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  1. From that look I'm betting someone is going to die
  2. And you will be punished severely for the first one.
  3. Can I keep them? They make great chew toys.
  4. Our phone was an operator type and our number was 343B (Party line). Operators were Miss Sally, Miss Luella, and Miss Rebecca....usually. Our first dial phone (about 1961) was SKyline 2- 2174, then Sk 2-2174, finally 742-2174. The 801 area code was still in use until after Mom died and then changed to 435.
  5. Getting closer. I didn't mention that I wanted wireless phones, but I do. Thanks.
  6. I remember those visits. Our house had a built in ice room under the back steps. I was insulated and was lined with galvanized iron and was "fed" though a steel door from the driveway. It held six 50 lb. blocks of ice which was delivered on call. They also owned the local cold storage lockers where Dad put all of our game and fish, and a half a steer and a hog, sometimes some chickens. We'd follow the truck around in hot weather and ger free chunks of ice. Better than the ice cream man (who was also a welcome and common visitor in the summer time.) .Milk, cream, butter and cheese were delivered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and put in an insulated box Dad built and put on the back porch. It kept the dairy products cool in the summer and above freezing in the winter....and kept the neighborhood critters from stealing things or licking the milk bottles (Heavy glass with waxed cardboard plugs. Remember those?). The railroad had ice fields in Evanston,Wyoming that covered acres, and huge insulated ice houses to support the refrigerator cars before they put in mechanical reefer units in each car and killed the ice trade.
  7. I'm not certain he was ever "together".....kind like me in that respect.....which I don't get much of any more.....respect, that is.
  8. Yes I do. I'm almost always happy...unless some idiot decides it's safe to screw with me.
  9. Somebody messed that up in Alpo's case....a long time ago.
  10. I'm not weird. I'm uniquely individual. So there!
  11. I want one because I've suddenly been through four (that's 4) cell phones: two Cricket Lively, one Consumer Cellular, and one T-Mobile) that aren't worth a pinch of puppy poop. I'll keep the T-Mobile for emergencies but I want a land line for personal calls from people I want to talk to. If I don't recognize the number or name it gets dumped. Whatever. You go to your church and I'll go to mine.
  12. I think the hat is on right. It's his head that's backwards.
  13. I need some help. I recently bought a land line phone with three remotes and I'm having some "old age related issues". The controls were designed by some geek (or several) and are in no way ergonomic nor even easy to understand. I want to find something that has easy to understand instructions in plain old 1950s era English. I want large easy to read controls and screen. I don't want to be forced to use a code to access any function whatsodamned ever. I'm looking fir simplicity and usabilty and could not possibly care less about "gee whiz" features. And I don't want to spend a college semester's tuition to to get it. What are the recommendatiins from the experts on this site? Thanks. 4TRD
  14. "Retired" is the best and least expensive hobby I have these days. It's so VERSATILE!!!
  15. S&W made their first lever action repeating guns in about 1854 - 1855, later called "Volcanics" that were quite successful even with the underpowered "rocket ball" ammo they used. This ammo had a number of negative features. The only one I ever saw was a .41 caliber ten shot carbine that was tiny by comparison to other rifles of its day. Seems I recall someone making a conventional version a couple of years back and using something like a .41 Mag case severely shortened and an extractor / ejector system that the original guns didn't have.
  16. Well, hell Tex, if that's the case you should run right our and not buy any.
  17. I have a box that I paid under ten dollars for, and NO, IT'S NOT FOR SALE! I have a right fine S&W Model 1 1/2 First Model that I may use them in someday.
  18. That looks a lot like clumsiness. Who do you think you are, ME? I was dressing the edges on my kitchen knives and decided to do the same for one of my pocket knives. Used my thumb to see if it is sharp enough yet. IT IS!! After all these years you would think I had learned better than that.
  19. I had one and my sister got it when I outgrew it. I got it back when my son was about three and he kept it. He had it restored maybe fifteen years ago and now my grandson has it. It looks pretty original except for the plastic wheels in place of the original stamped metal ones. I'd like to find a Japanese pedal car like my son got when we were on Okinawa. He used to pull the red wagon with his yellow #6 pedal car, but I've never seen another one like it. I had my wife's Sears Roebuck Flexible Flyer sled restored twenty years ago and her husband recently replaced rhw wood parts and it's hanging on a wall in his workshop....where they never get any snow.
  20. I never thought much of him as an actor....except for a movie I came across a bunch of years ago: Oscar. It's a comedy starring a dozen or more really well known actors, and Ornella Muti, one of the best looking actresses to ever stand in front of a camera. I just finished watching it again and have lost count of he number of times I've seen it. Let me know what you think.
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