get the car out just far enough to block the garage door and you can't get your super duper whiz bang pickup out of the garage, either. Four days trapped because of a void in my mind........but it will never happen again!
  15. If you didn't offend someone you did something wrong...idiot. I wonder if I'll get stomped for this.
  16. That's a good picture of you, Garth. Usually your driver's license photo isn't all that great but it captured you perfectly.
  17. Don't dwell on that, Pat. You'll hurt yourself.
  18. Some people don't have enough mind of their own to be loose in public.
  19. I have, unfortunately, had to ride the red limousine seven times in the last year. The last time I fell on my left side with my back against the garage wall and my chest touching the front of my car. (Just as a public service, there is NO PLACE ON THE FRONT OF AN IMPALA TO GET GRIP ON!) The space from the top of my head to the side of the steps into the house was around fifteen inches. The gurney couldn't get to me so a lady EMT gently lifted my head and chest while another EMT gently slid me out far enough so she could get the keys out of my pocket and they could back my car out and get me on the gurney. I love my EMTs, but have driven myself the twelve miles to the ER a dozen or so times and had my wife drive me over twice, and a friend has taxied me over twice as a well. And for those who missed me the last nine days, it's because they hauled me over there again, put me back in action and released me about this time yesterday.
  20. When I was Japan I was on a train with two other Marines who were discussing a very lovely Japanese lady. After a span of about ten minutes they were startled when we slowed at a station and she turned and calmly said "Excuse me gentlemen. This my destination." They looked like they had been slapped and as she got off and the train started up again one of them said "My God. She spoke English". An older woman smiled at them and said, You should know that many of us do." Then the blushing, stammering, and apologizing started. Before we got to Hiroshima I had recruited one to be a Conversational English Glass where I was one of the instructors every Friday night. ...and signed up two more students for the class, too. Sometime life is just FUN!
  21. I needed something, don't recall what, but I had two others of a three piece set. I told the guy at the store I'd take three of them. He asked why, because I already told him I had two already. I said that with God as my witness I'll likely lose at least one in the years to come if I only bought one, but if I bought three I'd probably never need the extras and besides, I'd like to look down as my kids were going through my things after I die and ask "Why do you suppose that crazy old fart had all of these?"......and I did that with most little stuff I'd need from time to time.
  22. My dad was raised in the Ozarks all the way to western Kansas. He and Mom called anything with a residue of small volume and large area a "skiff".
  23. I've used about half of those myself. I won't take long to fill out the other 50%. Thanks, Pat.
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