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  1. Been meaning to talk to you about that.................
  2. And iced cocktail shrimp. I could almost live on those two alone.
  3. Thank God. We couldn't wait for a college degree and further education to get to us. Navy Corpsmen and Army Medics were needed right NOW. Not putting doctors down, just stating a fact.
  4. TS Junior. So do a lot of other people. If it hurts so much why don't you resign?
  5. War surplus helmets and liners; clothes; canteens cups and covers; gas mask carriers and back packs; rifle stocks; holsters and slings; bayonets and sheathes; compasses; mess kits and accessories; canned heat; aviator helmets; patches, badges, medals, and insignia; first aid kits; and much, much more. Those were the good old days... and almost no one ever turned to a life of crime or shot anyone (until we went the 'Nam and other evil places).
  6. Next door neighbor solve his problem. He bought a second hand ambulance and converted it himself. It's NOT a camper, it's a well made, surprisingly large capacity motor home that will sleep four, has 6'6" headroom in most of it, and has everything I could want except a bath tub. Shower only. When everything is stowed for travel it will seat four in comfort and would suit me just fine....if I ever decided to travel anywhere again.
  7. Steam roller is easier to remember and spell..... and everyone knows what you're talking about anyway.
  8. time they deport him (and any others) fly him home and drop him off at his destination.....from 25,000 feet.
  9. I had a dream last night that got me to thinking about games I played as a kid that I haven'e seennor heard of in decades: Marbles Jacks Mumbly peg Dodge ball Hop scotch Anything on a jungle gym Musical chairs Hide and seek Penny pitch Tug rope Are these still played and am I just out of touch or are they no longer known to our kids? Add to the list because there are many more
  10. That's pretty open, assuming I deserve any at all.
  11. Pilot Razor Point felt tip pens. Comes in permanent and wash off with water types and four colors: black, red, green. and blue. They used to have purple, yellow, and orange too, but I don't see them any more. They also have about five sizes of tips.
  12. One base station and three charger bases for the remotes. Range is about a quarter of a mile. I can buy three more remotes. My gripe is poor ergonomics and lousy instructions.
  13. I did, but I was an Ordnance officer and we had to learn a lot of useless stuff....like the designations of WWII vehicles.
  14. Some good citizen with a .22 and a silencer could simply walk by, shoot a perp or two and walk away. The LEOs wouldn't have to see what happened and nobody heard anything. Couple of time a week should make it too dangerous to pick on a cop, then we could move on to robbers, muggers, home intruders, child molesters, etc. The population would drop, the economy would flourish with all the morticians and funerals, more sales of guns and ammo, and the streets would be safer. I think it jusy might be worth a try.
  15. What a rude thing to say about potato bugs. Shame on you.
  16. From that look I'm betting someone is going to die
  17. And you will be punished severely for the first one.
  18. Can I keep them? They make great chew toys.
  19. Our phone was an operator type and our number was 343B (Party line). Operators were Miss Sally, Miss Luella, and Miss Rebecca....usually. Our first dial phone (about 1961) was SKyline 2- 2174, then Sk 2-2174, finally 742-2174. The 801 area code was still in use until after Mom died and then changed to 435.
  20. Getting closer. I didn't mention that I wanted wireless phones, but I do. Thanks.
  21. I remember those visits. Our house had a built in ice room under the back steps. I was insulated and was lined with galvanized iron and was "fed" though a steel door from the driveway. It held six 50 lb. blocks of ice which was delivered on call. They also owned the local cold storage lockers where Dad put all of our game and fish, and a half a steer and a hog, sometimes some chickens. We'd follow the truck around in hot weather and ger free chunks of ice. Better than the ice cream man (who was also a welcome and common visitor in the summer time.) .Milk, cream, butter and cheese were delivered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and put in an insulated box Dad built and put on the back porch. It kept the dairy products cool in the summer and above freezing in the winter....and kept the neighborhood critters from stealing things or licking the milk bottles (Heavy glass with waxed cardboard plugs. Remember those?). The railroad had ice fields in Evanston,Wyoming that covered acres, and huge insulated ice houses to support the refrigerator cars before they put in mechanical reefer units in each car and killed the ice trade.
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