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  1. I worked a summer in Yellowstone. Bears are great and I love watch them, but they can kill you in a heart beat...and will if provoked. The best defense I can think of is a fully armed squad of USMC infantry.
  2. If I owned it I wouldn't even shoot you with it for $500.00
  3. I have a bottle of this that I have used on furniture with great results. It never dawned to me to use it on my guns. I'll get it out and try in on myLyman Great Plains Rifle. It's not in bad shape at all, but it's been a wall hanger and neglected for a few years. Just noticed the silver blade front sight is about a degree and a half off vertical. No idea how that happened bot I'll shoot it a few times and see if I did it on purpose at some time or another. Thanks for all the good responses. I'll file them all away.
  4. At least it's practical. I've got a spare in the work shop so I might just try it out.
  5. Many years ago in a land far away I worked for a black powder gun shop. We sold a product called Jacksonville gun stock wax, a semi liquid stuff in a small plastic bottle. It worked miracles on all gun stocks. My last existing bottle is down to a few precious drops and I can't find it on the internet or at any gun shops. If it's still available I'd like to get some more and if it isn't, what is the recommended stuff these days
  6. I remember when Undertaker double loaded a 12" 1st gen SAA .45Colt. He said he was loading 3.6 grains of Unique and went to answer the phone, came back and added 3.6 more. I think he salvaged the grips. The rest hung above the cash register at The Flintlock at Hobby City.
  7. We got 10 inches of snow and the whole place looks like a Christmas card. This is ARIZONA! It's reported to be hot here year around (Mostly by people who drive through Phoenix on their summer vacations). I left places like northern Utah, Illinois, and Iwakuni, Japan to get away from cold weather.
  8. I'd rathe ear dried dog poop with a rusty spoon than look at that face.
  9. You could swing up here on your way home and we might be able to find a toy store that you could enjoy. They don't call Prescott "Gun City USA" for nothing and I'm only about fifteen minutes fro the courthouse plaza and few dozen places to get good food for less than a mortgage payment.
  10. Used to go to Tick Tock Root Beer or A&T Sandwich Shop, both on the way home for Junior High and later High school, or we'd go the other direction to The Spudnut Shop. All three were less than McD's and had a better selection to boot. I don't even remember just where McD was and when A&W moved in it pretty much ran the others out. And then I discovered Frederico's Pizza up by the college (I grew up in an partly Italian family and never tasted pizza into I was 20) and my whole world changed.
  11. No. This is the one where everyone in the entire video is doing everything they can wrong. You don't hunt lion with a platoon and go stomping all over the area. The one I'm looking for had four or five people in it. They find an unwounded lion and the whole thing takes less than a minute. The hunter takes the shot and the whole thing is over. I think three shots were fired total, one by the hunter, one by the pro and a last one again by the hunter. And the camera work was very superior to this kindergarten thing.
  12. I don't drink wine. Haven't for years and never did drink it much even then. So tell me: WHY IN THE WORLD DO I SUDDENLY HAVE SUCH A RAGING URGE TO FIND ND BUY A REALLY FINE WINE CORK PULLER-OUTER SCREW? I gotta stop hanging out here. This place costs me a lot of money for "I don't need its".
  13. I think I'd go home and watch TV. I doubt anything but shark would be biting today. Wonder what the anti-hunting, killing, crowd would say about this? They might have a tough time blaming this on us.
  14. Ran some errands this morning, came home with some overcast skies and a tiny patch of sunlight shining through. Took my few purchases in and put them on the kitchen counter. Back out to check the mail, total time inside under a minute. Snowing like a Utah blizzard. Took the mail inside and put some bread in the two sloace tister and when it was done I looked out and the not only wasn't any snow falling, there wasn't any on the wet roads, either. Damn weather man needs to have his license pulled.
  15. The right. I'm a right kind of guy.
  16. And what will this do the my Model 19 S&W won't? And my gun is prettier and easier to keep clean.
  17. Neither will I. I found it better to just walk away from my cart and leave the store. I told a manager that if I wanted to bag purchases I'd apply for a job with union guarantees at the rate I was paid when I was working (about $121.00 an hour.) with a minimum day of four hours, and that I'd be a damn site better employee than anyone in his store. He responded with "well in another three years we'll only have self check out and some people to help you if you need it. You'll just have to used to it." I smiled and left a full cart there for him to take care of.
  18. And people have the nerve to ask me why I quit teaching in 1988. My parents who were life long teachers advised my nephew to seek another profession over 30 years ago because of the way it was going.
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