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  1. Stupidity reigns supreme in the media...who claim to be smarter than anyone else. I ca tell them in all honesty "YOU ARE NOT, AND STRANGELY ENOUGH, LIKE MANY SCHOOL TEACHERS, YOU ARE QUITE A BIT BELOW THE REST OF THE POPULATION IN INTELLIGENCE.
  2. What a well designed and attractive monument and for such a wonderful reason.
  3. Did! Sent you a message. Thanks Bubba.
  4. The company is Lively. The last phone of theirs worked well, but this one's "defective" so I'm getting a new one sent....in 3-4 days. See you Thursday
  5. Best Buy doesn't do that and their Geek Squad, for all its bragging and ads, CAN'T Figure out how to.
  6. Went through all that crap via their website and they kept telling me call their help line. I explained that I DIDN'T HAVE A FUNCTIONING PHONE, but the dumb SOBs obviously didn't read it. Finally spent $50.00 and three hours at Tuff Techies and am having a new phone sent to me ready to go. All I have to do is charge it up and spend another three hours re-entering my contact list....again.
  7. Got it from Best Buy, a place that I never left without being disappointed. Their Geek Squad couldn't get it working and they wouldn't replace it without going through their corporate office. I'll never go back there again.
  8. So does my Life Alert system so I haven't even looked.
  9. I have three cutting boards, two portables and one built into the counter top. They all work fine but next to this man's work they look like lumber. Thaks.
  10. A new favorite: "I feel like a fugitive from the law of averages". It sounded familiar so I found one of Bill Mauldin's cartoon guys (Willie/) form his WWII cartoons drawn for Stars and Stripes. Now it's on a teeshirt so Bill is famous all over again Patton hated him but Ike told him to leave Mauldin alone because he was good for morale.
  11. I've been without one for nearly a week and have no other way except this site, snail mail, of a drive by to contact anyone. Bought a new one had it ready to go but when I activated it the old phone was shut down and the new one is defective. Well, CRAP! With all the physical problems I have had recently I have to count on my Life Alert system. My friends and family have no way to contact me. it's Christmas time and I'll miss a lot of calls. Hell, I can't even make any obscene calls to phone companies.
  12. I was thinking of a Rolls Canardly. Canardly get up the hill and Rolls down the other side.
  13. Yep, and we never went anywhere without nylon hose. A pair would provide about ten of the best bug shields ever. Cut a circle and put it over your head. Noseeums and other bugs were stopped, you could see and breathe through them and they even made good wrappers to carry stuff in.
  14. Amen, my brother. Too bad it will continue because not enough people know nor care. We;'e losing our history and culture because we don't fight for them.
  15. Never walk when you can ride......but remember: a moving foxhole attracts the eye.
  16. BTW, a Henway (proper spelling) is related to a Canardly. As in "I canardly stand these kinds of posts". I refuse to reply to them myself. I hire it done.
  17. I can think of many people who should do this, only put the plunger on the front so they can't talk.......or breathe. For about 30 minutes should do it.
  18. More government inadequasy. See? Americans aren't the only people to suffer from it.
  19. If I can ever again get a cell phone worth it's weight in puppy poop I may do that. I'm about ready to give up on cell phones.....but that's another story.
  20. Don't knock tampons and sanitary napkins. They make fine makeshift blood stopping field dressings. I often wondered what some panty waist civilian would think if he / she discovered the uses we found for such things as condoms, nylon stockings and panty hose, cotton diapers, and so many other items. Probably would have sent them into swooning fits.
  21. Amazon is wonderful for some things. This isn't one of them. Rick is right.
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