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  1. Close. MWSG-17was our "parent unit" and our crest was shaped the same but was a gold/tan color and had WERS-17 in rust red color. The diamond shape was the same size, but the wings were something else and we didn't have the stars stars around that. That's the part I can't pull out of my memory. Some sort of tools maybe. It's been about 52 years ago and I might not even get what I wrote above right. We had a huge Butler style metal warehouse that was mostly empty storage with four offices and a head along one outer wall and two offices and a break room with cots and a couple of tableson the opposite wall. The walls were bare and the place wasn't insulated. That part of Japan is right on the water and winter temperatures were often well below ZERO. We had eight tiny Herman Nelson fuel oil stoves to keep warm. THAT I REMEMBER VERY CLEARLY ( thought I was going to freeze to death) but that emblem over the door eludes me.
  2. Steel trucks didn't give enough traction from the smaller engines so the kept the rubber tires which followed the front trucks. Some had a metal single axle rigid truck behind the rear wheels, usually something small like the ones on the hand cars.
  3. They do? Pat, I think you met my wife, and while she was most unarguably female and feminine, capable of turning heads of guys half her age, she could still kick most guys butts until she got older. She'd argue her point with anyone, had challenged men to a fight and told them to choose their own weapons, raced sports cars that were D womens' class in mens' C class and stayed in the top three most of the time and only stopped racing when the club told her the insurance wouldn't cover her when she was pregnant. She was also a champion class bowler, a volunteer instructor in handling violent patients at the Army hospital at Camp Kue, Okinawa before they changed the name of the place, and earned a diploma from a school on Okinwa and a bunch of awards in Ikenobo Ikibana Japanese flower arranging, got her BS degree at the age of 59 with a 3.8 GPA, was a paralegal who went to court as a client hearing representative when her boss (a well known and very successful lawyer specializing in personal injury and worker's comp) found that a member of the BAR wasn't required. She was very well known in Southern California. When I was a Company Commander she was the "CO's Lady" and took charge of everything that was needed including helping my men's wives and daughters when necessary (weddings, baptisms, fashions, party planning, etc.)and being a shoulder to cry on for the men and their families. Pretty? YES, Petite and little? At five foot eight and 155 pounds, NO, but she carried it all perfectly. I went with a 5 feet nothing 101 pound red haired girl in college. It didn't last long because I was always afraid I'd break her. I always preferred bigger, well-padded "squishy" girls. One was a blindingly beauitful Texas redhead who was 6'2" and weighed in at about 175. She had four brothers her size, That didn't last long either because I was afraid she'd break me. I always leaned toward redheads. Sometimes I leaned harder than others...and yes, my wife was Irish and Scottish and French.....and she had red hair And just for the record I NEVER fawned over any one at anytime for any reason.
  4. I am SOOO jealous. One of the very few things I miss about California is the fresh sea food. Some of the others are my friends that I'm unlikely to ever see again, some amazingly great restaurants (many that were mostly unknown to anyone but locals and people like me and the Grumpy Lunch Bunch), the Grumpy Lunch Bunch, a few museums, and some little "back alley" shops that had some really great stuff...but I doubt that most them are still in business. Oh, well, I'll just sit here and moon over your fresh fish. Let me know how it turns out.
  5. And Buffy has outlived them all and shows no signs of ever quitting, but I agree that your big three did a great job of ruining many nations during our last real war.
  6. I bought a GE fridge about twenty years ago and it's still working beautifully. When we moved here it wouldn't fit the space in the kitchen where it stills serves me well as a second fridge in the garage We bought another GE then (Ten years ago.) and I'm shopping for something new because this one keeps changing its own temperature. It's not causing much more than an annoyance so far , but I'm still looking. The best appliances I own are a Whirlpool washer and dryer that I've had for twenty five years. I had to put new gaskets in a few years back and I replace the hose every three or four years because of our amazingly hard water here. My Whirlpool gas range is a beautiful example of how NOT to design such a tool and was poorly assembled as well.
  7. A can of Progresso New England style clam chowder (I prefer Ivars Puget Sound, but they are a small outfit and it's hard to find it much of the time. Pour in a pot. Add a half dozed medium sized cooked shrimp with the tails and veins removed, chopped into quarter inch bits. Take two jumbo scallops cut to the same sized and precooked in butter. Two slices of bacon cut up and cooked until firm but not crispy an about a tablespoon of the grease, more if you like it, are added. I finally finished it off with Real Brand Salt from Utah, Tabasco Sauce from Avery Island down in Louisiana, and about a half teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper. Stir it thoroughly and continuously over medium heat until it bubbles for about three minutes. I washed it down with a bottle of Sioux City sarsaparilla at room temperature (my personal choice.) That's one of the best meals I've made in a along time and makes me enough for two meals. There 'tis, Blackwater. Give it a try. The rest of you have my permission to try it, too, and you're welcome. I'm always open to other variations and new recipes,
  8. Haven't been on a plane since 1998. See no reason to ever get on one again.
  9. And along the same lines I was assigner to WERS-17 at Iwakuni, Japan after that and can't fine a picture thea unit's crest. It was over the door of my warehouse for a year and I never took a picture of it. In case anyone wonders or cares. I'm building a chest with all my Army ROTC (High School and college), Army, and USMC "treasures" on it. I also am including state and national flags of all the places I lived over the years.
  10. Even though I spent almost five years on "The Rock" during three different occasions I still can't recall what the Prefecture Flag looked like pre-1972. I may be wrong (it could happen, but seldom does ) but I don't think the current off-center bulls eye was used then. I'd like to know if it was different and if so where I can get a good clear color picture of the old one.....and I'd pay good money for a hat / lapel pin or badge. It's not terribly important, but if someone could / would humor an old man it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 40 Rod
  11. I have a 1957 vintage Colt Dick Special. I love that gun but now that I've seen yours I'm thinking that maybe.................!
  12. A kid I went to school with had an Amphicar. He took it over to Hyrum Dam to show his girlfriend his new toy. They swam ashore when it sank, Story was that she closed the door on a swimming bag and it didn't seal. Don't know for sure but it made a good story. A couple of years later he was driving one of those Jeep thingies that looked like a WWII German military utility vehicle.
  13. It would make me wonder how to get rid of it without anyone thinking it was mine.
  14. I was very fortunate to return from 'Nam to my home in norther Utah, at that time a very conservative part of our country. My family were well known and respected in the Cache Valley area and Dad told everyone he knew (and he knew almost everyone for miles around) "Don't ask him anything about Vietnam. He'll talk about it when he's ready." I had two encounters: One in the San Francisco airport. I was officially out of the Army but still traveling home under orders and in uniform, and had to change planes to go into SLC. There was an hour or so layover and I was tired and hungry and nervous. Two hippie pukes started in on me and when I got up to walk away one slapped me. Before I could do anything else and before he could get up an airport cop showed up. He said he'd seen what happened and asked if I wanted to press charges. I said I just wanted to go home to be with my family, but I didn't want to be accosted again. Another cop showed up and the first one told to take these two pukes into custody and charge them with "loitering or littering or whatever else" he could think of, and took me to a staff lounge until boarding time. He lft and I never even got a chance to thank him. Second was a month or so later. I was teaching a sixth grade class in Brigham City, Utah (Just nine days after I left 'Nam) and was one of three new teachers, a nice young lady from Clearfield who happened to knew my wife, and an easterner who was one of those super snooty jackasses that you just want to slap to sleep. He wore tweed jacket and leather patches, had a neck scarf like a French Apache dancer, a cute little Charley Chaplain moustache, and smoked a pipe. One day after class he showed up in the faculty room with a black ribbon around his arm. One of the teachers asked if he had a death in his family. He superciliously stated the "No. Those of us who really care are wearing these bands in protest of our invasion of Vietnam." I hadn't talked to him much so it surprised him when I snarled "Take it off!" "I will not! I have a right to protest if I feel the case is right." He looked positively offended. "No! you don't. Your contract, like mine and everyone else's here, forbids showing any political feeling or support on campus. TAKE IT OFF! Don't make me take it off of you because you may take that arm too!" About that time the Principal came in and asked Rula Foote, one of the senior teachers (God love her) what was going on. Before she could answer this this puke interrupted and told the Principal that I had threatened him with physical violence an he had done nothing to provoke it. Rula stepped up and told the Principal almost verbatim what had occurred. The Principal told him to take it off. He refused and the Principal told our eastern associate to follow him. They left and we never saw that jackass again. Next morning a substitute was there and a week later they gave him the job permanently.
  15. What if I had been born very rich instead of so pretty? You get the same answer: it didn't happen that way so I won't dwell on it.
  16. I heard it was every square INCH! Either way you aren't likely to walk away from the strike zone. We were just out of Nha Trang, about twenty miles on the Cam Rahn peninsula, and we called them Spooky, but guys up north said "Puff The Magic Dragon". I'd been in country a couple of weeks when they came over to do their Magic over on the mainland and on a tiny off shore island. We watched from less than a mile away and I don't often use the term "awesome" but I sure did after that because Spooky was most certainly Awesome! That's spelled with a capital AWESOME! I saw them three more times in the next year.
  17. You're asking too much form our undereducated and over paid news media types.
  18. How long until some idiot tries to blame guns, law abiding gun owners, manufacturers of guns and gun related things, laser sights, and every other thing they can think up for this? Wait for it!!!
  19. Is that BABY killers or baby KILLERS? IF that's true (and I doubt it is) I suspect a bunch of people will have the a$$ in a sling over it.
  20. It's not my first choice, but I would use it with comfort for a second choice. I've seen it done. Just remember bullet placement is VERY important.......as with any caliber.
  21. Just watched it again about three weeks ago. As good now as the first six or seven times. just got Hacksaw Ridge again.
  22. Hey, Bubba, check out Boondock Enterprises. They gots lotsa pepper-flavored jams and jellies. Also most Kroger stores have them in the deli section. I'm gonna try banana jabernero next.
  23. One of my favorite movies is The Legend Of Walks Far Woman...based on a true story. She shows her acting talent and nothing else, not even a slight glimpse of sexiness.
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