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  1. Looks like a viable solution to a well known problem. I wonder why it didn't catch on or come back later with improvements
  2. Almost no one remembers cars that BIG any more.
  3. I use a Gillette safety razor with Wilksinson Sword blades or a Gillette Mach 3, Colonel Ichabod Conk's Badger brush and his Bay Rum cake shaving soap, (in an old fashioned green rubber cup) and sometimes finish it off with Grand Bay bay rum after shave. I finally gave up my old German throat cutter a few months back after my hands got so unstable that I was afraid that the old straight razor would live up to its nickname. I'm leery of cutting, freezing or breaking off parts that I'm still using. I'm a near antique collector's model and they don't make parts for us any more.
  4. I posted something in the classifieds and it's gone. Anyone want to tell me why?
  5. Denix M-1928-A1 military version (horizontal forearm, no compensator), 1 dummy 50 round drum magazine (DOES NOT STAY LOCKED IN MAG WELL), 5 dummy 20 round box magazines w/ repro U. S. military canvas belt pouch, and 1 M-1907 leather U. S. military sling. My price: gun $255.00 drum 33.50 box mags 114.95 sling 16.00 $ 439.00 YOUR PRICE $ 200.00 shipped to you continental U.S address I carried an M1 A1 in 'Nam and now have a copy of the gun I ended my tour with. Great wall hanger. Send me a message or email if you're interested.
  6. I believe I'v seen F4-Us with three blades and later versions with four. I seem to remember something about the four bladed ones having more powerful engines.
  7. It's like seeing and appreciating a fine vintage sports car or some really nice guns. or a wonderful sunset though: a just enjoy looking at them in awe and wonder
  8. There are very few green foods I eat. Iceberg lettuce, sweet peas, asparagus sometimes, most pickles, mint chocolate chip ice cream, lime if used as a a condiment, green Jell-O, bell peppers, maybe a few more.
  9. I have a picture somewhere of my dad, ca about 1926, dressed as a motorcycle cop in a school play called "Forty Miles An Hour". It's a story about a man in his Kansas town who was terrorizing the people by racing around until Dad ran him down and arrested him.
  10. There's an old saying "don't poke the bear" if you don't want trouble. Seems like a better version, maybe something like "stay way away from the bear, dumbass." I lived in bear country several times in my life. I love bears, but I don't get too close to them because they are nearly indestructible, faster by far than they look, temperamental and unpredictable, and deadly.....and they are NEVER completely tame. I have been lucky to have had only one close encounter with a bear, a female black bear and after thirty-five foot face to face staring contest I think she decided I simply was not worth her trouble. Good thing, too because I was fully armed with 3" Buck pocket knife.
  11. Strange that my .32, .380, and .45 pistols all are chambered for ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) ammunition and that revolvers and single shot handguns (and other that are not semi-automatics) are not considered to be pistols, when from the earliest days of firearms those who were proficient with handguns were known as "pistoleros". I get really nutsified when people get all bogged down in semantics when it really doesn't make much difference. Let's stay on course and not get side tracked by minor crap. Now"assault" weapons, and "Saturday Night Specials" etdamncetera is another matter altogether. That's deliberate misleading for political purposes.
  12. I belong to a model builder's club and the are several people who do that quality work and use that background "trick". One man kit bashed a couple of VW "bugs" in 1/24 or 1/25 scale to get a rare version. He had a color photo of it with a sky rack and road dirt and a lot of other details. When he finished the model it was so detailed that we asked if the tire valves and cigarette lighter worked. Even the weathering matched...and he took SECOND place in a huge show in Phoenix just for car models.
  13. Never heard of them before. Kinda pretty in an alien critter sort of way. I had a sports car the same color as their feet, a TR-3A.
  14. I wonder if I could get a drone and use it to hunt drones. Got bald eagle at certain times of the year. Lots of them at Lynx Lake, six or so miles from here, but not many this year. First year we were here there were an estimated 300+ there. Spectacular to watch. Had a male sitting on the ground under my flag pole one morning. By the time I got my camera he had gone.
  15. There is NEVER a time for a Dremel on a gun in my opinion. I have three and they are great for craft projects but never for gun work.
  16. Four basic food groups have always been sugar, salt starch and cholesterol. My dad said so and he never lied to me.
  17. Saw Aussie Canberras at Phan Rang. We cross supported them for parts for ground bound vehicles and became friends with a lot of them.
  18. I have a thing for 1903 Colt Pocket Hammerless pistols in .32. Owned a bunch over the years and still have three and a M-08 3.80
  19. And you're no doubt offering to take on some of her load! LETCH!!!!
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