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    Got the referral done for the cancer center in Farmington NM. Appointment in 2 weeks. We plan on hitching the mules to the wagon and headin home on Monday! Colorady or Bust! 1,932 miles. Faugh A Ballagh!
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    One of my brothers sent some of Dad's memorabilia to me. Dad was a Fleet Marine, MOS 603, 1940 to 1947. Served on the USS Brooklyn, CL-40 during Operation Torch. Just some stuff Dad picked up at reunions.
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    That fantastic news deserves a Happy Dance!
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    Forrest was a man of his time!! YES!! The Klan was originally established as a vigilante organization to “encourage proper conduct” among the citizenry. They would haul a drunken head of household or a father who shirked his familial duties out and “convince” them to do better!! It quickly degenerated into an organization of thugs bent on murder and mayhem, mostly of a racial nature. Forrest immediately and publicly disavowed his association with the Klan and loudly condemned the organization!! YES!! Forrest owned and dealt in slaves. It was an accepted and legal practice and even went on legally in some Union states for a short while AFTER the war. (Remember!! The Emancipation Proclamation ONLY applied to those states that were attempting to exit the union!!) Forrest was loyal to his state and chose to defend it when hostilities broke out, much the same as did many officers and soldiers of the time! Forrest was also a brilliant tactician and brave to a fault. He had several horses shot out from under him and was wounded more than once, LEADING his troops in battle! He also won at least one battle without firing a shot! He captured Murfreesboro, Tennessee by circling the town several times with the same small detachment, convincing the opposing command that they were severely outnumbered. Forrest’s tactics are taught in all the great military schools, all the way to West Point!! The one (questionable) blot on his military record is the Fort Pillow incident. There are many unanswered questions surrounding this episode, but it pales in comparison to the acts carried out against southern soldiers and citizens during William T. Sherman’s “March to the Sea”!! The vilification of southern soldiers, citizens, and leaders of the time is wrong. Judgement of anyone by standards not of their time is wrong! The war was fought over a number of differences, not the least of which was slavery, but it was not the only reason!! States rights and the right of self determination were the actual reasons for secession. It was revolution, the same as the revolution of the thirteen original colonies against the King and Great Britain! Most all of those who fought on behalf of the Confederacy did so for the protection of home and hearth! Forrest was no different! He battled those who sought to impose the will of what he and most others felt was an oppressive, over reaching government that they no longer recognized as their own. In retrospect, secession was in fact legal and the Confederacy was, for a short bloody time, a legitimate nation!! It is history!! It should be studied and learned from! It should NOT be edited or especially rewritten! Times change! Facts don’t! Every man should be judged by the standards of his time! The mores and folkways of today were built on history! If history is ignored or editorialized, little if anything can be learned from it!!
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    Well, as I read it, a bunch of Washingtonians are moving their business to AZ. Neither state was involved in the Civil War. The business is not connected to New York or the Carolinas. And there are no "Yankees", either plain or damnable, involved. As much as I resent certain social changes, I try to keep my eye on the facts, not the rumors or the made-up stories. Frankly, the fellows headed for AZ are displaying damn good judgment, getting out of Seattle while the getting is good. And I have no reason to point my finger and claim that they have "soiled their nest"; they may, in fact, be fine fellows. Will there be some folks moving from liberal cities and carrying with themselves a penchant for the same intrusive, high tax government style that they created elsewhere, and are now running from? Sure. But it's a free country, and they are entitled to live where they want. It's up to us to resist unfavorable changes, if we can. And show them the error of their ways. Vote. LL
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    I'm posting this for a few reasons. I thought that someone who was at Trailhead last weekend might mention it, but none did. And also I don't want anyone to hear about it the same way I did - at least 3rd hand I heard that Artie blew off a toe. It wasn't nearly that bad, but scary for sure. And also to point out what CAN happen, rare though it may be. I'm sure glad Artie had only a minor injury. Following is his message Leadfoot Artie here! Word gets around, don't it. Below is a re-telling of the delayed discharge event: I'm all right, just ended up with a bad bruise, some swelling, and a small open wound on my big toe. I was clean up until the 9th stage, when my 1st pistol dropped an expended cap into the hammer well and jammed it up with 3 unfired. So I set that down and fired 4 from the 2nd pistol and the 5th cap did not ignite the APP (humidity maybe?). I finished up the rifle & shotgun, then moved to the unloading table and cleared all guns. The posse had finished shortly thereafter and was gathering at the next stage. I was still at the unloading table and I re-capped the second pistol 3 times with no discharge, then I set it down on the table for a moment. The gun was horizontal this whole time. Some 15-30 seconds later I picked it up to re-holster and when I dropped the barrel down the round went off and I felt the impact. I knew immediately the bullet had hit my foot and I called over Doc Boedecker (who was on our posse) and he immediately began assisting. He removed the boot and bloody sock, cleaned and dressed the wound. All this time I felt no pain and could move my toes. We examined the boot and there was a tear from the impact, but we could not find a bullet. The wound was not thru & thru and no impact on the inner sole. Not knowing where the bullet was, EMS transported me to the nearest trauma center in Katy. After x-rays they confirmed there were no bullet fragments or broken bones, just an open wound about 1/8th inch wide. The pretty ER doctor washed the wound, gave me a tetanus shot and an antibiotic and sent me on my way. She left it open, no stitches. Doc had done a better dressing than the hospital did, but she was way prettier. From the sequence of events I believe the powder was burning slowly and by dropping the barrel an ember set off what was left, hence there was not much force behind the discharge. The pain has been minimal (less than if I was hit with a ball peen hammer) and eased with Tylenol. The swelling is causing me to limp, but I can put full weight on the foot and the limp should go away once the swelling subsides. All in all, my pride was more bruised than my foot and I am more disappointed to have lost my clean match. By shooting my foot, my son Matthew should have moved up to 2nd place. I was told there was much discussion over this at the awards later, mostly about what my new alias should be. Leadfoot Artie seems approprate! Feel free to let anyone know I was just lightly injured, just bruising and swelling and about the delayed discharge. First time this has happened or seen it happen myself. I should be at Plum Creek on the 4th. Appreciate your concern.
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    Cap and ball shooter here. Failure to to fire. YOU can re-cap on the line to avoid the miss. Or go to the ULT, clear all guns and remove, re-cap and then ask the TO to come to the line to fire the unfired chamber. Failure to fire is then up to the shooter on how and when to clear the gun. He can leave it a the ULT, get a nipple wrench and pull the nipple, at the ULT or take the gun somewhere else. Best at the ULT. Then with something that will fit down the hole drive the ball and powder out. The issue being like any hang fire, if and when will the round potentially go off? After multiple attempts to fire the chamber he decided to holster the gun and take it somewhere else to clear it or try and shoot it at the next stage. ULT's have little or no knowledge of C&B guns. They can watch for muzzle control and if the caps are all off indicating the gun "shouldn't? fire or is clear. Thats about it.
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    Yep, I’m missing it a lot also. I was going to bring my two Arizona grandsons this year to work as a Waddies filling the water jugs with ice and water. Hope to see everyone next year.
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    What can I say Excellent stages Excellent weather Excellent group of people to shoot with Makes me happy to be retired and can shoot on Thursday.
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    I did my tank time in a Leopard 1 and I don't care what people call it, it was ssssoooo much fun cruising in my German Sports Car with two sun roofs.
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    At my house it's the shin bones bouncing off the trailer hitch. Son of a gun, it's crippling.
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    For years my coyote resided on my wall. Today picked up 9 point my daughter got last thanksgiving and he ran off my coyote and took her place.
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    Finance business leaving Seattle and moving to Phoenix. Let’s hope they don’t bring “the cancer” with them. https://patch.com/arizona/phoenix/smead-capital-moving-headquarters-phoenix-seattle I watched Charlotte become cancerous in 5 years because of BofA and Wachovia bringing their New York charm to the South.
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    Charles Daly 512. I've heard that Boomstick Jay/Boomstick Arms has them in stock, tuned and ready to rock. New Stoegers are very hit or miss with quality. Welcome!
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    This must be the spare parts kitty
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    I do as well. Never have to worry about being hung. Learned a lot from an old crusty Bosun's mate when I first joined the Navy. Showed me how fix a neckerchief and a tie so they couldn't be used as a handle during a bar fight.
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    Thanks Abilene for postin the shooters words describing the accidental shot. I was there at the other end of the range, when it occurred. Immediate shutdown of the shooting line. Well handled by the club and those on the line. Once we understood about the apparent lead ball to the his toe ........We knew he would be fine Very little imagination of all the possibilities of what occurred. Well..maybe one question was which toe??? LOL...We did not worry about who was at fault, etc. Just that is was in good hands. We were very glad for the quick response and EMS service. Bout the only thing we were concerned with was what Sadie, his loving and adoring wife, was gonna do to him!!! Beautiful couple of great people. God bless em.
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    Missing it big time also. Not seeing some of my friends that I only get to see at EOT.
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    That property obtained immediately after the conflict was mostly stolen through legal channels established by crooked politicians with an axe to grind and carpetbags to fill with their ill gotten gains!! If ever reparations are seriously discussed, the families of those that were bilked out of their property and money should be among the first to be compensated!! As to the current migrants, they have soiled their own nests and now they seek to bring their blight to our neighborhoods!!
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    Comanche is in display at Dyche Hall at KU, named for 19th century KU naturalist Lewis Dyche. He was commissioned by the Army to preserve the horse after it died of old age but never got paid, so he kept the horse.
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    OAL Does matter and getting it wrong can have catastrophic consequences. Not all bullet weights / profiles are loaded to the same OAL. There are a lot of variables that may or may not be of concern with ammo loaded for CAS that can be the difference between a safe load and a blown up firearm when loading ammo for other uses. This is doubly true for shotshells. In some cases changing the brand of primer can be the difference between safe and unsafe. Changing lot numbers of same powder can have a major impact. Some loads are only safe to use in certain firearms. Don't mean to be harsh but you want to learn and a significant part of reloading is knowing when deviating from a published recipe is ok and when it can cause you serious injury. Most important is that just because someone else does it doesn't mean it is safe.
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    Remember What happens at Black Gold stays at Black Gold.
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    Nobody wants to die. Custer was a self-centered, talentless fool who was solely responsible for the deaths of his troops. He was outmanned and outgunned and refused to learn about, acknowledge the abilities of, or respect his adversary. I believe he was a grandstander, purposely sent out West to get him away from the Eastern, central military command structure, and hopefully, to make exactly the mistakes he wound up making (including underestimating his adversaries), and get himself killed. Cst Brules
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    Check that the loading gate spring is properly installed.
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    SKB is probably the most popular double ‘race’ gun followed by BSS. If I were buying a double it would be an SKB by Fast Eddie. Mid level guns would be Stoeger, Baikal and CZ. PS, more cowboys shoot hammerless doubles than shoot hammered doubles regardless of what CC thinks.
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    Thanks Jane and Win for taking care of Al's guns. And, his mom. CBA was one of my favorite people to shoot with and he was always upbeat and positive. We are all blessed to have known him.
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    What is this "practice" thing of which you speak?
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    @John Kloehr 777 is indeed a HOT BP substitute. @Scarlettis an authorized APP dealer now. Avoid Pyrodex like it's the China Flu. Why not get the real thing? Primers: 1. Federal, softest and preferred by a lot of us.(Best for slicked up guns) 2. Winchester: harder than Federal, probably the second most used brand. 3. CCI: pretty hard, ok if thats all you can find. 4. Seller & Bellot, between Winchester and CCI hardness, pretty decent. 5. Magtech, unsure of hardness. For shotgun I prefer Winchester primers, but will use about any brand 209 primers I can get.
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    Its called a Gate Detent Spring and its more than just a gate spring! so you need to take care when removing metal from it!
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    There’s little question that it was a revolution! It was a struggle for independence, contested by powers seeking to keep the new nation from leaving the Union, taking the agriculture and raw materials the North so desperately needed for its survival. Lincoln was losing the war in 1863 and knew it! People of the North were quickly tiring of the conflict and the cost. Ol’ Abe decided to make it a “Holy War” by making slavery the leading issue and dragged the media and the public into his crusade!! The war was fought over money!!!
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    Compared to what Ophelia is used to BG is a pretty low key affair. When Ophelia gets a swig of some Copperhead Juice that'll loosen up her vocal chords and we'll be the fortunate audience of some first class karaoke renditions of her favorites. You ain't heard real Southern karaoke if'n you ain't heard Ophelia belting out some really boss tunes. Kajun
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    Shot at a match in Illinois many years ago and the pop cans were great - until the bees started going after the sugar - and the shooters. That really slowed down the match!!!
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    if the spring is up over the back of the gate it might cause that problem. If so, take a popcicle stick and push it out and down in to place.
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    Coulda gone a month or six without that
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