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  1. Hey, I ran into a new one at breakfast this morning. A very appealing lady walked in with a tee shirt that had a message a lot of you will understand: "How do I take my coffee? Very seriously!
  2. I gave up on HD years ago. Id you aren't a contractor they care whether you're there are not....and their aisles are nearly always crammed full of junk blocking the way, assuming the aisle isn't closed for some reason or another.
  3. Came with five rounds in the hollow grip.
  4. I was thinking about Carter....but whatever. Hoffa is still alive. He plays poker every Friday night with Amelia Earhart, Elvis, and Judge J. F. Crater.
  5. I also had some I wore, like a picture of a Disney dwarf: "Does this shirt make me look Grumpy?" "I don't want to shoot anyone today. Doesn't mean I won't." "If you don't want to put up with my rudeness and attitude, don't talk to me."
  6. I got this from my daughter for my birthday back in March I don't usually wear tee shirts with stuff written on them but this one....this one I take out every week ot two.
  7. except I promised my daughter I would watch it. Don't get the animated version (it stinks), but I checked out the real people version from the library, watched, enjoyed, and can heartily recommend Mulan.
  8. Well, I got some mighty good ideas from you folks. We have a couple of fine Mexican markets here and finally found some tomatillo sauce that is locally made and has no artificial crud in it. It's way better than I've come across anywhere in years. And there's carneceria just down the road that makes about a dozen varieties of shredded beef and has some "taco" tomatoes that are great. There's even a woman who has a little bakery and puts out wonderful tortillas My cast iron skillet is going to find a new place to hangout, too. I'll start gathering some things together to try out what I've learned here. Thanks to you all.
  9. Haven't seen one in seven or eight years since moving to Arizona.
  10. Couldn't watch it past about 3 minutes: careless gun handling guns that never existed in "cowboy day" before about 1975 calibers that didn't exist in "cowboy days" rudeness that would not been tolerated in most cowboy camps...or most other places Sorry for the rant but I missed breakfast and I'm a tad touchy.
  11. BTW, does anyone else wonder whatever happened to Express Lanes in grocery stores?
  12. Just some ignorant jackass disrespecting our flag.
  13. Got enough of that in college, so I have to agree with you.
  14. As a matter of fact.... have no idea! I never saw anyplace like that in my many years in Japan, but then again, I wasn't looking.
  15. I made some last night, first time in many years. They turned out AMAZINGLY, STUPEFYINGLY, INDESCRIBABLY mediocre! They were edible, but not much else. I'll try again later.
  16. I'm going to start a charity for people who want to waste money. Contact me at 4TRodneedsbucks.com I'll send an autographed picture of me to your email.
  17. My hobbies are napping and bitching about idiot drivers. Doesn't cost much.
  18. Freda A. Goodholm Vera Sharpe Tanya Hyde Bonny Lassie Marian Samm Cookie Cutter Eilene Wayover N. Casey Needzit
  19. NS! I know that, but we still get people posting things on this wire that have that...or something much like it...connected to the things they post.
  20. True, and with another beautiful woman that had been one of his costars. If you don't believe it watch her in Hot Stuff....if you can find it
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