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  1. Mayo, my friend, I thought you was dead.  Don't see much of you on any site these days.  I'd really appreciate the pattern.  I found a man who makes good holsters, but he hasn't a pattern for the American.  Has several requests for them and is trying to adapt a Schofield pattern to fit.


    Let me know how much you're asking and I'll get a check in the mail ASAp.


    You can reach me at 928-460-3856 or gun.slick@juno.com


    And get on the board more often.  A lot of people can benefit by your experience and wisdom.


    Tom "Forty Rod" Taylor

  2. Hard to find Magazines and Clips


    PH. (928)704-0548

    TEXT: (928) 704-0548


    Don't mention the details of my visit.  He may not want to start a precedent.





  3. Okay, Rusty, tour pistol is sold.  I told the buyer I was stepping out of the picture.  take it from here.  He asked how you wanted to be paid and I told him you two could take it from here.


    His name is Tim Matthews and his phone number is 949-244-5450.  Tell him Tom Taylor gave you his number.


    Let me know how it all works out.


    Tom "40Rod"

  4. How are you holding my friend?

    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      I’m hangin’ in there like hair in a biscuit!!


       I got to put a shoe/boot on the right foot starting yesterday!  Left one will be a while healing up.  


      A good friend has stepped up to play bass for the band. He’s a professional with major tour experience and a show in his own right.  One of those guys women wet themselves over! :lol:


      Glad you asked!  Thanks for caring!!  I’ll call you in the next day or two!!

  5. Scarlett, I'm in the market for 150 rounds of .45 Colt "cowboy smokeless" ammunition.  I'm not in a hurray....yet... but I'd like some by Independence Day if you can arrange it.




    Tom "Forty Rod" Taylor SASS #3935


    928 775 9373

  6. Hey, Chas, send me your phone number and / or email address.  I lost them (I'm old, you know.)

    1. Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104

      Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104

      :FlagAm: 480-721-6778 CP

               480-833-5820 HP




               Chas B. Wolfson / Apple Annie


               Dennis J. / Charlyne A. McCarthy

               1461 W. 7th Pl

               Mesa, AZ. 85201-4621 

  7. Tell me about your trains.  I'm busy designing an  O-27 layout based on a 1952 Marx 999 set and a lot of Plasticville.


    Tom "Forty Tod" Taylor

    1. Trailrider #896

      Trailrider #896

      I've been model railroading, off and on for 65 years, with some 20 year breaks for college and the Air Force.  I started when I was about 8 years old in American Flyer S-scale, but changed to HO when I was 12.  My current layout is a folded-dogbone in a 14' x 14' room.  So, I don't have much to tell you about O-scale, except the general techniques for doing scenery.  You might want to go to ModelRailroadForums.com .  I have used several techniques for making mountains.  In some cases I have made general forms from plywood, to which I stapled steel or aluminum window screen.  This was followed by plaster-of-Paris.  In other instances, I laid brown paper soaked in plaster over the screen, followed by more plaster when the paper dried.  Some places I use plaster impregnated cloth.  You can usually buy that at model hobby shops or from Wm. K. Walthers.  One tip I have found useful is to add powdered Tempra paint to the plaster before adding water.  (Do NOT use RIT dye or the plaster won't harden.)  You can also use acrylic paint mixed with the plaster.  Various brown colors will prevent the white showing if you should chip the dried plaster.  I also will paint over the dried plaster with the acrylic paints, and then sprinkle various shades of model grass on the wet paint.  For just the flat "ground" of the plywood sub layout, just apply the paint fairly thickly and sprinkle on the grass or various model foliage.

      These techniques will work regardless of scale.   I'd suggest looking for various model railroad books and magazines.   You can make those Plasticville buildings look a lot more realistic by "weathering" using pastel chalks, acrylic paints, etc.  I need to figure out how to post photos of my layout, and I'd love to see  yours when you "finish" (layouts are never really finished)!

      Best regards,


  8. Go ahead on and add me to the list. Don't know that I'll use it all that much, but you never can tell.

    Got a picture of me?


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