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  1. Like I said, it worked for me. Each of you will have to get your own set of dos and don'ts, set them down on paper and come hell or high water STICK TO THEM! And don't expect overnight results, and don't get discouraged. It doesn't work that way. Patience and won't power will pay off.
  2. Needs some carpeting on both sides to be truly functional
  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOH, Mommy. Can I have one? Pleeeeeze! I'll take care of it and have a step up on every other kids' kitties. Those other pics are just wasting my dreams.
  4. Aside from it being my favorite color I don't do blues. My son, on the other hand.... ....Jail House Fingers Franklin
  5. A good neighborhood bakery would be my solution. I'm a mighty good baker, but I don't decorate worth a hoot. I'll be happy to taste test your goods, though.
  6. Sounds like challenging a purchase on a credit card. I did that on a Chevron / Texaco card and it took almost three months to get a new card. BTW, they did cancel the purchase, but I wish I had paid the $34.++ and avoided the crap that I got.
  7. In answer to those who want to know how I lost that weight, it doesn't take will power! However, it does take won't power! I still eat most of what I did before. I added some fresh produce but not a lot, mostly things like bananas, blue berries, an apple or two week and the same amount of oranges, pears, and sweet onions. Still very little green leafy vegetables. I've cut way back on bread and sweets. Sweets I still have, but I don't eat large servings any more. One or two potato chips or crackers instead of half a bag or box. One piece of toast, not two or three. A half can of soup or chili rather than the whole can. I get to use a lot of left-overs that way, too. A single piece of beef jerky lasts longer than potato chips of the same size and are more filling, too. The dog and I share a "fun size" 3 Musketeers or Snickers every night and I'll get a maple bar about twice a month. I eat when I'm actually hungry, not because something made me think of food. I stopped watching cooking shows when I stopped watching TV. I turned off my cable TV and have no broadcast connections at all. It saves money, my sanity, and so much false or questionable crap in my life that I'm calmer and more pleasant to be around....and stop that that laughing! I plan meals ahead to a larger degree, but I'm not spending a lot of time or effort on it. I drink about a gallon of water a day spread out over 18 hours. A product called Propel gives me the electrolytes I was missing. I've cut back on salt. The salt I use is Real Salt from a place in Utah (via Amazon). It has a unique flavor, but it doesn't overwhelm anything. I use some "taste enhancers" (as my Mon called them) like fresh ground pepper, Tabasco sauce, HP sauce and A-1, soy sauce, lemon salt, lemon sugar, and some prepared seasonings. I scan labels to avoid artificial sweeteners, chemicals I can't pronounce or spell, and anything that has an excess of sodium. I don't drink alcoholic beverages and don't smoke. Those are personal choices that caused me a lot of grief in the past so I stopped using them. Side note: I figure I've saved the cost of a Corvette in the 24 years since I quit. It's been better for my health and paid for whole passel of guns. I'm not preaching nor saying what worked for me will work for everyone. I found something I could live with and forced myself to stick with it. The results are still working for me so I'll get to my target weight of 180 before too long. Then I can start working on resahping my bod and getting some muscle back where it was before. BTW, I still eat out with the Marine Corps League, some cowboy shooters, and with friends at the Senior Center, plus once or twice a week just because.
  8. Well.......! I was so happy with my loss that I celebrated last night. A good English roast, mashed potatoes, brown beef gravy, Cranberry Delight salad, a dinner roll with jalapeno jelly, sarsaparilla, and a slice of lattice top Dutch apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Just weighed myself. Gained 6 pounds over night. Still under 200, but a lot of the joy disappeared. You'd think that after 82 years I'd have learned better.
  9. I hit 193 pounds this afternoon. That's a loss of 100 pounds in 22 months...and almost nothing fits any more. I've stayed ahead of jeans and have some new shirts, but I don't have many hats that still fit, most of my coats (that I don't use a lot in this climate) are way too big now, and I can walk out of much of my wardrobe. My semi dress slacks are baggy beyond belief, but I don't wear them enough to worry about it right now. Even my boots and boot socks are loose, and come winter I'll need new gloves. The old ones are nearly worn out anyway, but still....! I had to buy a new dress shirt a month back so I could go to a wedding and I only had dress shirts the size of camping tents. I had to remember how to tie a Windsor knot again because a four-in-and didn't take up enough slack. I do feel good though, better than I have in many, many moons.
  10. When I was growing up most of the women in my mothers family were very adept at crocheting, knitting, tatting, needlepoint, embroidery, quilting, and simply sewing with a machine or by hand. Even some weaving, but I never ended up with any of that. Mormon communities were like that. As an only son I was on the receiving end of a lot of these talent-driven products and when I got married I had a bigger "treasure chest" than any other guy for miles around and more that many young ladies did. Quilts, afghans, antimacassars, place mats, aprons, hot pads, pot holders, tea towels, kitchen towels, storage bags, laundry bags, hand towels, pillow cases, specialty bandanas, picnic blankets, bed sheets, snoods, scarves, hand warmers, sweaters, cold weather vests, embroidered inspirational signs and pictures, carriage / car rugs, table cloths, best spreads, sleeve guards and almost anything else you can imagine. My wife had to buy sheets and pillow cases and a few other things as we bought larger beds and couches, but I still have a closet full of things that haven't been used in sixty / sixty five years. BTW, her family contributed to our stash, too. I even had a dozen or so little afghans that my mother made especially for various dogs we had, and a few doggie sweaters, too. Had some doggie booties but never had a dog that would tolerate them. We went years without buying baby blankets, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, booties, etc. because we had something suitable in the closet. I've been donating a lot of things since my wife died, a lot of the nicky-nacky stuff and almost all of the needlepoint and embroidery but I still have a lot....and a few years back I gave away a huge box of sewing patterns to Stepping Stone Charity so people could make their own stuff. They were all gone inside a month and I have none left.
  11. Racially offensive? You mean like the holocaust and German POW camps, etdamncetera? BS! Sing it and be proud.
  12. Something I have removed or disabled on every semi-auto I have owned that had such a gadget....except a Model 51 Remington .32 acp. Never could figure that one out, but I never carried that collector's item anyhow.
  13. My 11 year old pup takes her favorite blanket as soon as she hears the bang (including thunder and other loud noises) and drags it down to my walk-in closet. As soon as I open the door she makes a nest behind my boots and settles in. Once it's over she gets a drink and takes a nap as if nothing has happened.
  14. Send me a message if so. I have a dilemma. Thanks.
  15. Hey, Alpo, let us know how it works out for you.....if you can still work a keyboard.
  16. On the way....delivery Monday. I looked all over the net and couldn't find single units of these thing. I don't know how you did but I'm grateful. Thanks a lot. 4T Rod
  17. I agree 100%. I'd consider one without the cheap checkering, the old size and style stock and fore end, an old style butt plate, and no swivels....but not this over done and over priced rig.
  18. In California there are multiple laws covering everything you do. it's the major reason we left and why I will never return, even for a visit.
  19. I have two 4" stove pipes that need two 4" inside diameter trim collars each. I found some on the internet but they all sell them by sets of ten or more. I don't need ten, I need four. Color doesn't matter (Krylon can rectify that) and I can use steel (preferred) or aluminum. Any help? Thanks. 4T Rod
  20. I never thought that Myrna Loy was beautiful, but LORD did she have a beautiful presence. Very striking. I just watched The Bachelor And The Bobbysoxer last night. (I never saw it before) She was quietly great again. Temple had outgrown her cute little girl days, though, and didn't show me much.
  21. Just noticed that he, like Gene Autry, has a double Buscadero gun ,belt but only has a right-hand holster.....no left hand holster. I noticed that on Gene close to 40 years ago, but this is the first time I saw it on Tom McCoy.
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