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  1. and these jackasses are the first ones to yell for help and threaten to sue if it isn't on their steps immediatly.
  2. But then that marvelous fist fight could never have happened.
  3. I put a stop to that kind of driving when I told my son he was paying for his own, gas tires, and repairs...and thathe was no longer on my insurance policy.
  4. I could have assumed that from the fact that you're still alive and not even crippled up.
  5. That surprises me because when I left the Corps in 1978 ( almost a half century ago,) it was almost forbidden and unacceptable certainly frowned upon, then. We even called their officers "Sir".
  6. Like I said in another post, "Don't poke the bear."
  7. All my life I'll remember my dad saying "Don' poke the bear."
  8. Either one will get you slapped into next week. if the LM (lady Marines) hear you say it......and when you get slapped my an LM you stay slapped!
  9. Logically bees can't fly at all. Apparently bees and hummingbirds aren't smart enough to know these things. Thank God for both of them.
  10. My smart phone? My smart phone doesn't exist.
  11. Does anyone on this planet make a sinple step counter that will fasten to a 1 3/4" or 2" inch belt and not cost as much as a tank of gas? I found one at Big 5, the only one anyone had in stock and it fits my needs but has a dainty little belt clip that just doesn't work on my street clothes. I don't want nor need one that hooks up with a Smart Phone (which I don't own) nor any other computerized Gee Whiz gadget. It sure is hard to be a dinosaur these days.
  12. Back when I joined SASS there were a number of the "old timers" that I got to know, some very well and some not so much. Many of them became people I admired greatly. One of them was Evil Roy. I have heard of a movie by that name, but until this morning I had never seen it.....and now I wish I hadn't. I'm very sorry my old friend, but that movie just didn't do you justice. Gomez Addams playing you was a true travesty and they had you portrayed as a dufus fool, and you just ain't any kind of fool. I apologize to you for anyone who mistakes the man in the movie for you or thinks poorly of you because they saw it and never met you. Your friend, Forty Rod
  13. One Christmas I was a restaurant manger and I bought my people a little pillow about 2" by 2" each with one side black with "naughty" embroidered on it, the other side red with "nice" on it. A day or two after Christmas the mother of one of my young ladies walked in, laid the pillow on the table black side up on a table and asked me (with a big grin on her face) "just now naughty is she?"
  14. How does that explain politicians?
  15. They told mr to behave. I was have for a few days but didn't enjoy it.
  16. Jack, I'm just curious: being at the bottom of the world does Santa Clause come in through the basement?
  17. A friend of a friend got something similar for his Tesla because it is so quiet that people would actually walk into it and he didn't want to get involved in some sort of lawsuit for driving a dangerous car.
  18. I learned to duck. My wife learned to feign with one hnd and when i ducked I met the other fist coming in. That's when I learned to shut up. Since she passed away I've pulled most of my mouthy skills out of storage and now say pretty much what I want, where I want, and to whomsoever I want. It's cost me some friends but brought some more into the fold. 'Tall levels out in the long run.
  19. Customer service be damned. I'd have hung up on her about the time she started hollering at me.
  20. What incentive is there for anyone to be a LEO in Chicago, or any other place in Illinois? I tool my family out of the state in 1972 and never looked back for so much as a second. I have never even driven through the state since then. There are a large number of other states that I have "blessed" in the same way.
  21. Nor unless one of them was part of that Australian trio Olivia, Newt, and John. (Sorry, but I've been saving that one for about thirty-five years. )
  22. I might but I'm not vain enough, not to mention too lazy, to do that
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