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  1. and my tin ear didn't help, either.
  2. Ever heard of the two shot zeroing system? IT WORKS!
  3. I have decided that between these IDIOTS saying all these things and the number of IDIOTS believing them and panicking, compared to the number of people who do NOT believe all that crap, that the AVERAGE IQ or the world is about 6 . The human race will be gone, not because of any natural or man-made calamity but because of massively rampant and irreversible STUPIDITY! We could well become the next level of Cromagnon or Neanderthal after the next iteration of humanoids come along and wonder at the fact that we lasted so long.
  4. And yet you live in Florida. What is wrong with this picture?
  5. Sounds like she got the elevator and you got the shaft. Thank Jerry Reed for that comparison.
  6. I've only seen one, never owned one. A friend got the fast draw craze, as many did in the '50s and 60s, and bought a GW 5 1/2" .45. He kept it for about three months and traded it and $25.00 for worn but functional Colt. Calling it a POS was a compliment.
  7. My daughter is of "this generation" and she'd shoot someone dead and face the consequences as they come. Her husband is a 30 year Marine with a chest full of medals and many years in combat. Use your imagination. My daughter-in-law works in a mental facility with whoever is brought in. She is as hard as a barrel of nails. My son grew up alongside his sister and works in the same place as his wife with the about same conditions. I don't worry about my kids much at all.
  8. She's like too many people today. They don't live in the same world I do.
  9. He was a Marine. Started out enlisted, a day or two after Pearl Harbor, went to flight school and was promoted to Second Lieutenant and retired 32 years later as a Brigadier General. Told me me he stared out in Hellcats, went to Corsairs, then Panthers and Sabrejets, and ended up in A-4 Skyhawks. Had another cousin who went into the Army at about the same time, was sent to flight school and went up through the ranks. He flew B-25 Mitchells in the Pacific and stayed in the reserves until Korea, went back active and flew B-25s there. He went back to the reserves and was taught to fly B-47s (the most beautiful bomber ever built) and eventually was put into a whole number of instructional roles. He also stayed in for 32 years and retired as a Colonel.
  10. Eye tests are "farmed out" to a civilian contractor at no cost to me. That's because they don't have an ophthalmologist on the staff, only an optometrist....and because of my lens transplants that won't do. I also get one pair of lenses and a frame every year, but they aren't suited to my face (make me look like Mister Peepers aka Wally cox) so I go to the Walmart clinic a couple of blocks from my house and pay for them myself. They even give me a vets discount for the first pair and they'll make lenses to fit the frames I already have so I get about five pair a year. I just had the exam a week ago and will get to Walmart after my daughter and her husband leave next week.
  11. But I am stunningly gorgeous. No brag, just fact.
  12. There was a H-D museum out east if here in Dewey, but it closed down a few years back. I'm not into motorcycles, but it's still a shame to lose that history
  13. I had a cousin who flew Corsairs at the end of WWII and early in Korea. He loved that plane and said it was like a spirited horse: you had to be in control and stay in control, but wasn't hard to stay in control and there were no surprises. His second favorite fighter was an F-86 Sabrejet (FJ Fury he called it).
  14. When I was younger I used to ski Solitude, Beaver Mountain, Alta, Park City and others. Utah still has some of best ski areas in the world. After I left for the Army and later the Marine Corps, I lost my snow tolerance. Northern Utah still gets "eleven months of Winter and a month way late in the Fall every year" as Dad used to say. I don't do cold anymore, but if you're into skiing of any kind, ice skating, snow mobiles, dog sleds, or hay rides, even just wandering around in the snow enjoying some gorgeous scenery, then that's the place to be.
  15. What an insult. Burros are delightful animals to have around and can carry loads that would cripple a horse. Besides, the little buggers are cute.
  16. We don't have many small stores around here any more. Most are cafes, antique stores, thrift shops, and a very few jewelry, custom clothing stores, and the like. There is only one dry cleaner in the quad cities area and it's 26 miles away. I've been trying to get curtains for my bedroom and there are a few dozen place here. Only two have agreed to give me quotes. One was outrageously priced ("well we are a custom shop and you have to pay for quality." $1500 for four rectangular panels.?) and one sent a guy over who didn't know how to use a tape measure and had no idea how to get the curtain rods down. He said he'd get his boss to work up a quote and get back to me. That was seven weeks ago and I haven't heard from them yet. We do have some little known but very nice cafes, but several have closed recently because people don't seem to want good food at good prices. They want fast food in paper bags handed out a window and pay more in some cases than a quality meal served in a good atmosphere by people who care...and get to know you.
  17. I'm told that if I have a disabled plate or placard I can park ANYPLACE that isn't an emergency entrance or exit.....and I do. Got into a couple of pi--ing contests over it and told them to go on ahead and call the police. I also tell to them to get the hell out of my face until the police arrive. The police have never arrived, although two officers drove by, parked and got out with their shopping list. They walked right by me and a loud mouthed jerk and never even slowed down. It doesn't hurt to know almost half of the town police and a deputy or two. I've complained to the police and town council about the disabled parking situation and no one has taken it seriously. If I get into a fight over it I will not lose that fight.
  18. Atta boy, Fang. Good dog. Don't eat anyone you find 'cause you'll ruin your appetite and you're getting sirloin tonight.
  19. I'm 215th down the list: The Ides of March. Used to be the day your income taxes were due, too. When I was about fourteen I asked my Dad why the tax day was changed. He told me that the government decided that we couldn't stand three disasters on the same day and they could do anything about the Ides Of Match and my birthday so the moved the only one left. That information dang near stunted my growth.
  20. Oh. lookie der. Some other hombres beat me to the punch. S'all right though. I don't like punch much.
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